Four kings Tonga

Si Jun (man) ginseng (white) of Fuling (Gansu) grass, Buzhongyiqi as treasure. Add dried different power (powder), Huangqi good Qi spontaneo


Si Jun (man) ginseng (white) of Fuling (Gansu) grass, Buzhongyiqi as treasure. Add dried different power (powder), Huangqi good Qi spontaneous perspiration. Add orange (skin) half (summer) six Jun Tang, spleen and stomach no such. The paired food can eliminate Xiangsha stomach, vomiting Ding (fragrance) herb (fragrance). The four Jun and Shiquan Siwu, Qi GUI Decoction nourishing blood to ginger jujube, spleen and stomach weakness by the first strong. The same yangrongtang Shiquan, five kinds of far to Chen xiong. Tired of thin sweat less Yan Chao, (male), nocturnal keel (Lotus) shall meet. No sweat hot flashes of Angelica (white) peony, Radix Pinellia with arrowroot. Spontaneous Chen (skin) (yellow) of Radix Rehmanniae (GUI), when the oyster plum jujube (white) peony. There is no sweat heart elsewhere, Sheng Chen (skin) (when) to help jujube (ren), Radix radix paeoniae alba (Ukraine) fried Coptis, cinnabar plum (large) Zao Sijun (soup). With no hard body heat, wheat (winter) (five) Chen (skin)

(yellow) Qi Fu (Ling) in addition to rest. In the fullness of gas is Qi, Chen (skin) (when) to Renlie Xiangsha wood. Forgetful (yellow) Qi Yuan (chi) (Chang Po), longan wood (meat) of Angelica sinensis (ren) and wild jujube. A spit Liujun soup, (when) to (yellow) Qi and wood etc.. Qi short asthma without sputum, (human) Shenju (red) Amomum Su Zitian, mulberry Angelica ginger (large) jujube, aloes and woody water mill. The first stop of cholera body pain, dry mouth fever virtual limb wound, five Angelica (Chai Hu) white peony, plum Gardenia Chen Ophiopogon japonicus (skin). Body weight and sore mouth (light) addicted to lying, aversion to cold pee number, six Jun (soup) plus (white) Peony (yellow) even (yellow) stilbene, Alisma Chai Hu Qiang (Live) (live only). Fat people vertigo six Jun (soup) and Chuanxiong (when) to (yellow) Qi (orange peduncle) (white): Gastrodia elata. Turbid urine four Jun (Tang) Jia Yizhi (ren), Chen (skin) (Huang Qi) (when) to Rhizoma rehmannia. The fullness of areca Zhishi Coptis. Red eye blood stagnation of gentian (grass) tim. The headache of Chuanxiong trifolia. With diarrhea (white) Shao Ze (diarrhea) Fuling decoction. Sweating (yellow) Qi (white) operation (when) to the body, after all add a lot, brain AChE and pain, Ligusticum asarum, Cimicifuga (white) Zhi Ge (Gansu) grass (root). Thirsty throat Ge (root) (flower) powder found most respect for sputum cough Fritillaria, plus five taste (sub) mulberry, insomnia should add suanzaoren. By eating less and the Divine Comedy, fried Hawthorn malt and citrus. Xuhuo phlogistic know (mother) (yellow) Bai Tim, joined the service good figwort. Heat (yellow) Qin (yellow) even pollen, lower body weakness (DU) Zhong achyranthes. Weak legs and body heat Fangji papaya, students with rehmannia. With Zheng Zhongyuan (chi) (PU) Shi Chang Fu Shen, Bai Zi (ren) and fried swallow, Ophiopogon japonicus five flavor (sub) with wild jujube (ren), Cornus total for Chinese yam. Liu Jun (soup), barley (when) Polygala lotus yam Hawthorn Hui, orange (stem) (yellow) with lentils (yellow) of the Divine Comedy, Yuanyang to help the health of spleen and stomach. Yin deficiency cough (people) to ginseng decoction, urine (white Fu Ling) as usual too, eating meal should be serving this evil, internal labor efficiency through xian. The spleen is acquired, and the mother of all things, the party also in the spleen decoction, dolly.

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