Causes of migraine and self treatment and health care methods

Migraine is a very serious neurological disease, what are the common causes of migraine and how to treat migraine?.First, the cause of migra


Migraine is a very serious neurological disease, what are the common causes of migraine and how to treat migraine?.

First, the cause of migraine:

1 weather overheating: when the temperature rises, the possibility of a variety of headache increased significantly. When it rains, there is a slight drop in the number of headaches.

2 the smell is too thick: even pleasant smell and high concentration can also cause migraines, such as paint, dust, perfume and some flowers.

3: if the improper headdress Ponytail Hair too tight, will put pressure on the scalp causing headaches. Scarves, hair clips, and tight hats can also cause headaches. The solution is to let the hair naturally fall.

4 exercise intensity high physical exertion in the cause of head, neck and scalp blood vessels, causing headaches. Even excessive sexual life, can also cause headaches. Therefore, to maintain moderate intensity exercise, such as walking, when your arms swing back and forth, so that the neck muscles relax, thereby reducing headaches.

5 bad posture: including the sitting position is too low, no back or shoulders back on the chair, the computer monitor is too low or too high, or answer the phone when the receiver caught in the shoulder.

6 cheese, wine, meat, cheese, cold place too long will cause the protein decomposition, release of tyramine, after eating can cause headaches. Red wine and cold meat (such as cold meat rolls) also contain tyramine, should not eat too much.

7 hunger: when you feel hungry, the brain will feel the pain, so to maintain a regular diet, so you can keep blood sugar levels stable. Note that the choice of protein and complex carbohydrates with each other's food, but also timely replenishment, because dehydration can cause headaches.

8 caffeine: moderate consumption of coffee is not only beneficial to the body, and many of the drugs used to treat headaches also contain caffeine ingredients. But if continuously to drink coffee, will cause headaches.

Two, headache self treatment and health care methods

1 self massage: normally available like shampoo that finger scratching or natural bristle brush, hard wooden tooth comb to massage head. The specific method is: from the back of the head toward the forehead sideburns slow motion, no matter which way you take over, massage will feel very comfortable, very relaxed.

2 good sleep: sleep out of a headache. Many people sleep off a headache, but should avoid sleeping too long, so as not to wake up more headache. Don't sleep, because the sleeping posture will make the neck muscles numb. If you don't sleep well, turn over again, you can use a special pillow, shape to fit the natural curvature of the spine, so that the neck has a reliable basis.

3 early treatment: health experts suggest, should always check whether there are signs of tension, including clenched teeth, clenched fists, shrug, these symptoms may cause headaches, these are the best situation as soon as possible to the hospital for examination.

4 to reduce the burden of vision: every hour or so with the palm of your hand to cover the eyes, let the eye rest for not less than 30 seconds, and then move away, slowly open your eyes. In addition, the eye is not easy to detect flicker, but also makes the brain fatigue and cause headaches.

5 pay attention to science diet: chocolate, coffee and cocoa not eat food, because these foods can constrict the blood vessels containing substances, with the expansion of blood vessels can cause head pain. Omitted or delayed meals may also cause headaches, to eat more soy, seafood, walnuts and other foods rich in magnesium.

Three, headache suggestions:

1 do headache diary". Record the amount of food you eat, the stressful events, the beginning and end of the headache, the weather changes, and the physical exercise. A headache diary can help you find the cause of a variety of headaches and avoid inducing factors.

2 physical therapy. You can try yoga, massage and acupuncture, there will always be "one" for you.

Four, remind:

When the headache lasted for many days or headache, or have a fever, unconsciousness and torticollis, must be timely to the hospital.

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