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Chen Ching said: heart spermatorrhea monarch fire, kidney is fire, fire to Jun, is the fire will blazing in the next, so many young have thi


Chen Ching said: heart spermatorrhea monarch fire, kidney is fire, fire to Jun, is the fire will blazing in the next, so many young have this card. However, because of the dream and the left, there is no dream also left. As a result of the dream of the left, the disease is shallow; no dream is left, the disease is deep. The treatment of this law, or who should be pure, long slide, Yi Gu Shen, and ask for treatment, he who does not heal.

Left by the dream, fire flaming, Kanli Decoction: both Jackie born one or two, phellodendron bark, Anemarrhena salt, fried five money. Or Fengsui Dan: one or two, cypress seven money, licorice Sanqian amomum.

No dream is left, heart kidney weak, keel keel, Polygala pill: Polygala, ginseng, Poria, Poria, calamus, pill, cinnabar. Or jumpcan drink: Rehmannia eight money, ginseng four money, tuckahoe, yam, eucommia, Chinese wolfberry, jujube two, all three money money five kinds of a half of the money, roasted ginger, wick, golden cherry cream.

Not taking the spleen, Qi, Buzhong decoction, times of surgery, with velvet, old paper. Or with Guipi pills, velvet, old paper.

Kidney is not solid, left to drink, plus the paper, puzzle, cherry. Or longevity pill, plus ginseng, tortoise.

Spleen and kidney two empty: spleen spleen pill, add paper, puzzle. Dodder: Poria, Atractylodes pill or coke, dodder, eucommia, with yam, lotus seed, five kinds of moxibustion, grass.

Heart fire Sheng, daochishan plus Coptis, or two Yin jian.

Consider planning Shou spleen decoction. Or four Jun, plus angelica, yam, dodder, deer, wild jujube seed, Polygala cream.

For a long time: more than 62, one or two Chinese licorice, at the end of the research, each two money Dengxin soup. Pen tube or grass clothing pig's trotters stew.

A broken left guilty wet dream, Dan: one or two, Chinese yam, Gorgon fruit, ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus five money, five kinds of money.

Kidney deficiency nocturnal, Jing Dan: yam, Gorgon fruit, Rehmannia one or two, Ophiopogon japonicus five money, five kinds of five points.

Liver dry wet dream, Runmu Decoction: Angelica, Radix Paeoniae Alba, one or two focal surgery, Poria each five money, gold Sakura, chrysanthemum each module, a E fried money, five taste, licorice each five points.

Pericardial fire, clear fire soup: yam, Gorgon, Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Scrophulariae, one or two students of the five money, money, money, Salvia lotus two, five kinds of money a ASP five.

Heart kidney disharmony, two Decoction: Radix rehmanniae, Ophiopogon japonicus, yam, Gorgon 22 22, a money, Rou Guisan n..

Lust excessive, four Jun plus Astragalus, yam, Morinda officinalis, medlar, pilose antler, tortoise plastron, Polygala, five flavor.

Acupuncture moxibustion spermatorrhea pubes, Guan Yuan, pole, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, fine Palace



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