Fetal front door

GeneralYu Shi said: "the cloud": the diagnosis of hand Shaoyin pulsation (what hand Shaoyin dynamic pulse diagnosis in the door of God, to t



Yu Shi said: "the cloud": the diagnosis of hand Shaoyin pulsation (what hand Shaoyin dynamic pulse diagnosis in the door of God, to the medial left and right palm after transverse, and is relatively closed, the son also pregnant). Cover hands less Yin heart pulse, heart is also the main blood. And renal cell Siemens, renal vein according to the scale, uninterrupted, when pregnant son (foot pulse straight). Nested on cloud: woman in January of pregnancy, embryo, foot Jue Yin Yang mai. In February the beginning of paste (An Hui), foot Shaoyang veins raised. In March the beginning of pregnancy, a vein of hand jueyin. The beginning of April by the water extract, with blood, veins of hand Shaoyang yang. The beginning of May by the fire, the gas, a vein of foot taiyin. The beginning of June by Jin Jing, the tendons of Foot Yangming veins raised. The beginning of July by methyl alcohol, the bone, a vein of hand taiyin. The beginning of August by the fine soil, with skin leather, hand Yangming veins raised. In September, it began to be affected by the essence of the stone, in order to grow hair, and to maintain the pulse of the foot. In October the people of God viscera joint ready, full sun Yang (MB in embryonic veins in embryo Zheqi form, paste gas condensate, shape of a tire. For congenital biochemical, so as to fire Jin Mu and Yan earth system. After the order, so the wood fire earth Goldwater Aioi and support, and in reverse, to shun, nature also wonderful). It is to be raised by the thirty days, but the sun is not less than the sun by the owner of the two, to the crown of the official inaction. However, in seven, a change of abdominal pregnancy, and complement each other, set by prepared. Today, women are more likely to have abortions in 357 months and less in the 246 months. Dirty Yin and Fu Yang, March May July belongs to the heart, spleen, belong to lung, are in the internal organs of the vein. Yin often lose, so many fallen ears. As the cloud March abortion is heart injury, must first adjust the heart, not to fall in March. If the cloud of abortion in May, is the first rule of spleen vein injury, spleen, or fall to May. Within one month fall, people are not pregnant, but don't know the conception, and also by falling. Cover January is liver, anger is falling, then wash body orifices open also fall, a fall, the liver injured, he also fell. Today no child, more than half in January due to abortion, infertility is not as. Where is the most appropriate early after interest, not to disturb the complex transfer of the uterus, let not anger, don't make work, don't make weightlifting, don't make bath, and take the medicine liver flat gas, the tire from the solid. The expired, when raising the. And do not move a pregnancy is also uncomfortable, even the blood shed. ANN method, should all the inspected monthly according to the actual and adjusted the Qi and blood, no falling from fetal Shu (this rule is good). The students don't take or cold, different disease, and according to the law and regulation of the appropriate.

Prenatal conditioning

"Cloud:" mother set slightly in fetal kidney, is the mother of the child must also be. Pregnancy after appropriate sedation, blood gas and shall be in far seven, five kinds of thin, cold hot things in the fog dew ban, evil can not cast in between. Is not to touch the Yin and Yang. So if the food service food festival, rabbit missing lip, dog food is silent, food fish due to sore tinea. Scared and epilepsy disease, kidney qi deficiency and metopism (heart Tibetan God, kidney and bone, however, the cloud) temper discord and emaciation, heart qi deficiency and deficiency and lack of god. Son from the mother, not accidentally also. No pain, hurt if fetal fetal movement, and diarrhea of cold evil, not easily medication. No, to the severity of disease potential, resistance to compete, not many goods (fetal prodrug Zuiji group team, it is not necessary to a suicide note, and words).

Although the father mother old female will produce less, weak, strong male parent parent decline, will be weak. By partial time, and to fill the. Make women make the weak strong weak nourishing and strengthening spleen section of male color. Lei Yi married female in a timely manner, will be strong and weak men in marriage. The ancients on old age son, but male 88, female 77 but is known in human blood, solid amount of its own, husband or fled to the number of yin and Yang zai.

Prenatal medication

Dan Xi said: before the embryo when nourishing heat, pregnant women due to fire forced moving tire inverse, as with dyspnea, such as the end of Radix Scutellariae and Rhizoma Cyperi (Radix Scutellariae under sink is preferred). But on the two focal medicine Scutellaria, can fire down, days of rest, so students and infinite. Chongweizi treat blood Qi, nourishing Yin is wonderful, with its line named motherwort, also fill. Therefore before the embryo without delay, postpartum without virtual (dystocia fried ointment), Radix Scutellariae, Atractylodes is the medicine tocolysis. For the cold without customs with baicalin, anti warm drugs can raise tire, not knowing the pregnancy should be heat nourishing, Blood Meridian and folly, but can raise the pregnancy. A thing is a dirty virtual, such as acid is the liver can not support the fetus and virtual. Pregnant eight or nine months will shun gas, must use Fructus aurantii, perilla stem etc..

On the treatment of births into a

Jie Gu Yun: treatment of disease from birth, Jueyin meridian theory, is also the source of biochemical gas progenitor (JUE Yin liver wood is the beginning of the weathering of the source, therefore.

The progenitor gas is innocent gas, non Valley gas east wind, wind worm, also an insect, so from the wood of Jue Yin breeze). Jueyin and Shaoyang forming an integral part, so no treatment made the stomach and on two coke. There is no Khan, not into, and can urinate. Sweating injury on coke Zhiyang, defecate pulse number and spleen, the urine in the dead body fluid in the stomach, boring. Pharmaceutical law, can not make it into the self and self and Rong Wei check. As for the white tiger (postpartum thirst thirsty fear belonging to blood deficiency, should be careful with the white tiger. Dongyuan cloud: blood deficiency), avoid white tiger weak gas with yellow blood, and tingling and pain in abdomen by Angelica, peony. From the day probably produce disease by loss of bupleurum, from diseases by loss of Siwu, should be sifted by vein disease.

Pregnant women

The liver stores the blood and the lung and the main Qi, and the blood is the glory and the Qi as the guard. Yin and Yang spouse does not vary, and all kind of dirty two cases. Blood failing to be prosperous and not pregnant,

Xuewang gas ring body should be. Inch off the slide with the number of feet, fluent and sparrow pecking. In the vein has to borrow, a few months pregnant. Judah did not sleep.

Left for men and women right disease, fluent communication speed come and go. Hands off the pulse of the corresponding large, has been shaped in the front of the language. Two men with the left hand,

A pair of women with the right hand. The left hand pulse inverse three male, three female students Maishun right. Inch off the foot are corresponding, a man and a woman fractal.

Sometimes the mother dies, or the mother dies. Between the three through the Department of fluent, coherent are slippery for for. Deficiency of Yang and Yin deficiency,

All over the chest are reversed gas. The sun left floating male, female right lunar heavy fine. All Yang for male Yin female, refers to the clear when take.

Three sinks are positive and so on, more than a real woman. Husband abandoned his wife Xi longitudinal aerosol, his wife abandoned husband horizontal gas rib. The child takes the mother to be opposite to the air,

The parent multiplier support Xi qi. Children's day foot into a poly, body heat pulse disorder without suffering. Do not eat sweating vomiting, mental preparation which help the node.

Slip disease does not spread the tire in March, but the disease is not scattered in the mother of the year May. String tight strong smooth, fine and micro road to sink.

Waiting time method

"The woman said:" in July and is not known, but always Nvxue spasm, the body also.

When moving the bleeding choke, also non trunk. "Q" cloud: woman foot Shaoyin pulsation worse, pregnancy is ("plain questions" to foot Shaoyin what is pulsating pregnancy, "maijing" to hand Shaoyin is a ripple, but with a diagnosis of heart and kidney.). Cloud: Yin stroke Yang that don't have children (Zhuyun: Wang Yin said that stroke stroke scale, touch in hand, foot pulse boxing and inch clock is special, Yun Zhizhao). "The cloud": early pregnancy pulse inch small breathing five to March and the number of feet, also, slippery pulse disease, disease with slippery pulse, hand on the loose, the fetus has March. Pulse heavy hand according to the scattered, but not slippery, also in May. The ulnar vein is left to the male, the right side is the female, and the left and right are two. Big truthfully (real word Miao), pregnant woman pregnant in April. For men and women: left disease for male, female right disease, about two children for all disease (Prince Hengyun: three pregnancy pregnancy Club slipped disease, in the left on the right for male, female). Pregnancy pregnancy also sent south face complex calls, the left back is male, female is right back. When the husband after some fancy latrine from the left back, who is male, female is right back.

Pregnant women avoid drugs

Spotted leech and cleg aconite, with mercury and Tianxiong, kudzu Croton, Achyranthes and coix centipede, Sanleng OCHRA Daphne shoot, Euphorbia Huang Cixiong slough, mirabilite thenardite paeonol Guangxi, Huaihua hybrida saponin, pinellia and pith ginger peach Arisaema, Herba Dianthi, dry sand crab claws, to Toad Chine Mo use.

Evil resistance

(vomiting, nausea, dizziness, that is, the two also Akujiki)

"Qian" cloud: every woman virtual lean, blood deficiency, kidney qi and weak, or when the wind is too cold to drink, heart phlegm water, to tread like disease resistance. The tyre, the person is on the water, the color of the skin as usual, but suffered heavy confused nausea, poor appetite, and I do not know where the patient, Shun Shiping, and is also to have pregnancy. So by February day after pregnancy is also think impassability, Zhong GUI said: (this is difficult to say. Pregnant omen is evil resistance, but after the water has been closed to Betfair, no traffic in the period when. There is also said by disease and non pregnancy also). The patient suffering from fretting resistance, heart, eye head dizzy, limbs heavy slack, not to hold, evil smell fresh air, to eat salty sour fruit, much less lying up (evil resistance in that vulgar. However there is no disease, and variety to strength, this is why? The so-called vulgar Taiqi likes and dislikes. Resistance also have fever, I do not know). The world that have Akujiki to March and April day, all the big drama vomiting win since it cannot. The blood is closed, water stains in the dirty, dirty gas nobumichi, so confused and upset nausea, vomiting and inverse gas. The blood is not blocked, the meridian is not astringent, then heavy limbs. With the wind is also leader. What is as cold and heat, trance can not support, in the light of Chong er. It does not need to take medicine, or to medication, the sputum elimination of water, can also eat. Not only eat force, strong body strong, powerful enough to keep pregnant, mother will be healthy. The cover of Banxia Fuling decoction, Poria pill, end to cure evil resistance, but this was less than a suit, to have twins of pinellia. Cover the fetus at the beginning of the knot, consider its easy to disperse, can not be ignored. Zhang Zhongjing "typhoid fever" in Huanglongtang is that pregnancy and pregnancy are (i.e., Xiaochaihu summer). "The bureau" is Yang Zhenze ginseng ginseng clove soup, orange soup, Prince Chen Shiming Xingpi Hengli powder, drink, and are not suit the multi effect of pinellia.

According to Xue Shi said: before the disease if Zhongwan stop sputum, two Chen zhiqiao. If the spleen and stomach is weak, with different powder. If the food stagnation, with six plus Zhiqiao gentleman. If the Qi deficiency, Tangerine Peel Decoction with ginseng. Angry and with bitter orange, Xiongxie or more full Su stems, hypochondriac pain and bupleurum. If the diet with six gentleman gassou Terrier, think bitter orange, dizziness tired body with Six Gentlemen decoction. If the spleen and stomach weakness, vomiting do not eat, with Banxia Fuling decoction. The cover of pinellia tuber is the main medicine for health and phlegm and stagnation. The weakness of the spleen and stomach and vomiting, or phlegm and eating less, fetal restlessness, will use the Fuling decoction, more atractylodes. However, pinellia, Poria, tangerine peel, Amomum Sannen, spleen and stomach is an air. If the left and weak pulse vomiting, various drugs more than clothing, when conditioning to more technical. The cloud is also no Yin vomit.

Fetal irritability

"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy fetal irritability, by the deficiency, Chong and Ren also false pregnancy. Also drinking excessive loss atrioventricular restlessness, have mistakenly hit the touch of the movement, there is anger and bearing discomfort, injury to the heart, touch blood, a letter medicine should be serving warm and anti drug by mistake, because mother and fetal disease, but the disease cure mother from an embryo. A tire is not strong, and the mother of animal disease, but when the mother of tocolysis, self-healing. When observing the mother color, if the red face green tongue, son of dead mother, face green tongue red, foam mouth, mother dead live. If the lips green, on both sides of a foam, mother are dead.

Tyre leakage

(i.e. to pregnant women hematuria, urinary leakage from fetal blood under the door, door of blood cell)

"The cloud": the woman in the moon, but rarely, veins are teachers, anti body. After trial the pulse shape, what kind of, what the difference? The master said: pulse Yin Ping, Rong Wei reconcile, according to the sliding, for the light, Yangming Shaoyin, known by the law, anti spill mission, poor appetite, headache or vomit, retching, call the number of micro, smoking is not Jing, Yang gas overflow, yin and blood as a slide, sheng. Slip is more real, six months to develop, so see. Yin see Yang Jing, juice coagulation cell scattered. Bulk loss or fall, Yang Sheng, double pregnancy child, the Yang deficiency, so that the shock (also andslippery pulse blood rather than by this little, so pregnant). By not much about pregnancy, diet and spirit as before, and six, slip without the patient, blood Sheng also more than. Son can drink, since not come.

"Encyclopedia" cloud: Cardiff tire leakage, that pregnancy pregnant a few months after water is nowadays. This consists of Chong Ren deficiency, cannot control the sun, hand Shaoyin of blood is also. Chong and Ren veins in the meridian of the sea, intracellular, hand vein of the small intestine, Shaoyin heart vein. Is the two classics for the inside and outside, on the milk for the next month for the water. There are people with broken water so young, in the child custody, storage for breast milk. Chong and Ren Qi intracellular release, not the blood, so the water nowadays, also known as blood cell leakage, people will shoot. And because of the passions not labor day, eating cold, touch take cold, then induced by fetal movement. If the mother is a chronic disease, dirty air, blood loss, the fetal upset, so make the blood also. After the husband and children, to raise tire storage will be a complex dynamic energy spread? So, because the woman camp has the wind, blood dynamic Hi, this resolution, both camps by wins for the wind, the birth of the blood of non arrival. If the leakage tire rule, need to take medicine and nourishing the fetus, fetal loss, drug AIDS, but also the so-called true false false. The total should be aborted fetus. If the doctor knows the wind of the camp, on one end, treating wind by letter can stop (with the wind is also a drug leakage tire lift liver, the blood does not leak from the solid tire, the wind has also not only sparse). With or without medication, the embryo is safe. But also the tire is not solid and not due to leakage and then fall into the atrioventricular section, must leak tire rule, be careful. "The cloud": the woman conceived body in June and July, violence more than under the water bucket, the cell will lean on and fall, this time under the pre isolated slurry (pulp alone will have to rely on the pre fall, the blood two empty also).

According to Xue Shi said: fetalspotting yellow juice, or as if by Doushi, liver and spleen damp heat, with sun desiccant soup. Metrorrhagic liver and spleen heat, with jiaweixiaoyaosan. The whole liver and spleen with modified Guipi Decoction, the spleen and stomach qi Qian powder, sinking of spleen BUZHONGYIQITANG, liver meridian wind heat with the wind the wind into the stomach with Scutellaria pill, stomach soup.

Restlessness during pregnancy

"Cloud:" Encyclopedia of pregnancy if bored, in April by the little Yin gentleman to anger Yangjing, June by Shaoyang Qi to anger. If the mother is terrified of boredom, called sub. "ChanBao" cloud: husband and son who is tired of pregnancy, lung deficiency and heat by heart, so also upset (lung deficiency heat by heart, like to look back, as Xuzi). Stop phlegm accumulation in the heart, or in the heart, also make trouble. If it is hot and tired, it is hot. If there is phlegm and vexation, vomiting and salivation, evil smell fresh air, irritability also. A young person is pregnant, stop drinking cold heat and phlegm accumulation, wrestle, depression of Qi, or irritability, or vomiting and salivation, drama fetal irritability, are also tired of child.

According to Xue Shiyun: before disease due to heat with bamboo soup, with qi stagnation and Phlegm Stagnation with Perilla decoction, white atractylodes rhizome, Radix Scutellariae, Fructus aurantii, erchen.

Qi with gas decoction combined with Rhizoma chuanxiong. The weakness of the spleen and stomach in six with basil, gardenia gentleman.

Dry mouth is two by heart irritability, and trouble is similar, should be treated with Rhizoma Anemarrhenae pill.

Pregnancy suspension

"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnant abdominal flatulence, abdominal by known as cold, to stop drinking, because of heavy contact frozen drinks launched, and gas fight, so make the abdominal flatulence also.

According to Xue Shi said: before the disease caused by improper diet, if cold, with huoxiangzhengqipowder. If the food hurt the spleen and stomach, with Six Gentlemen soup. If Yang Yongzhi, forced fetal heart, perilla decoction. Lee said: son hanging, abdominal flatulence also. Pregnancy pregnant since April and May, the birth of fire, so that the inverse heat of fetal heart, heart pain and fullness, should drink basil. Yu heart what fullness, add a little zedoary and clove. No food, soup times plus peony Atractylodes qinzhu. If the fire in the heart, bored to death, even to save the Perilla drink. In the two foot pulse must have swallowed, moving fetal medicine, dead fetus in uterus, aversion to cold, both the green claw finger lip, tongue is full proof, save Xionggui decoction. Zhong Jingyun: the pregnant woman in June and July, pulse string, fever, the fetal abdominal pain more bilge, aversion to cold, cold lower abdomen, so cold it is dirty. When we dirty the monkshood. The woman with fetal injury, abdominal fullness and dysuria, from above the waist is as heavy as water gas, with the body in July, when the lunar can support, this gas, when the thorn diarrhea Laogong and Guan yuan, profit more urine.


"Encyclopedia" said: pregnant women heartache, but with wind phlegm. If the sad, for the real heartache, hair hair on the eve of death, the eve of the hair died. If you feel sad, then suddenly. If the child is injured in the dirty, and fetal blood.

According to Xue Shi said: if the injury before the disease with diet, Pingweisan and bitter orange, hawthorn. If because of complicated evil, and thus when the rule.

Abdominal pain

(aconite pain, lower abdominal pain)

"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy induced heart pain, or by persistent cold or cold pain, touch, are also actuated by the dirty virtual. Evil is on and in the air, with the gas, up in the heart attack in the abdominal pain, abdominal pain, abdominal pain and so make the heart. Pregnancy pregnancy and pain, evil is the two gas attack in it. If the time difference, the pain will impact the winding, actuating the tire, even also falling injury. Cloud: pregnancy pregnancy confidants pain, is cold wet cold phlegm and dirty gas hammer, so make the pain of impulse unceasingly, is also caused by fetal movement.

According to Xue's said before; if in cold phlegm, cough with jinfeicao powder, miscellaneous diseases, air stagnation, flavoring of Rhizoma chuanxiong. If the diet with six gentlemen with stagnation, perilla, Fructus aurantii. If anger anger, before the drug more firewood, zhi. If the stagnation of spleen injury, with spleen Decoction and Fructus aurantii, gardenia.

Zhong Jingyun: the woman pregnant belly pain, Dangguishaoyaosan lord. "The woman said:" the fetal abdominal pain, his restless. If fetal pain, not to know life and death, a touch, such as a glass of health, such as the elbow neck stagger play dead. Cold and dead, warm people.

Sylvi said: if the stomach or abdominal pain from time to time, weight, called fetal pain. Dihuang decoction. No, with surgery, ginseng, dried tangerine peel. Or because of spleen qi deficiency, with four gentleman to add to the ground. Qi, BUZHONGYIQITANG (true virtual available).

"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy induced by small abdominal pain, network virtual cold fighting, but also quickened the pain. Should drink ginger and basil. If abdominal pain, should not drink cohosh, Atractylodes, and for tocolysis, buzhongyiqitang.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: kidney waist foot, because of its loss by the deficiency of the air passenger, so the low back pain. Cold headed into the abdominal pain, thus making the abdomen phase and pain. The pain more than, hyperactivity renal cells in pregnancy, women, pregnancy and back pain worse, it also crashed into the cell.

According to Xue Shi said: before the disease if the evils of injury by Duhuojisheng decoction, by using Qi Decoction of eight ingredients eucommia, Amomum, gelatin, leaves, spleen and kidney to prodrug plus Atractylodes, psoralen, Qi and Blood Stagnation with Perilla decoction combined with Platycodon root, Fructus aurantii, liver used XCHT Atractylodes, citrus aurantium, shanzhiside, liver and spleen stagnation spleen Decoction of bupleurum, Fructus aurantii by.

The son is swollen

(i.e. sub sub pneumatic full full edema)

"ChanBao said:" on pregnancy pregnancy swollen full by the dirty gas of the weak, due to pregnancy weight deficiency, soil water can, blood scattered in the limbs, and abdominal distension caused by foot face are floating, urine closed acerbity. Chen: where the woman choose cloud hosting a cold wet cold, like pregnancy swollen feet, people call for wrinkled feet. There are full of acute swollen swollen body, heart, called fetal water.

The man said: every pregnancy, without the angry. If the static and air stable, if the cold evil and has been breached, with evil and illness. Where the blood in pregnancy closed to raise the child, if suddenly bloated with water, but water in the embryo, blood pump, spleen wet evil, body muscle wet stains, gas weak muscle deficiency, water gas overflow, so make full body swollen. But by self, or because of diarrhea and diarrhea, Zang Fu slippery, loss of spleen and stomach, or because of malaria fever, thirst, too, wet stains can make the stomach, head or foot is swollen. Although the water stains on the cell, the child is not formed, the tire is damaged. And the labor day, feet slightly swollen, but less blood cell water, water out of the outer is slightly swollen, also is easy. The night is cold, because of cold touch, so it can make full swollen abdominal distension.

"Milk collection theory" said: pregnancy pregnancy from March to fetal, since gradually swollen leg knee foot biped walking difficult, since that is not beautiful like frowsty asthma, diet on foot between the fingers of gaseous, water out, said that the son of gas, until delivery Fang xiao. The woman known as the atmosphere, or by blood Chong and Ren wind, not being cast but what will the medicine, the occasion, with unpredictable misery can not be dead, so to did not produce before (rarely on ancient prophets in Huainan Yuan Feng, Chen Jingchu alone on the treatment of this disease, name of Cyperus rotundus powder Li said, China name dutchmanspipe vine powder).

According to Xue Shi said: if in full before the chest distension, dysuria, swollen, with carp soup (on said: full, full or swollen heart anxious pregnant woman body swelling, called fetal water. Then go to the front of the chest and belly of pregnant women, is not divided, anxious to carp soup 35, the size is under water, to have swollen Xiaozhang, stillbirth delivery. This disease is because pregnant belly, not self perception, so that all pregnant women, I do not know is suffering from fetal end water also).

Weak spleen and stomach, accompanied by four gentlemen. If the face of superficial, such as body moisture, with "all students" should not use powder, and Six Gentlemen decoction. Spleen deficiency and dampness heat, lower are swollen, with Buzhongyiqi plus fuling. If the improper diet, vomiting, diarrhea, with Six Gentlemen decoction. If the leg foot swelling, frowsty asthma discomfort, or fingers with water, dutchmanspipe vine powder. Weak spleen and stomach, four gentlemen decoction. If not, buzhongyiqitang. If the spleen and lung qi, with modified Guipi Decoction Combined with xiaoyaosan.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy body by the wind and the sun in the cold after the meridians to wrestle, hair lockjaw strong, named.

The cloud: the time, do not know who take a stuffy, introspective, long complex, that the wind convulsion, epilepsy and a name, take the name, even the zhang.

Li: if the heart disease before Zhai cloud wind heat, with Uncaria decoction. Liver and spleen deficiency, jiaweixiaoyaosan. The liver and spleen were modified Guipi Decoction. Qi stagnation of phlegm, perilla decoction. Liver heat, goutengsan. Spleen stagnation phlegm, two Chen Jiazhu Lek, ginger juice. If the symptoms and phase noise, when the mirror door.


"Daquan" cloud: pregnant women do not speak, non disease also. There is such, does not need medication, labor service, but engenders pill Decoction like, can also produce words, Ziranzhili, non drug work. People said: heavy body nine and this was, why? Qi Bo said: cell collaterals is vast. Yue: why do you say: the network of those who, in the kidney of the pulse of the kidney, through the tongue of the kidney system, it can not say. Said: how to treat? Said: no treatment, when October.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: Fu Lung main gas, outside our fur, fur is dense, cold evil by the cough (lung gold, five Zang canopy, and as Jiao dirty, viscera by the evil is the fire, the fire Bishuo Sheng Jin, so the viscera by the evil no dry lung also). Autumn is affected by the lung, the spring is the liver, summer by the winter, then the kidney. The cough is endless in Fu, cough for a long time will hurt children also unceasingly.

Sylvi said: if the autumn wind before the disease with lung injury, jinfeicao powder (Miscellaneous cough). Between summer fire grams of gold, with ginseng flat lung powder (Miscellaneous asthma)

. Between the winter Hanxie lung injury, with ginseng antiphlogistic powder (Miscellaneous Sangshi). Spring wind evil injury lung, ginseng and drink (mixed fever). If the Qi deficiency of spleen and lung, six Jun, Xiong, angelica, Platycodon grandiflorum. If the blood, add almond, mulberry, Platycodon siwu. Kidney yang on inflammation, six pill plus Schisandra decoction. The spleen and stomach qi deficiency, hurt by the cold, add almond, mulberry, Buzhongyiqi platycodon. Cover the lung is Cynkin, born soil, cough for a long time does not heal, due to spleen deficiency and Qi cannot bear, that cou Micronesia, outside the complex sense of evil. Or because of deficiency of lung qi but not water, so that the inflammation caused by Yin fire. When the treatment, kidney water good Qingfei gold.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy and hematemesis, are hurt by the organs concerned who are hurt surprise, viscera. Gas on the contrary, the blood with the overflow, heart stuffy chest full, long and endless. Heart stuffy, death, pregnancy disease, multiple abortion also.

Li Zhai: if the liver disease before the cloud of anger, first with a small Bupleurum plus gardenia, rehmannia, time before using the medicine by Jiaweixiaoyaosan Siwu.

The liver meridian wind heat, wind and sub Ling wan. At the hot zhushaanshenwan. The heart qi deficiency, heart soup. Think sad, sweet incense scattered.

Fire stomach, Xijiaodihuang decoction. Rich heat accumulation, modified Qingwei powder. Stagnation of spleen injury, modified Guipi decoction. Fire lung, Huangqin Qingfei decoction.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: pregnancy induced emaciation, or with disease, viscera deficiency, Qi and blood can not be exhausted, child support, and not strong induced movement. If not the end of the ANN, can the free and pregnant women have.

Xue said: before the disease should be with the waist and back pain on the side of the door, and its fruit can not be safe and can be discussed under the cautious shen.

Anti spontaneousabortion

Dan: Yang Shi Yin Xi cloud, pregnancy is blood deficiency, not Yang Rong, the spontaneousabortion. Work injury or anger, the fire will move, also from falling. The original, because of heat dissipation, the creator of nature, "but that" cause injury in the air dirty and fall, this is not the disease. But the one woman is pregnant until about March will fall, the diagnosis of left hand and weak, refetch is acerbity, the blood less. The boy, just fill the gas, blood from the wing, was taught to summer, concentrated fried Baizhu Decoction of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi last money, take thirty or forty posts then preserved the (single Atractylodes spares, to the glory of a coke, native things). So thinking, falling due to heat, and the deficiency is much, said heat said Xu, when light and heavy. The cover is pregnant until March, Zodiac fire, so easy to fall, how else Scutellaria, cooked (cooked Aixingwen AI, but also help the fire, if a hot, or not, for fear) Ejiao (good health and medicine tocolysis, but do not despise)?


The husband of pregnancy were not enough, not all births and birth, called abortioned. Because pregnant women Chong and Ren Qi, not to nourish the embryo, the air is not solid, or blink fall, causing the blood dynamic loss, or because of fever, a kind of malaria like, make abortion. Zhong Jingyun: the combination of deficiency and cold, the vein is leather, the woman is also missed abortion. Cloud: abortioned people call the miscarriage, or March and April, or May and June, was abortioned. In both men and women. Or because of sorrow or rage thrash emotional pathogenic factors, labor loss, or touch take heat, avoid the black god scattered, fear of making drugs, he reincarnated disease, should be scattered, and the jade candle soup. "Production notes" cloud: abortion should not be underestimated, ten times off but also. The cloud: abortioned muscle decay, make up the deficiency, the muscle, the Tonifying Qi and blood, to the wind, raising its dirty gas, also is off ten times, all calm down, should the trial. Zhai Li: in the production of cloud coverage, cover production such as cooked chestnut autospasy, such as miscarriage, break the hull, the Genti injury. But people overlook the death caused by many. Methods: filling form new blood gas, blood stasis, to. If preterm, pain and to produce, Xionggui Buzhong Decoction of Rhizoma Anemarrhenae doubly. If the production and bleeding, fill the ginseng decoction. If the heart and abdominal pain, Angelica Decoction of Rhizoma chuanxiong. The air was weak and the miscarriage, solid Bazhen decoction. Too much blood and fever, Sheng tang. Sweat more, urgently dushentang. Fever, irritability, muscle meat Ti, Bazhen decoction. Thirsty face red, pulse big and empty, dangguibuxuetang. The body is hot and the face is red, the veins are heavy and small, and the four kings are accompanied by ginger. Dongyuan cloud: day and night fever is quiet, Yang Wang Yang also. Day and night fever is quiet, Yang into Yin also. Such as day and night club is no fever, Chongyang Yin, Yin Jun when the. If Wang Yang since two, Siwu decoction. Yang in Yin, BUZHONGYIQITANG, Chongyang no Yin, Siwu decoction. No fire, eight pill. Anhydrous, six flavored pill. Dongyuan cloud: woman childbirth and abortion leakage, not stupid, not his perception, violent death and blood edge. The blood to the heart of God without tangible cover support. The heart and the winding, Jun fire fire, the blood is safe, Hemorrhagia is dangerous, it is dark on the blazing fire. The fire over his lungs, eyes become unconscious, is critical to Yin and blood, also not Zhen fu. The blood loss, often with talc, licorice, gypsum and the like, but it can Ganping medicine in gas purging heat, blood gas and yin deficiency diarrhea is diarrhea Yang, two harms, is insufficient, consumptive disease, insensible, Jiao Xinfei is hot. This invisible heat, cold medicine, drive down, do not know the disease that belongs to symptoms, sweating more, this down, fortunately dead. Violence will lose blood, Yao vitop. I don't know "via" that disease is insufficient, should not fill diarrhea, but his disease all belong to Yin and should not sweat under. I do not know when the typhoid fever Yu Khan, cold medicine is disabled. The gas delivery abortioned, disease, violence to the blood and blood Hemorrhagia suspected Yan (fun). Fill its blood is God Chang, often when the blood fall dead, this is when the fill and lift it, the blood and God and not faint. If the blood of violence, is that autumn is too busy, this move up, to help Yang Zhang and God does not carry out orders (wonderful in the sun). This vertical side, enriching the blood, nourishing the blood, blood, Yiyang, to make up for the insufficiency of yin and extremities. The whole life called blood soup (abortioned after the disease, more in theory reference for the postpartum party).

Early anaphase

"Encyclopedia" cloud: July August while pregnant pregnant woman who has, to September October and, by two a year or four years of production, according to the rule of law.

Sylvi said: pre production for tocolysis, expired without producing blood blood stagnation.


"Encyclopedia" cloud: viscera Qi and blood to reconcile the woman full of ghosts do not wind evil. If Qi deficiency is a breakdown, devil ghost fine into the dirty, like pregnancy, they also took.

Sylvi said: before the disease due to coherent seven, loss of spleen and lung, Qi and blood deficiency, for arrhythmia, Chongren Guaiwei caused by qi deficiency, disease, but also more than gas. If not adjusted when you tune up, so as to avoid the disease. Treatment to fill the vitality, and accompanied by such for the bulk of the realgar pill. If the spleen by inverse gas stagnation, with modified Guipi Decoction of tonifying. If the spleen blood deficiency, six Jun Xionggui training. The blood loss, by Jiaweixiaoyaosan of anti aids. And the anger out, with their clothing, and Guipi jiaweixiaoyao. Kidney and liver weakness, with Six Ingredient Rehmannia pill.



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