What are the common symptoms during pregnancy? How to deal with?

Common symptoms of pregnancy and nursing careSymptoms of discomfort during pregnancy is a common experience of pregnant women, but not every


Common symptoms of pregnancy and nursing care

Symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy is a common experience of pregnant women, but not every pregnant woman to experience all the discomfort, but also in different periods of pregnancy symptoms are different, the degree of individual feeling is also different. When the symptoms are not serious, you can make pregnant women to rest, so that symptoms can be alleviated, you can also take a variety of preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of symptoms.

1 nausea and vomiting

Is the most common in the first 2 months of pregnancy discomfort, about 50% of the pregnant women have different degrees of nausea, 1/ 3 of the pregnant women have vomiting, mild vomiting generally do not need special treatment, but should understand the mental state, give spiritual encouragement, to explain the work, guiding the smaller meals, eating into the list diet, avoid seasoning is too thick and give vitamin B1, B2, C, and B6 constant oral, have a certain effect, such as vomiting aggravate the development of hyperemesis gravidarum, should be hospitalized for observation, doctor, rehydration fasting.

2 frequency, urgency

In the early stage of pregnancy, due to increased uterine pressure. After 12 weeks of pregnancy uterus than pelvic after symptoms disappear naturally. In late pregnancy, due to fetal presentation into the bladder basin again by extrusion, frequent phenomenon repeated. Some pregnant women, cough, sneeze or sneeze urine overflow condition. Need to explain the symptoms to the patient

Because, as long as the exclusion of the infection of the urethra, frequent micturition, urgency is a normal phenomenon. No need for pregnant women to limit the intake of liquid so as not to cause dehydration, affect the normal metabolism of the body process. At the same time to guide pregnant women for anal movement, pelvic floor muscle tension training helps to control urination. Frequent micturition, urgency and urinary overflow during pregnancy, pregnancy termination, symptoms disappear naturally. If the symptoms are present, the perineal muscles are excessively lax or the pelvic floor is damaged.

3 gastric discomfort

Women often have acid reflux, heating, abdominal constriction and other symptoms, is due to the uterus causing stomach compression results. With the weakening of maternal gastrointestinal peristalsis, stomach muscle tension is low, especially gastric sphincter relaxation induced by Department of cardiac and gastric contents reflux into the esophagus, esophageal mucosa stimulation of gastric area burning, "if a pregnant woman complained of heartburn". Immediately after a meal in bed, eating too much or eating too much fat and fried food will exacerbate "heartburn" symptoms, it should avoid. You can take three aluminum hydroxide, magnesium silicate and other anti acid agents, but should avoid using sodium bicarbonate containing food (including soda crackers) or drugs containing sodium ions so as not to promote water retention, cause electrolyte disorder. Guidelines for pregnant women to choose a small number of meals, can reduce the volume of gastric contents in order to relieve symptoms.

4 flatulence

During pregnancy, due to the weakening of the gastrointestinal activity, intestinal gas is often easy to accumulate cause unpleasant bloating, no special treatment. Measure is to avoid eating food cause flatulence, guide the selection of easily digestible food, avoid overeating, with small meals to meet the need of the body. It is suggested that pregnant women should develop the habit of defecation, proper exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent and relieve abdominal distension. Drugs when necessary according to the prescribed use of laxatives or stool softening, maintain defecate unobstructed, also helps relieve symptoms.

5 constipation

The cause of constipation is caused by increased uterine displacement, small intestine pushing fluid intake and outdoor activities to reduce the amount of pregnant women, slow peristalsis. The measures were to eliminate the factors contributing to constipation, the importance of eating fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber foods, and the relationship between regular bowel habits and constipation. Encourage moderate daily exercise to help maintain good bowel function. When necessary according to the prescribed use of stool softeners, but can not develop the habit of drug dependence. Suggested that pregnant women eat bananas, not only to obtain food satisfaction, but also to prevent constipation,

6 backache

With the increase of pregnant uterus of pregnant women, the body to move forward, to keep the body Ping Heng, must take the head and shoulders back and abdominal spine projecting forward, recurved posture. The results of the waist and back muscles, ligaments burden increased, resulting in varying degrees of back pain. In addition, excessive fatigue, tension, bending or lifting heavy objects, uterine compression nerve and pelvic joint laxity of pregnancy (especially late pregnancy), but also the causes of low back pain. In order to prevent or reduce back pain, nurses and pregnant women to discuss prevention and mitigation measures. To understand why pregnant women in early pregnancy of back pain, and mastery of preventive measures, such as symptoms, pay attention to maintain good posture in daily life, to avoid excessive fatigue; when the seat, back on the pillow or backrest handrail; sitting cross legged potential also helps prevent back force. At the same time to guide pregnant women by adjusting the height of the table or the position of pregnant women, in order to maintain the best posture. There are plans to recommend that pregnant women exercise effective measures to enhance the strength of the back muscles and prevent back pain, such as pelvic gymnastics swing, 3 times a day, can reduce the spinal curvature, help to alleviate back pain. When pregnant women pick up items, you should bend your knees without bending your back to keep your spine straight.

7 vertigo

Many pregnant women have dizziness, especially in crowded, air flow

A place where people gather. The causes of symptoms can be: 1, pregnant women standing for a long time or suddenly change the position, the state of hypotension and dizziness or fatigue. 2, due to excessive excitement or anxiety affect respiratory function lead to hyperventilation and vertigo. 3, the blood was diluted during pregnancy caused by physiological anemia or hypoglycemia state.

4, long time supine, huge uterine compression of the inferior vena cava, to the amount of bleeding and reduced stroke volume, hypotension may cause dizziness, nursing is a predisposing factor to help care for object recognition by vertigo, take corresponding measures according to the reasons, such as that pregnant women should avoid: (A) transform posture too quickly (B): long time standing: (C) excessive excitement and mental stress: (D) fatigue etc.. Pregnant women take the lateral position especially lying on the left side, can not only improve the fetal oxygen supply, but also the prevention of supine hypotensive syndrome caused by dizziness. If the symptoms of dizziness after treatment by the above ineffective or frequently occur, should contact the doctor, so as not to delay the disease.

8 lower limb muscle spasm

Mainly refers to the calf muscle pain contracture, pregnancy can occur at any time, common in the late pregnancy, more attacks at night. Because of the oppression of the lower limbs caused by the enlargement of the uterus, fatigue, cold, unreasonable body posture, as well as the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, can cause the nervous system's stress function to be strong. Whether there is sufficient monitoring measures of pregnant women in the food intake of vitamin D, calcium deficiency is determined, there are plans when necessary according to the prescribed intake of milk, calcium. Prohibit the abuse of tablets containing calcium and phosphorus imbalance so as not to increase the calcium and phosphorus. Also with

Pregnant women to discuss pregnant women and relieve symptoms, such as: (A) to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes to reduce leg muscle tension: (B) heat affected area, lower limb elevation, leg muscle massage can take effect. Calf muscle

Spasm, as long as the immediate stretch muscles can be eased, the specific approach is to let the pregnant woman lying, nurses and their families of pregnant women hold the knee (ipsilateral), straight leg and foot support, back flexion, symptoms can be relieved. Some people think that before going to bed massage the lower leg, or the foot pad after high sleep, help prevent the occurrence of symptoms.

9 varicose veins

May occur in the lower extremities, occasionally in the vulva. The cause of the symptoms is due to the oppression of the uterine pelvic vein, the impact of venous reflux. The long standing position and the increase of intra-abdominal pressure in the late pregnancy all aggravate the symptoms. Take corresponding nursing measures, improve the situation of lower extremity venous reflux, can prevent or alleviate the symptoms, the specific approach is to guide have symptoms of pregnant women increased bed rest sitting opportunities, pay attention to raise the leg, promote blood reflux, pregnant women with right angle position to guide the way of demonstration, namely supine, legs straight up and the body right, hips and heels on the wall and do daily several times, each time for 2 - 5 minutes. Late pregnancy, pregnant women are often difficult to accept this position, you can use elastic bandage. More important is to prevent the occurrence of symptoms, the most simple way is to remind pregnant women: (A) to sit up as possible to raise the leg: (B) to avoid standing too long: (C) to avoid wearing tight ring socks.

10 vaginal secretions increased

During pregnancy, due to the role of hormones, strong metabolism, vaginal epithelial cells and cervical glands secrete exuberant, resulting in increased vaginal secretions. Usually milky white, is a normal physiological phenomenon, but often to pregnant women with discomfort. When it is discovered that the increased vaginal discharge, nurses need to be good at identifying abnormal condition, such as yellow green with blood or secretions with unpleasant odor, and pregnant women reflect the vulva has obvious irritation, itching and other symptoms, should be timely check clear nature of inflammation, treatment. If it is a physiological phenomenon, nurses and pregnant women need to discuss the causes of symptoms and provide effective measures, such as regular bathing, often change underwear, keep the vulva clean, promote comfort. And warned pregnant women should avoid wearing nylon underwear, recommend the use of absorbent, soft cotton underwear.



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