Ear reconstruction (Part one)

Microtia (microtia) is a congenital dysplasia of auricle deformity, as a series of different levels of external and / or middle ear, inner e


Microtia (microtia) is a congenital dysplasia of auricle deformity, as a series of different levels of external and / or middle ear, inner ear dysplasia, often with atresia of external auditory canal and middle ear malformation and maxillofacial deformity. Asians have a higher incidence of 1/4000-1/2000. Male patients were more common, about 2:1, the right side is more common than the left. Among them, bilateral microtia patients accounted for about 10%-20% of the total number of patients. Microtia is an isolated malformation, and it is a rare family heredity. At present, the pathogenic factors leading to microtia are still not clear, and most of the patients with microtia can not find the specific pathogenic factors.

Microtia appearance varied from ear malformation with hemifacial hypoplasia, only mild abnormalities such as ear to ear, look very different, and these patients with inner ear dysplasia, therefore abnormal hearing. For patients with unilateral microtia, even if only rely on the normal ear hearing, daily life, social more normal, but some patients of sound source localization ability is poor, need to rely on the rotating head to find the sound source, select the type of employment will be subject to certain restrictions.

(various types of ear abnormalities)

The progress of ear reconstruction surgery, past and post operative comparison

For patients with ear deformities in the inner ear hypoplasia, minimally invasive surgery can be implanted into the bone anchor hearing aid device (Baha) to improve patient hearing. Generally, a single ear malformation patients do not need to install the device, an ear to listen to enough to meet the normal work

Operation overview

General in children with more than 7 years of age, height of more than 1 meters above the level of health, can be surgery, surgery is divided into 3 times, the total cost of the difference between the cost of 20 thousand - 30 thousand (depending on the choice of materials)

Under the condition of suitable operation condition, the younger the age, the better the effect and prognosis

The whole operation process needs nearly 1 years, need to be hospitalized for three times: the first time about 3 days to spend $5000, second times a week to spend 1-2 million, third times the cost of 3 smallpox

Operation mode:

At present, the skin soft tissue expansion combined with autologous costal cartilage ear support method is the most widely used, the best effect, through the local skin expansion method, access to the "extra" skin tissue for coverage

Auricle, auricle reconstruction can make the color, texture and appearance were improved significantly, both at home and abroad is recognized as a standard for ear reconstruction type.

Preoperative and postoperative photographs of ear reconstruction



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