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[original]Jaundice, five Lord Yinchen Ling san. "Jinkuiyaolue, jaundice syndromes and treatment of fifteenth"Composition and usageAt the end



Jaundice, five Lord Yinchen Ling san. "Jinkuiyaolue, jaundice syndromes and treatment of fifteenth"

Composition and usage

At the end of five is five Yinchenhao Ling San branch

Two taste and food and drink, the first day of three big spoon, clothing.

[effect] seepage water wet, clear heat and yellow.


1 generations

First visit: September 14, 2005. Hwang, 28 years old. Such as the color yellow belt clip blood, abdominal pain for more than 3 months, the vulva pruritus, menstruation is normal, premenstrual backache leg soft, abdominal pain, menstrual dysmenorrhea lie. Debility, often diarrhea, stomach pain, colds, nake, scorching yellow red, the last menstrual period in August 22nd to tide. Childbearing history: 1-0-0-1, placed intrauterine device. Red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse. Department of gynaecology examination: vulva is not unusual, the vagina is unobstructed, palace neck is smooth, palace hind position, normal size, activity, medium quality, tenderness, tenderness of both sides accessory. Diagnosis of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Methods: Wenyang Jianpi Qingre Zhidai.

Prescription: Herba Artemisiae Scopariae and five powder combined zhizibaipi decoction, yiyifuzibaijiangsan decoction.

Artemisia 12g Poria 12g Polyporus 12g 10g 10g 5g Atractylodes Rhizoma alismatis Guizhi fried Gardenia 12g 10g 5g Coix 30g Zhigancao cypress 6G 15g light tablets Patrinia cuttlebone 20g Atractylodes 10g, 5 agent.

Two diagnosis: September 19, 2005. Red disappear, abdominal pain, tongue and pulse above.

Methods: Wenyang Jianpi, clearing damp heat.

Prescription: zhizibaipi decoction combined with yiyifuzibaijiangsan decoction.

12g 10g 5g fried Gardenia Phellodendron Zhigancao Coix 30g 6G 15g 20g light aconite Patrinia 15g thistle 15g thistle dandelion chuanlianzi 10g 10g 15g Sargentgloryvine Corydalis, 7 agent.

2 pregnancy pruritus

First visit: September 24, 2005. Chapter one, 25, 5 months of pregnancy, abdominal skin itching for 10 days, the local fine point see red rash. Red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse. Liver function tests: alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase were normal. Western medicine diagnosis: pregnancy pruritus.

Treatment: clear heat, spleen and stomach.

Prescription: Herba Artemisiae Scopariae and five powder.

Artemisia 12g Poria 12g Polyporus 12g 12g 10g 5g Atractylodes Rhizoma alismatis Guizhi baixianpi 10g 10g 10g 10g matrine Kochia Agkistrodon 10g 10g silkworm fried Gardenia Fructus Tribuli 10g, 3 agent.

Two diagnosis: September 26, 2005. Relieve skin itching, skin color is normal, no new rash appear above, tongue and pulse.

Traditional Chinese medicine to keep the top 7 drugs.

Abdominal skin itching disappeared.

3 ureteral calculi in pregnancy

First visit: April 28, 2006. Lee, 28 years old, more than 4 months of pregnancy, due to the use of the resistance to pregnancy, Su Su powder modified, pregnant abdominal pain using angelica powder treatment, symptoms have been controlled. When the doctor complained yesterday, sudden abdominal pain, tossing and turning in bed, unbearable pain, today has been alleviated, urine routine examination: red blood cell + + / high magnification, ultrasonography: right renal collecting system separation of about 1.4cm, a middle diameter 0.5cm light group, with acoustic shadow; the lower pole of the left kidney. A 0.4cm diameter size of strong light, with acoustic shadow; the right upper ureteral dilatation, the inner diameter of 0.7cm and a lower section of bladder entrance visible 0.6cm diameter size light group, with acoustic shadow. Pale tongue, thin white fur, smooth pulse. Western medicine diagnosis: (1) mid pregnancy. (2) two cases of renal calculi, right lower ureteral calculi with right renal pelvis and ureter.

Treatment: Qingre Tonglin gas.

Prescription: Herba Artemisiae Scopariae and five powder.

Artemisia 12g cassia twig 5g fulingpi 30g 15g 10g 12g Polyporus Atractylodes Alisma Plantago Desmodium 20g 15g Pyrrosia 10g sea Jinsha 10g areca 10g, 6 agent.

Two diagnosis: May 4, 2006. Abdominal pain completely disappeared, B ultrasound examination, two kidney stones, ureteral calculi and renal pelvis and ureter were eliminated.

Traditional Chinese medicine to keep the top 7 drugs.

3 kinds of symptoms

See "white tiger soup" first case.


Yinchenwuling powder and Yinchenhao Decoction are prescription for treating jaundice, yinchenwuling powder is composed of five water chestnutsdisperse and wormwood blindly, and five water chestnutsdisperse have Yang Qi, dampness effect, so the party can not only warm and wet Yang, and clean up the heat. Compared with the cold Yinchenhao Decoction, the more suitable for wet weight in hot patients.

The case for 1 generations, with debility, such as leucorrhea color yellow clip blood, backache leg soft often diarrhea, stomach, spleen and stomach Yang, coke under the damp heat that treat when tonifying the spleen yang, and clearing heat. In Poria, Atractylodes rhizome, coix seed, Atractylodes, cuttlebone, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata with Invigorating Yang and removing dampness; wormwood, fried gardenia, phellodendron, Patrinia Polyporus, Alisma hemostatic clear heat; light penetration dampness; and licorice. Consistent with the drug, the first diagnosis and more. Red for patients with damp heat, damp heat damage caused by reason of cellular network. The origin of the wet and often due to spleen deficiency, so the treatment is often from the spleen.

In 2 cases of pregnancy, pruritus, this disease mostly due to damp heat obstructing the hair on the skin caused by heat, but the patients like not, instead of Ephedra Forsythia Chixiaodou Decoction than the wormwood Poria five powder treated with fresh white skin, flavescent sophora root, Bombyx Batryticatus, Agkistrodon, Tribulus terrestris, can enhance heat itching in effect, the drug brigade in cleaning heat, a producer can Guizhi various drugs to prevent too cold. The combined matrine and tarragon, namely "wind itch addiction rash treatment Sheng Hui Fang", all over the body are itching prescription.

Case 3 for the mid term ureteral calculi, due to changes in sex hormones during pregnancy, urinary tract stones caused by increased activity, and the sudden emergence of clinical symptoms. Said as "Q - to teach the theory" "disease such as blast, to Pi Li (i.e. Charlie)". When abdominal pain, hematuria and other symptoms of patients, the treatment of this is to promote the stones excreted. Because the sand drench resulted from the heat, the use of yinchenwuling powder modified Qingre Tonglin gas, and farwell, loosestrife, Cheqianzi, Sea Sands, areca water gas Tonglin treatment resulted in renal and ureteral calculi, abdominal pain disappeared, hydronephrosis and hydroureterosis naturally eliminated.



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