Pinellia powder and Decoction

[original]Shao yin disease, pharyngeal pain, pinellia powder and the main soup. Treatise on Febrile Diseases (313)Composition and usageWash



Shao yin disease, pharyngeal pain, pinellia powder and the main soup. Treatise on Febrile Diseases (313)

Composition and usage

Wash peeled pinellia, cassia twig, licorice, sunburn

On three kinds of parts, each vibrating sieve, combination therapy. White clothes and drink, three big spoon, clothing. If the service cannot be scattered, with water a litre, seven fried in boiling, scattered two big spoon, cook for three more under the fire to boil, small cold, little swallow. Pinellia toxic, improper casual clothes.

[efficacy] phlegm phlegm, cold pain.


1 pregnancy evil

First visit: September 22, 2005. Shumou, 25 years old, the 58 day of pregnancy, nausea, koudan ptyalism, nake, backache. Red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse.

Treatment: the temperature and stomach, phlegm and downbearing.

Prescription: Pinellia powder and decoction of Xiaobanxia Fuling decoction, tangerine peel decoction.

12g 5g 6G Banxia Guizhi Fuling licorice ginger 6 10g orange 10g, 5 agent.

Two diagnosis: September 29, 2005. Malign obstruction.

2 pregnancy evil

See "Fuling Zexie Decoction" medical records.


"Prescription of Rhizoma Pinelliae Decoction and" so named, in the book Zhongjing is unique, it is because this can make the powder can be taken for the sake of decoction. The party is the treatment of Shaoyin disease, pain in the throat, with individual hair in Guizhi Shaoyin cold evil, to block the phlegm of pinellia, licorice to reconcile various drugs. As the world hot medicine with sore throat, but have to pay for the fire, not absolutely did not dare to use. Yunbo Ke said: "this will have chills vomit, so to Guizhi cold dispelling, pinellia in addition to vomiting." "Treatise on translation" (Nanjing College of traditional Chinese medicine research group, typhoid fever, Shanghai science and Technology Press published in 1980), the application scope of this side is 1 volts of gas: sore throat disease. 2 cholera bloating. 3 houbi not language. 4 Bao Han people but not the sore throat, words can be used for gynecological. In fact, Ramulus Cinnamomi can be warm, pinellia can be phlegm Jiangni, licorice and various drugs, and become a warm stomach, phlegm and downbearing, cure hyperemesis gravidarum and good governance.

For 1 cases of hyperemesis gravidarum, although patients with reddish tongue, like heat, but according to my many years of clinical experience, and pregnancy can not broken red tongue red tongue punished, in particular, often Youzhen winter hot mix. The case with koudan ptyalism, a fixed cold stomach, up from tongue disease, so the Pinellia powder and decoction of Xiaobanxia Fuling decoction, Orange Peel Decoction, a diagnosis of zhe effect. If the heat treatment, cast Qinlian genus, will undoubtedly play.

2 cases with hyperemesis gravidarum, Department has stopped drinking by the Fuling Zexie Tang Yang to drink, and we drop in the inverse of Rhizoma pinelliae.

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