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Chen Ching said: vomiting has sound to vomit, is silent to spit, nothing is hiccup sound (sound Yu, retching), which is also one of retching


Chen Ching said: vomiting has sound to vomit, is silent to spit, nothing is hiccup sound (sound Yu, retching), which is also one of retching.

The three have respectively, all by the dysfunction of the stomach caused by. Attending the law, first identified and cold and heat, exogenous and internal injuries, he will be more detailed, because, when the cubic, conveniently work. To face green black claws, abdominal pain, cold limbs, immediately see the insurance risk.

Cold, Xiaochaihu Decoction, add dried tangerine peel, Poria, or huoxiangzhengqipowder.

Internal injury diet, two Zhizhu Chen decoction, flavoring, sand, koji, wheat; or Heweiyin, sand, half, patchouli.

Gastrofrigid vomiting, drink ginger: ginger one or two, pinellia five money, orange Qian, patchouli two money, clove two points. Or shaban Lizhong decoction, add cardamom and cloves.

Stomach vomiting, gypsum one or two, Ophiopogon five money, fried Gardenia Sanqian, Coptis two money, loquat leaf. Or Wendan Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix Ophiopogonis, bamboo heart tonga.

Stomach deficiency and vomiting, four Jun and aloes and clove; or six Jun, plus ginger, sweet.

Stomach vomiting, 31 Chengqi Decoction; or two citrus, rhubarb decoction.

Worm vomiting, four Jun, go to the grass, with plum, pepper; go to the grass or science, plus, pija, leiwan.

Without vomiting, Poria four powder, add dried tangerine peel, pinellia, ginger; or Pingweisan, Lin, Xia, epimedium, Fructus Mume, ginger, ginger, sand.

Phlegm vomiting, kongxian Dan see phlegm; or the curative effect of Six Gentlemen decoction.

Hundreds of drugs are not effective, mercury and sulfur powder, mercury, sulfur, two money, the end of the study, ginger juice, boiling water.

A cold, drink ginseng ginger, ginseng, ginger, fried five money money money grass; or: Ginseng one or two, ginger Hua Qian, cloves, tangerine peel, Amomum Sanqian money two.

Stomach, gypsum, Coptis or Erchen decoction; lianggesan.

The stomach is empty, six Jun plus patchouli, amomum fruit, a divine comedy, or different cardamom powder plus power.

The water is empty, six flavour pill, salt soup; or Jinshui Decoction of six.

Virtual fire, eight pill, ginger; or six kinds of Huiyang decoction.

Worm, Lizhongtang to licorice, plus areca, Coptis, plum, pepper; or pill bug: Shi Jun, Wu Yi, Lappula, Hu powder, areca, alum, chinaberry root.

Dyspepsia, and drink; or xspws Lin, summer, check, wheat, Qu.

The two Chen Tang, Han tugayi Amomum, ginger; hot fried Gardenia tugayi, Coptis ginseng, astragalus, tugayi; virtual coke operation; real tugayi Poncirus, park, nitrate, yellow; insect tugayi Shi Jun, ebony; ginger, water, ginseng, and pig Ze; phlegm, sand, fresh ginger; attached, flavored wine injury plus radix puerariae, Fructus Amomi; Coptis; inverse gas and aloes, costusroot; bacteria virus plus ginseng, ginger, two, were attached; agent and rehmannia.

Acupuncture moxibustion vomiting sun, Feishu, stomach Yu, Qu Ze, valley, Tongli, Taixi, Taichong, Baihui, Yishe



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