The female vaginal dryness to "moisturizing"

Women's vagina also need to often "replenishment moisture", in order to maintain health. To advance women's vaginal moisturizer is vaginal d


Women's vagina also need to often "replenishment moisture", in order to maintain health. To advance women's vaginal moisturizer is vaginal dryness, so in skin, we look at the cause of vaginal dryness what.

1, lack of sexual excitement.

Women have sexual impulse, but not up to the extent necessary, or to the husband ", went straight to the theme of" women will lead to less fluid secretion, and vaginal dryness.

2, contraceptives

For a long time people, regular use of contraceptives, drug adverse effects of progesterone in vaginal dryness, let a woman's sex life is not life.

3, psychological pressure

Life and work pressure will cause low sexual desire, arousal, hysteresis, vaginal dryness.

4, endocrine disorders

After 35 years of age, if a period of time, the problem of irregular menstruation, may mean endocrine disorders, but also lead to reduced vaginal secretions.

5, vaginitis

If you suffer from vaginitis, vaginal mucosa when sexual life congestion, resulting in decreased secretion.

6, frigidity

Because of the long-term, repeated vaginal dryness will make people psychologically tired of sex, pleasure will disappear without a trace.

7, the diet is not balanced

In addition to vaginal dryness, if women are associated with inflammation of the mouth, dry skin, desquamative situation indicates that a balanced diet, especially a lack of vitamin B2. This condition can lead to vaginal wall dryness, mucosal congestion, and even rupture.

8, excessive cleaning

The girls do not think the leucorrhea is dirty, often repeated vaginal washing depth. However, it is so over clean, cause the vagina can not be retained due exudates and beneficial bacteria, resulting in vaginal dryness.

Six methods of "moisturizing" in female vagina

1, if it is because of a balanced diet can lead to vaginal dryness, eat more whole grains and grains with the skin, in order to increase the elasticity and moisture content of skin mucous membrane.

2, there is inflammation of the female, cure vaginitis, dry problems will naturally improve.

3, love clean women usually clean the vulva with water is enough, but we must avoid vaginal irrigation.

4, try water-soluble lubricant is also a good choice. According to a survey, 67% of couples in the United States are using this product. It is very irritating, can make people relax and enjoy life. If necessary, you can also use topical androgen, such as the use of testosterone ointment to help ease the drying problem.

5, give organ moisture, vaginal dryness is actually solve the problem through various methods. For the lack of sexual arousal in women must partner with full communication, let him become more gentle foreplay, more patient, appropriate to extend the time, give full touch.

6, menopause women will be due to postmenopausal hormone levels in the body caused by dry, can be in the doctor under the guidance of the right amount of estrogen.

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