How should treat atrioventricular beats?

Patient:Inspection and testing: no laboratory testsTreatment: did not eat any drugs and treatmentHistory: school annual check-up says tachyc



Inspection and testing: no laboratory tests

Treatment: did not eat any drugs and treatment

History: school annual check-up says tachycardia, 2001 had thyroid surgery was found after a premature atrioventricular bell 15, shortness of breath, a, two days after the better, until now occasionally feel to have a few beats, no obvious symptoms, electrocardiogram examination not, do not know how to treat!

How should prevent normally, how to treat? Pay attention to what?

Department of Cardiology, Ningbo City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Wu Li: if the organic heart disease caused by premature beats, potential danger, the treatment for primary disease, the application can improve the prognosis, reduce the occurrence of accidental drug, such as metoprolol, bisoprolol, Wenxin granule, Shensongyangxin capsule, Xinbao pill; if it is benign, functional premature beat, without special treatment; to avoid found suspicious factors of premature beats induced; understanding the essence, maintain a good attitude, improve sleep, avoid emotional fatigue, etc., combined with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning body condition.

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