Legs reflect systemic disease

In traditional Chinese medicine, headache can not light medical head, leg pain can not just look at the legs. Because when the liver, kidney


In traditional Chinese medicine, headache can not light medical head, leg pain can not just look at the legs. Because when the liver, kidney deficiency, will be reflected in the legs. Chinese doctors suggest that, after middle age, men and women should pay more attention to changes in the legs.

Legs cold: kidney yang deficiency

If you often feel back pain in life, not what you feel tired legs, swollen, cold, cold limbs, oliguria and clear; menstruation always push, less often, abdominal pain or blood clots by multicolor dark, to attract attention, which is the typical symptom of Yang deficiency. Especially below the waist, in the hollow, even feel abdominal pain more careful.

In this case, get rid of bad habits is a cure. Do not eat cold, spicy food, eat cold, or bored thick and difficult to digest food, such as rice, tofu, pork, peanuts and banana; accompanied by constipation do not eat glutinous rice; with diarrhea diet milk, sea cucumber, shrimp and other food has a laxative effect. Usually pay attention to keep warm, do not stay up late, 4 p.m. - 6 points (Yu Xue rub kidney second lumbar spinous open 1.5 inches); feet with hot water every night, rub two feet, every 5 to 10 minutes, can yijingbushen.

If you are in the cold legs at the same time, also is the kidney yin deficiency and fever. Should eat cool food, such as mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, but also do walking, jogging, yoga, Tai Chi and other sports.

Legs edema: spleen deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that lung deficiency, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency can lead to edema, edema caused by spleen deficiency, especially in the legs. The depression is not easy to restore, do not eat anything, you should look gloomy, spleen dampness.

The diet, the Chinese yam, coix seed, Gorgon porridge together, every morning to drink a bowl, also can eat beef, chicken, red dates, carrots, potatoes and other food spleen, eat bitter gourd, cucumber, melon, celery, bananas and other food easily hurt the temper. Duck, pork, oysters, milk, sesame, easy to transport and also hinder the temper, do not eat.

In addition, modern medicine believes that a lot of legs swollen, it is recommended to the hospital to see a doctor, do not blindly medication.

Cool knees, cold hands and feet: cold cold syndrome

If you often feel cold hands and feet, knees cool, mostly cold cold syndrome. This is the Chinese medicine and stagnation of Qi, Yang deficiency of the reaction. Women in the menstrual period, pregnancy and childbirth and other special physiological period is easier. Usually their feet with hot water, can warm up, and can relieve fatigue.

Through the appropriate massage, but also to achieve the purpose of warm knees.

1 rub Yongquan, right hand rubbing the left foot, left foot rub, then rub 100 day sooner or later, the remaining 100 toes.

2 rub red hole (medial thigh), there is an artery this point, first rubbing red hole, after rubbing the artery, a loose button, alternately, has legs with hot air under the flu.

3 Yu Xue (both yaoyan), renal slightly the remaining 100 beat.

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