Heat accumulation syndrome

(of the throat, tongue, eyes) on the accumulation of heat in hot coke on the sore throat, heart thirst, cheek chin tuberculosis, and jade cr


(of the throat, tongue, eyes) on the accumulation of heat in hot coke on the sore throat, heart thirst, cheek chin tuberculosis, and jade crumbs worry free powder and bezoar Liangge pills, disinfection, drink, drink four horns detoxification pills, heat three pill. Aphtha, with bixue, borneol, free drink jade crumbs scattered, dew drink, borax pill. Sore throat, pharynx and impede the matter, such as the soup, eight are scattered, four Shun drink, drink, drink nectar, borneol wash heart powder and bezoar Liangge pills and mint, drinking horns fried, Shilong powder. Accumulation of heat and urine adverse, and can guide the red pill, five powder.

Constipation, clothing Qingxinyin, Sanhuangwan, heart washing powder.

The throat closed, laryngalgia syndrome since its pathogenic wind off in the throat, qi stagnation and heat is clogging and sore throat. Since the heat in the lung and stomach, the wind poison Yunlong, is swollen and sore throat. If the card is not born in perianal abscess, a swollen throat, so violent, perhaps caused by heat. The throat hanging off to the carbuncle, don't worry, disease treatment, can also kill. Throat closed, acute laryngeal infection, with detoxification pills, wash heart scattered, jade crumbs scattered, carefree bixue, what male detoxification pill.

On tooth pain and tooth pain, its syndrome. Heat pain, a tooth for a floating, diaphragm heat and pain. There are virtual pain, because kidney exhaustion, hot gas upside and the pain. The wind have toothache. Must be carefully documented before taking medicine. Gingival swelling, gas heat inside the mouth, his teeth floating and moving, this also with heat syndrome, four Shun drink, drink, dew wash heart powder, borneol, Qingxin decoction, drink eight are scattered, fried Shenma Gegeng Decoction gargle and spit, eat a small wish. Kidney exhaustion, hot gas upside toothache, and the old and weak people tooth pain, with Anshen pill, pill, antler pill, pill of eight ingredients, time to wipe the sumptuous feast, with Shenma Gegeng Decoction gargle. The injection of dental pain, muscular and epigenetic, asarum powder, to wipe the sumptuous feast to the wind, spit sputum, for a long time to Shenma Gegeng Decoction gargle and spit, black, and white dragon god pill frankincense pill pill. Drinking tooth pain, wells in the water wash, or 100 medicine for cold bathing with the pharynx, or shrink sand deposited general chewing.

On the eyes of the syndrome eyes dim, dim vision, not swollen pain is not red, nor the nebula, cataract syndromes. Or see black, or cold tears, spleen and kidney asthenia is not casual, medicine, only with eye Dihuang pill, pill, pill in Chrysanthemum eye view, also eye pills, pills, pills cotton Molina cassia. Anemopyretic unusual liver, itchy eyes astringent, dim and tears, see no see, only with the powder, cassia powder, Bodhisattva pills, pills, chrysanthemum eye clouds scattered, Mimeng flower powder. Kidney eye itch, four scattered, scattered, scattered ash soup bubble, Zijin Cream Wash, Chunxue paste point. The outer membrane of meat hide invading the eye, long, hollow and in Jing Wan, chrysanthemum eye pill, after eating take pills, cassia dial cloud. I drink chrysanthemum acerbity......

On the hemopyretic bleeding hematemesis, epistaxis and more than all, faint yellow glare, with chicken balls, borneol Su decoction, Siwu Decoction Tonga watercress mint.



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