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Ma Dazheng, born in 1949, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province. Director of Chinese medicine, master tutor, 1978 graduated from Zhejiang College


Ma Dazheng, born in 1949, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province. Director of Chinese medicine, master tutor, 1978 graduated from Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of traditional Chinese medicine (now the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University), 1982 in Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine after graduation has been engaged in gynecological clinical research and teaching work, in 1997 was promoted to chief physician of TCM gynecology. Former vice president of Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, served as director of Gynecology, adjunct professor of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, Zhejiang Province health Senior Qualification Review Committee of experts, the National Association of traditional Chinese medicine gynecology branch members, gynecology branch members, Zhejiang Province Chinese Medicine Research Institute researcher, executive director of the Wenzhou Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, Wenzhou fifth, the six session of the seventh CPPCC members. The eight session of the Standing Committee of the cppcc. Has published 6 Monographs in gynecology, published medical articles 80. In 1994, the author carried out the analysis of the clinical data of 104 cases of infertile women and went to Japan to participate in the Fourth International Conference on Asian traditional medicine. Research of Warming Kidney Decoction in the treatment of threatened abortion by tocolysis in 1996 in Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese medicine science and technology progress award award for excellence in research China obstetrics history won the two prize of science and Technology Progress Award in 1992 in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province in 1995 by the health department of Zhejiang Province medicine awarded outstanding young scientific and technical personnel, in 1997 to receive the State Council special allowance issued by the Zhejiang Province in 1999 by the Medical Association, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Association of traditional Chinese medicine health newspaper awarded the outstanding doctor title in 1998, 2000 in Hongkong Chinese medicine hospital director Ma is the first medical clinic activities as the health department of Zhejiang province organized medical experts, mainly engaged in the study of infertility, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, threatened abortion, uterus fibroids, endometriosis and gynecological diseases. In clinical director Ma Dazheng syndrome differentiation, promote the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, good at the use of classical prescription, and urged to study with specific prescriptions.

Gu Yu if not, fear not I and years

Ma was born in Wenzhou City, a "three hundred years art history" Shi Ze long the family had a family of scholar, generation. In the Qing Dynasty Zhao Xuemin in the "Compendium of Materia Medica supplements" records: "with guest Dong'ou, smell eye powder is the best in all the land of martensite." At that time the medical records of Ma family event. His father is a famous poet and prose writer, was educated at the University of Hangzhou Chinese department engaged in the teaching of writing, Ma grew to accept edification, love of literature. In 1966 at the Wenzhou city first middle school of a galaxy of talents, excellent in character and learning, good style. Due to encounter the historical catastrophe of the cultural revolution, he has become the only choice of boundary, taking into account the northeast rural is underserved, he resolutely abandoned the doctor made determination of acupuncture information relies on several of the borrow, copy the text, depicting the map, into a book entitled "self criticism" miscellanies notes take self-study, needles, shoulder bags, in 1969 went to Qitaihe city in Heilongjiang Province as farmers. At the beginning of things and work extremely, he is still the morning reading, and farmers sunrise and sunset, when people in the diagnosis and treatment, and seriously do treatment records. He worried about the passage of time and wasted time, he worked tirelessly to learn. In 1972 a "reading" poems, is his portrayal of the scene: "convicting snow slips at farming driving silver beetle. Zu Di solid work hard, how dare sichen error." In his own study of acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture and moxibustion to see the magical effect, to bring him great pleasure, but also with the farmers have a special deep feelings. The production team because of the poor and lower-middle peasants Association strongly recommend, he soon became the semi medical village barefoot doctor. He effect of NISSEI medical, Time passes very quickly., every day long Zhuo, fame, and patients without a break, Qitaihe city is devoted to his deeds for radio coverage. At this time he borrowed a local "old Chinese medicine vernacular" copy, learning traditional Chinese medicine. He also collected published around the Chinese herbal medicine and herbal pamphlets to recognition and acquisition in the field of forest. Because he can often cure needle to the disease, people have a "horse a nickname for him. During this period, he has been exposed to the common diseases and frequently occurring diseases in the rural areas of North china. In 1974 he transferred to the commune health center 1.5 Yongjia County of Zhejiang province Wenzhou City mountain in the rural health work, because the job needs, he began studying medicine, "practical medicine", the mountain often no electricity, light at night, the night oil smoke blackened nostrils. 3 years of work, he mastered the southern rural common diseases of Western medicine treatment knowledge. At this time he has a chapter of the book engraved, engrave has "half small set", and since only to entry. Until 1977 China for the first time the restoration of the college entrance examination, he spent 3 months time, he entered the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University (formerly Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Pick a blanket into the gate of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in 1978, Ma Dazheng director is the 28 year old older students. Go to college, he has been a dream, he is also the best way to "entry", he is like the Night Stalker by candle light. Learning became his greatest interest, his ecstasy like hunger and thirst to pledge to study losses during the Cultural Revolution time to make up for it. He was different, and ordinary students not by rote, but can be learned with their previous clinical problems in interpretation, so that he was more of a deeper understanding and enlightenment.

In the "celebrity maxim" a book, Ma wrote: "no director is the cause of love, will not be successful. It is sometimes more important to love a cause than to be wise and wise."

The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.

In 1982, after graduating from the University of Ma, director of the distribution of Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, began to work in the clinical work of Chinese medicine gynecology, this is the beginning of his real meaning of the clinical work of Chinese medicine. The road ahead is how long, how difficult the task is, he felt a long way to go. In 1983 he became the senior doctor of Chinese medicine Wu Guodong director of the Zhejiang provincial health department designated the academic successor in the study. Diagnosis for a period of 3 years, he learned a teacher in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases especially in the treatment of gynecological diseases by using some classical prescriptions have great originality experience. Since then, he also studied Western Medicine Department of gynaecology.

Since independence after work with outpatient, leisure, Ma found that today China is still not Chinese obstetrics and a history of the development of the monograph, I decided to take advantage of this time, be learned in books, collecting data, writing books, fill the blank. 通过八年的刻苦努力,参考文献达200多种,从经(如《十三经注疏》等),史(如《廿四史》、《唐会要》、《元典章》、《清史稿》等),子(如《内》、《难》、《本草经》、《伤寒论》、《甲乙经》、《小品方》、《脉经》、《脉诀》、《圣惠方》、《局方》、《圣济总录》和历代妇科代表著作等),集(如《诗经》、《阅微草堂笔记》、《履园丛话》、《搜神志》、《拾遗志》、《梦梁录》、《京华梦华录》、《南村辍耕录》等),考古(如《马王堆汉墓帛书》、《武威汉代医简》、《睡虎地秦墓竹简》等),哲学(如《中国传统思想总批判》等), Dian Zhi (such as "post cards", and "Shuowen Jiezi", "medical examination", "Chinese by China medical records", "China names", "the Union Catalog of two Zhejiang works", "China provincial medical examination", "Chinese by history and chronology" etc.), modern historiography (such as "Chinese ancient history", "Chinese forensic history", "reading notes", "simian China", "history of women's history," Li Yanong on "Chinese marriage history" etc.) all aspects of development history of China's obstetrics and gynecology for mining a thorough and summary of the system, and complete the China the history of the development of Obstetrics published 21 words "in 1991". The book is in the form of the dynastic history of each historical period of Obstetrics and Gynecology, obstetrics and Gynecology, every historical background and reasons for the development of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors, medical theory and clinical progress, etc., and by the famous professor, doctoral tutor Luo Yuankai Guangdong University of traditional Chinese medicine and Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, master tutor Professor Ban Xiuwen preface. Professor Luo said: "Ma Jun book content rich and comprehensive, to make up for the traditional disciplines of a blank, will have the attention of the medical profession". The book was published, immediately aroused the attention of the society, "Chinese Medical Journal" this book published a special article, domestic medical scholars have letter of congratulations. University of Southern California history professor Charlotte Furth published in 1999 "flourishing Yin: China in the history of gender," 960 - 1665 "to" said: "I benefit from many scholars in history, one of the horses of the" Chinese Taisho obstetrics and Gynecology history "has particularly outstanding. Clinical and academic perspective. A full list of these works will be found in the following bibliography, but these boring entries do not fully reflect the important contributions they have made. Although this book is the Chinese government to promote the academic achievements of traditional Chinese medicine, but a large part of the material conditions are difficult to complete. Do any serious academic research, we need to have a basic understanding of the Chinese culture broad and profound Chinese, without this book, for the layman like me, it is not possible." The book cited the history of development of up to more than and 30. The book is still the United States University of Southern California, Yale University, Japan Juntendo University, Kitasato Institute affiliated Institute of Oriental Medicine, the French Institute of Oriental languages, Germany's Keele University, University of Cambridge Joseph Needham Institute, Korea Kyung Hee University, Hongkong University, Chinese Baptist University and Library of Congress in the United States on display. At this moment, clinical operations director of the horse has been very busy, but he continued to explore and find preliminary gynecological clinical medication was limited, not all drugs ", often without medicine's dilemma, he checked 372 medical literature, 69 medical journals, summarizes the research, the system of traditional Chinese medicine the effect from the training point of view, in 1992 published 50 words of" gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine Drug Handbook ", opened by drug specialist. In 1993 April the Japanese "clinical" magazine of Chinese book to introduce and recommend more than two. Then he saw many gynecologists when the clinical prescription is invalid at a loss what to do phenomenon, easy reference 78 medical works, compiled and published in 1996 48 words of "obstetrics and gynecology disease treatment of traditional Chinese medicine book" in the book, the 34 treatment method, the book is "Chinese medicine pharmacy advanced series of TCM Gynecology" as the main contemporary bibliography. Through his years of painstaking research for myoma of uterus, in 2006 the publication of the 15 words "diseases of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine Raiders, uterine fibroids", epidemiology, the book discusses the clinical features of uterine fibroids, clinical classification, prognosis and outcome of disease, due to illness, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation the principle of treatment of Chinese and Western medicine conservative therapy, expectant therapy, surgical therapy, and disease treatment, the curative effect and use of Chinese herbal medicine, clinical and experimental research, literature summary etc.. Same year also

Director Ma in clinical advocate traditional syndrome differentiation, and repeated reading of Chinese classic masterpiece, will be "Yellow Emperor" of the relevant content made a card to be arranged, thick. He was on the use of classical prescriptions in gynecological clinic, "Shanghanzabinglun" when the hands, and try to figure out, Zhang Zhongjing leave no stone unturned, Salvia Chinensis in soup Zishen what is the history of the disputed; hakuyo in Ma Tong what is in the book some juice, he did not elaborate, except by literature retrieval. But also with other expert consultations, the final test set using the. He makes a lot of seemingly unrelated to the treatment of gynecological prescription play a magical effect. He advocated the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the latest knowledge of modern medicine and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, applied to clinical. He also urged to study with specific prescriptions, that the early stages of many diseases is often hidden, not "unlicensed discernible, it will form the" research and extension with specific prescriptions is imperative, therefore, he created many outstanding clinical experience prescription, the temperature kidney Antai Decoction of Chinese medicine "is still" Chinese "recorded the doctors were parties". By using the treatment of gynecological diseases, has become a major feature of clinical director Ma, his prescriptions are often simple and lean, and healing is repeated ills. He is good at treating female infertility, after he sent the photos to cure neonatal consulting room without virtual wall, his dysfunctional uterine bleeding, threatened abortion, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other gynecological diseases, have originality.

And not too Yan Xishi is still the Weiyang

57 years old is about the age of retirement, and for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine clinical doctors, when the test with a good time. The director of the horse reputation, patients with fame spreading far and wide, in a continuous line, all over the country and even abroad. Although he daily admissions of more than 120 people, annual outpatient volume has exceeded 30 thousand, but patients often need to queue up early in the morning, sometimes one is hard to find.

Laojifuli, director of the horse is still not already, the face of so many patients, he has more thinking, so many patients, is an important guarantee for him to carry out scientific research, he also observed more diseases. Although he had of trophoblastic tumor, threatened abortion, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, climacteric syndrome, male and female infertility are studied deeply, published research articles, research on hysteromyoma also published monographs, but put in front of him still more questions need new thinking and research. Although many problems still Western medicine are not very good solution, which requires him to pay more efforts. This is the need to There is no end for learning., suffering for the boat people.

Ma, director of research, writing are busy, more than the work done in the past few decades, he did not rest days, books and computers is his partner. He was amazed that his energy would be so strong. He needed to consult a lot of information, to a subject, to the traditional Chinese medicine. He must from many literatures study summary the experience of others, through independent thinking, and then summed up their own treatment programs, and through clinical test and research content of sublation; he wants all of the published articles or works in the form of summary, return to society. Today, Ma director Tim Taisho has a pair of seal, above Juan "sunrise reading of helping people, the moon sank the waterside". Reading books, doctor, become his whole life.

According to the data, 210 by the Japanese Ministry of Health approved the production of Kampo is limited to Zhang Zhongjing, 147 of which can be used in the hospital's medical and pharmaceutical products ", the other 63 is only at the pharmacy counter sales of" general medicine ", visible circles and all of the people of Japan very much Zhang Zhongjing prescription medicine. During the period of 1994 went to Japan to participate in the Fourth International Conference of Asian traditional medicine, director of the horse witnessed the introduction of modern Japanese Chinese status of the small exhibition, which displayed by Zhang Zhongjing made the written materials and prescription medicine samples, exquisite craft, each a multitude of names, prescription medicine indications are far beyond the scope of Jingyuan secondary treatment. Such as Wen Jing Decoction in the treatment of palmar keratoderma, headache, lumbago; Gegen Decoction in treating conjunctivitis, eczema, mastitis; Guizhi Fuling pill in the treatment of climacteric syndrome; Chaihu Longgu Oyster Soup treatment of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, nervous palpitation and so on, this is not the only one. It can be said that the level of development and application of Zhang Zhongjing formula in Japan has been far better than our country. Zhang Zhongjing side of the 260, of which only the treatment of gynecological diseases of the first 36, involving gynecological diseases of the 28. In order to use the pioneering research on Zhongjing in the field of Gynecology, a summary of the research results of his 20 years, about 50 words of "exploration and discovery of the horse by case" Taisho gynecology (tentative name) will be completed at the end of 07, published by people's Health Publishing House, the book collection of his use of nearly 200 songs by 100 treatment of various gynecological diseases, more than and 500 cases, curative effect of every amazing views very subtlety.

In the face of great achievements, Ma answered with a smile: "love makes me to the cause of the study to persevere, pleasure; be learned in books so that I get a profound cultural heritage, because Chinese medicine well requires good knowledge and cultural knowledge;" look everywhere learning "is my motto, from 30 years ago to copy the the manuscript to record important clinical today, I have collected, hard work, everything, I learned a lot from it, found many, have created a lot of. Continuous learning and creation, is a process of acceptance and rumination, every article, every book writing, become my motivation, I also get more information, grasp more knowledge, many of my knowledge has been obtained in writing. I want to understand every kind of medicine, can send drugs used in the treatment of various gynecological diseases, including considered poison or Gansui stone can plant Phytolacca americana, only the best to play its unique role in my treatment. I don't abandon all therapy within outside, as long as the effective use, the same thing, can achieve the highest realm of treatment. I repeated learning Chinese classical masterpiece, in order to grasp the true meaning of love, at the same time I accept the modern medical knowledge, combining ancient and modern Chinese and Western medicine would be with me forever."

Director Ma lived in the Oujiang River water flows on the Mekong, listening to the sound of water soup, reading books, busy in clinical medicine, and constantly thinking, write new medical books and articles.

Wish the life and career of horse archiater like Oujiang water flowing and mighty!

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