Minor Bupleurum Tonga

Radix Pinellia (human) ginseng (yellow) Qin (Gansu) grass, Shaoyang for treasure, cold and heat exchanges late afternoon, with good and hypo


Radix Pinellia (human) ginseng (yellow) Qin (Gansu) grass, Shaoyang for treasure, cold and heat exchanges late afternoon, with good and hypochondriac pain vomiting. The disease in the Yangming, thirsty and tired of retching frequency, pain in the eyes nose not sleep, Ge Genzhi (female) (white peony) fried skullcap. In the fullness of heat and Sheng (solid), orange orange (japonica) and efficacy. If it is not fullness wide, Xiaoxianxiong decoction can merger. Sweat less lips mouth thirst, drinking no rest on (yellow) even if Ge (dry), but also understand how? Add a pinch of gypsum bamboo shavings. After the sweat was strong heat vexed, more hljd raved retching groan, (soup) with fried food, a service that is instant peace. Polydipsia diarrhea and increased heat, but with the original four Ling (powder), if yellow urine red (yellow), Qin (yellow) even know (mother) (yellow) Parkinson add. Dry hard stool, thirst, Coptis and Magnolia Trichosanthes (trifoliate orange) shell; if it is node fails, nothing wrong with Dachaihutang 1. Body heat evil air dry, the party shall close the Guizhi decoction. If the lips of polydipsia, gypsum and Anemarrhena (soup) 3 with the original. Chest trouble does not reduce vomiting (half) in summer (person) ginseng, the times in Trichosanthes kirilowii. Thirst in addition to Pinellia added (mother) (flower) powder. With abdominal pain (white) to Shao scutellaria. The thermal stress of abdominal pain (yellow) even (white) fried shao. Phlegm Beimu Gualou paul. Add ginger juice Ou Chen (skin). Cough must add five taste good. Hard Xiexia pain with green (skin) (male) oyster. Fu (Ling) and drowning under hard palpitated. Ruffian and chest fullness, (MU) and oyster ginger calligraphers peru. Fullness in the chest and cough to (person) ginseng (large) jujube, must add five (sub) ginger good taste. The water is too much water, wheat (winter) (five) flavor (son) plus (person) to go. The stomach is empty false stool, two for Polyporus peony. Spermatorrhea not solid Yin weakness, Tim also know oysters (mother) Bai Liang (yellow). Hot flashes not thirsty desire to wear clothes, cut with Guizhi ginseng. The warm spring fever cough and thirst, five kinds of (sub) to half Gualou (summer) should be. Febrile evil heat not to cold, chai (HU) (people) to save Guizhi Fuling ginseng (root), Ge (white) Shao cohosh (large) jujube, pharynx pain to Gan (grass) Balloonflower taste. By the chest full of vomit tide, Chai Huw Dan Negar Glauber's salt. Thirsty and tired of a kind of malaria evil heat, gypsum and Anemarrhena (soup) (small) (Bupleurum Decoction) regulation.

For the time of typhoid fever, the exterior and interior useless trip, if multiple weak or evil gas, heavy (winter) (five) and ginseng flavor.


Large Bupleurum Decoction see page 15.

See page 15 of Guizhi decoction.

The plaster and Anemarrhena Decoction (the old name baihutang: see page 15.

The original refers to Xiaochaihutang.

By: the "Treatise on the" Thirteen day "typhoid puzzled, chest full and vomiting... Leaving also, first to Xiaochai soup

In solution, after the decoction of Bupleurum plus Glauber's salt".

After all because the work of food complex, strong heat phlegm palpitations, shortness of breath, but also Wendan (soup) with the original, it is more the speed of emergency services. Day and night fever series, called evil heat into the blood chamber, the peony (skin), (yellow) (yellow) Lian Zhi Bai (sub), Anemarrhena Angelica can be given to the. If the day and night drama, Zhimu (yellow) even Zhi (sub) bone (skin) see. day and night

Hot flashes are not returned, with Siwu (soup) is Zhi (sub) (yellow). After the sweat Tianjin two constipation, apart from Pinellia and students, (yellow) (white) of Qin Chen (skin) (as to) (white) Shao Ophiopogon japonicus, if dry very annoying him. The main square is chai (HU) (yellow) of the column? Bitter to turn evil heat, removing phlegm and stop vomiting half Xia Yi, pungent odor performance. Table is insufficient to slow to sweet, ginseng licorice slow center. Reconcile the camp Wei Jiang dates, reconciliation, such as the use of good.



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