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Oncology was founded in September 1, 2008. The existing medical radiation staff of 19 people, among them, 1 associate chief physicians, 2 ph


Oncology was founded in September 1, 2008. The existing medical radiation staff of 19 people, among them, 1 associate chief physicians, 2 physician, physician 1, nurse 1, nurse 6 people, 5 nurses. Radiotherapy room 3 people: Physics Division 1 people, radiotherapy technician, 2 people. Most of the staff went to Shangdong Province-owned Hospital, Shandong Cancer Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical College to further study, the basic theory of solid, rich clinical experience. Nursing care of many people in the provincial hospital of Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College, PICC training and obtain the relevant certificate. The Department has complete infrastructure, advanced instruments and equipment, reasonable personnel structure and advanced technology level.

The oncology ward 45 beds, the Department is equipped with advanced equipments, linear accelerator, simulator, C arm and other large equipment, advanced medical equipment equipped with multi-channel automatic ward ECG machine, full automatic trace chemotherapy pump etc.. By the end of 2014 new KY-2000 Nanjing kangyou microwave ablation treatment machine. The import of high-grade pulmonary function instrument, 64 row CT, automatic biochemical analyzer, digital angiography machine (DSA) for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases laid a good foundation.

Department of oncology is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the main subjects, a variety of common cancers such as lung cancer, esophageal cancer and cardia cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer (straight), pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer and gynecological cancer, according to the condition of giving curative chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy and neoadjuvant chemotherapy. After palliative chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy; microwave ablation, and interventional therapy. Advanced radiotherapy, interventional equipment, mature technology, good effect, and in the end of 2014 the newly developed tumor microwave ablation therapy,

Small trauma, quick recovery, repeated treatment, low cost, good prognosis of the comprehensive treatment. The nursing has carried on the PICC to put on the tube technology, the first time puts on the tube to facilitate the infusion, avoids the repeated venipuncture, reduces the patient pain, avoids the chemotherapy medicine to the blood vessel stimulation, reduces the phlebitis occurrence.

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