Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a treatable disease

2015 Spring Festival, our hospital ward director Wang blood Xige received 1 letters from afar, saying "dear mother: hello! I am Zhang XX, ha


2015 Spring Festival, our hospital ward director Wang blood Xige received 1 letters from afar, saying "dear mother: hello! I am Zhang XX, had treatment in Zhengzhou for more than 3 years, I have been very good, I went to college and participated in the work, I soon to be married, my family and I thank you very much, you are my mother regeneration, without you I would not now, is that you gave my second life......" The original was cured in our hospital were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated girl mu XX getting married, hearing the news, all the doctors and nurses very pleased!

In recent years, in our hospital for treatment of children with leukemia increased year by year, many children all got treatment timely, effective and regular in our hospital, and now the children of the same age as healthy life, lively, lovely and clever. Mu XX in 2002 in our hospital diagnosed as acute (in the crisis type), then 12 years old, it is the mood of love. After standard chemotherapy, at the same time symptomatic support treatment, maintenance treatment for 3 and a half years, is now in a very good state. We regularly follow up, during which the body of the indicators are completely normal, without any discomfort, has now graduated from college and work in Zhuhai, the Spring Festival in 2015 married.

Children are the flowers of the motherland, every family all hope their children can grow up healthy and happy, but when the child has a fever, pale skin and mucosa bleeding when the family is not the effect, we must bring the child to a regular hospital for examination, early detection of problems timely treatment.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (acutelymphoblasticleukemia, ALL) is a malignant disease originated in a B or T lymph cells, primitive cells in the bone marrow hyperplasia and aggregation and inhibit normal hematopoiesis, anemia, thrombocytopenia and neutropenia, there will be fever, anemia, hemorrhage and other symptoms, at the same time the original cells can invade and extramedullary tissues, such as the meninges, gonad, thymus, liver, spleen, or lymph nodes, and cause the corresponding lesions. Before no effective treatment in most patients with leukemia, acute leukemia were killed in 4-6 months after diagnosis, but in recent years due to chemotherapy of continuous improvement, the disease is no longer considered incurable, effective regular chemotherapy, 5 year disease free survival rate was 75-88%, and the long-term disease free to survive, school, work and life like normal children. Among them, the age of onset is between 2 and 8 years old.

Zheng Dasan is the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Province Rural catastrophic rescue hospitals (low risk, medium risk group of acute lymphoblastic; acute nonlymphoblastic M3; hemophilia; CML), the Ministry of health is also little angel fund designated aid hospital. The rapid development in the hospital department of Hematology Wang Xige Director under the leadership of the emergence of many outstanding young physicians as deputy director of the physician Zhao Xuelian as the representative, and to develop a research on dozens of master's and doctoral students, to reach the domestic advanced level in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood leukemia.

In 2011, acute lymphoblastic leukemia has been incorporated into the scope of medical insurance for major diseases of children in rural areas, in January 1, 2015, the adjustment of national treatment policy, provide better compensation measures for rural Hukou children, cancel the quota standard annual fee, according to the full cost of quota standards: the full cost of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia limits up to 120000 yuan (excluding anti infection drugs and blood products), the cost of anti infective drugs and blood products control standard of 50000 yuan each. This measure is more limited to provide medical assistance to children, to alleviate the economic burden of many families, so that more children have been timely and effective treatment, saving the lives of many children.

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