What disease does male division disease have?

Compared to male science and Gynecology more than 100 years of history, is a young science, it focused on the structure and function of the


Compared to male science and Gynecology more than 100 years of history, is a young science, it focused on the structure and function of the male reproductive system is a basic and clinical combined, multiple disciplines of medicine, the study includes the male reproductive organ disease, male

Dysfunction, male menopause, male fertility and regulation, male infertility, sexually transmitted diseases and diseases related to male reproductive health. So, what disease does male division disease have?

Disease of male division -- prostate disease

Prostate disease in male disease is the highest incidence of a class of diseases, comprehensive statistics in a period of his life in a certain period of the prostate problem rate of up to 50%. Specific:

1 prostatitis: is a group of very complex disease. Can be divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis.

2 benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common disease in the elderly.

3 prostate congenital anomaly: the complete or partial absence of prostate, prostate, prostate cyst, ectopic.

Male disease two - male infertility

Can cause a lot of diseases of male infertility, environmental factors are many, in order to find out the cause of infertility is a system engineering. Such as testicular etiology, sperm abnormalities, endocrine disorders, environmental hormones, drugs, chemicals, radiation poisoning, and other diseases of the body

And so on, is the problem of male infertility should be taken seriously.

Male disease three - sexual dysfunction

According to the survey, Chinese adult men with sexual dysfunction accounted for 10%, which is not an exact figure. Because China does not have a comprehensive and systematic survey data to the Chinese people's habits, this is not a problem involving personal privacy. It is estimated that the proportion of people over the age of 40 who have this problem has reached 30% - 40%.

Sexual dysfunction include:

1 sexual desire disorder: low sexual desire, sexual desire, sexual aversion, sexual desire, sexual perversion, etc..

2 erectile dysfunction: erectile dysfunction (ED).

3 ejaculation obstacle: ejaculation is too fast (premature ejaculation), do not ejaculate, retrograde ejaculation.

4 affective disorders: sexual pain, paresthesia, painful erection, painful ejaculation, orgasm, or asexual orgasm.

Male disease four - sexual perversion (psychosexual disorder)

A common psychological disorder characterized by abnormal sexual behavior. It is characterized by strong sexual arousal to certain things or situations that do not cause sexual excitement. Or the use of unusual sexual behavior with ordinary people to meet sexual desire or have a strong desire to change sex. There are as follows:

1 homosexuality: sexual behavior toward same-sex couples, including thoughts, feelings, and sexual behavior.

2: the love Fetish objects are heterosexual contact things, such as bra, underwear, in order to get sexual gratification.

3 different kinds of sex (heterosexual dress) is mainly to obtain sexual excitement.

4 exhibitionism: repeated in front of the opposite sex with strange own genitals, in order to achieve a strong desire caused by sexual excitement.

5: voyeurism appears repeatedly secretly spy specific body, naked or other activities, in order to achieve its purpose of sexual excitement.

Frotteurism: 6 in the crowded occasions or the other is not prepared as a part of the body (usually penis) friction or touch the body of the opposite sex, in order to achieve the purpose of sexual excitement.

7 sexual sadism and masochism: applied to abuse or abuse to accept each other sex object, as the main means of sexual excitement.

8 transsexualism: continuous existence of a strong desire to change their gender.

Another man and psychological problems related to syndrome -- Koro in 1984, 1985, had been popular in Hainan. Koro Koro is also called, is a severe anxiety attack to fear death as genital shrink into the body characteristics, and cultural backwardness, superstition on.

Male disease five, other diseases of the reproductive system

In addition to the above four categories of diseases, male disease also includes the following diseases:

1 penis dysplasia: a true hermaphroditism, small penis, penis, penis, repeated giant penis torsion, penile scrotal transposition, webbed penis (the skin of the penis and scrotum connected) congenital phimosis and paraphimosis, epispadias and hypospadias.

2 testicular abnormalities including congenital unilateral and bilateral cryptorchidism, anorchia, polyorchidism, ectopic testis etc..

3 hydrocele: divided into hydrocele, spermatic cord hydrocele and hydrocele.

4 Peyronie's disease: this disease is common, and the tunica albuginea of the penis and urethral injury by mechanical compression, and genetic constitution.

5 genital nonspecific infection: acute and chronic orchitis, epididymitis and funiculitis vasitis, etc..

6 varicocele: it is the common disease of male division, it is one of main reasons that cause male sterility.

7 genital tumors: penile cancer, testicular cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the scrotum and epididymis of adenoid tumor, mesothelioma, cystadenoma, spermatic fat, intestinal tumor fibroma, leiomyoma, myxoma, dermoid cyst.

8 sperm transport channel disorders: a congenital anomaly, with the absence of the vas deferens, scar, obstruction, stenosis and atresia; epididymis abnormality; seminal vesicle dysplasia and seminal vesicle cyst.

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