A case study on the treatment of umbilical abdominal pain

Xia Chengfang finishingFirst visit: April 27, 2015. Fan Moumou, 27 years old, because of "repeated navel pain 1 years" treatment.Patients wi


Xia Chengfang finishing

First visit: April 27, 2015. Fan Moumou, 27 years old, because of "repeated navel pain 1 years" treatment.

Patients with regular menstrual cycles, menstrual cycle of 40-50 days, 7 days, the last menstrual period in April 6th, by volume, dark color, blood clot, the anterior half began umbilicus expansion and even premenstrual breast tenderness, flatus much, belching, facial acne, weight gain of 40 pounds last year. Nake, mouth pain, insomnia, two will be transferred. Childbearing history: 0-0-1-0. Pale tongue, thin white fur, pulse fine.

TCM diagnosis: abdominal pain (kidney deficiency stagnation) western medicine diagnosis: abdominal pain

Treatment is: Kidney Qi Qi pain.

Recipe: luoshiteng 15g litchi 6 orange kernel 10g 10g 5g 10g the Lindera fennel Qingpi fried Gardenia 10g 10g agrimony 15g wild buckwheat root 15g black 30g, 7 agent.

Two diagnosis: May 5, 2015. Lmp4 29 days, the pain disappeared around the umbilicus, only slightly swelling feeling.

Recipe: Chinese medicine keep above add Corydalis 10g, dafupi 10g 7 agent.

Note: Patients with recurrent periumbilical pain pain for 1 years, qi stagnation, periumbilical pain, old horse diagnosed as kidney qi deficiency stagnation. Kidney qi stagnation, no pain, appropriate treatment of Bushen xingqizhitong. In Caulis trachelospermi, kidney qi Mai flowers, kidney tonifying the kidney; the black soybean "tune in the gas channel". Gynecological theory is "when the pre pass, the first charge". The effect of black channel is realized in the premise of the kidney. Combined with network, Ishi To grass, flowers of wheat increased kidney kidney tonifying the kidney and invigorating qi. Litchi can gas and benefiting both the power; Shenhang gas temperature, Lindera fennel, orange peel, nuclear pain; Kawa Ko is liver qi and relieving pain; add fried Gardenia Qingre Liangxue detoxification. The combination of various drugs to the Kidney Qi Qi pain. Two patients with diagnosis of abdominal distension, Hu c about micro, dafupi increased xingqizhitong effect, following the service agent 7.



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