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Discoid lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a relatively benign connective tissue disease, and 1.3-6.5% cases may develop into systemic lupus eryth


Discoid lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a relatively benign connective tissue disease, and 1.3-6.5% cases may develop into systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Because of its damage in the skin is often the edge of the bulge, the center of the shrinking slightly concave plate shaped from brown yellow peach red papules or erythema, so named. The disease can occur in the neck, trunk, limbs and other parts, but the head and face especially the upper lip vermilion and oral mucosa is the most common primary site.

Lip damage of Oral Discoid lupus erythematosus mainly manifested as central atrophy, red color and slightly concave edge, pale dark red, with small scales, around the mucosa showed different degrees of congestion. With the development of the disease, the damage to the skin slowly spread, so that the mucosa - skin blurred. Damage prone to erosion, erosion before and after the mucosal side of the white arc often appear around the line, the skin side of the black curve and the surrounding area scattered in the needle shaped white dots. Appearance of swelling and pain, pus and scab nonspecific erosion can be. The lesions of the oral mucosa in the mouth, tongue back, mouth and other parts of the bottom, the center of atrophy, the periphery of the white lines or small white plaque. Sometimes visible pigmentation or depigmentation, not easy to differentiate with oral lichen planus. Lip discoid lupus erythematosus canceration rate is high.

Modern medicine believes that the cause of the disease is unknown, but may be associated with genetic factors, viral infection and other physical and chemical, mechanical factors, such as the promotion of the role of solar radiation, mental stress, drug allergy, etc..

The disease diagnosis center atrophy red, dark red edge micro long, easily around congestion, erosion, and erosion and extraordinary performance characteristics.

Treatment of this disease, modern medicine mainly uses "chloride Lin, dapsone, thalidomide and oral corticosteroids or damaged local infiltration. Red lips erosion stressed wet compress to scab after Fuqing ointment local coating etc.. It should also remove the lesion infection and discontinuation of suspected drug or food, to avoid sun exposure.

Although the Chinese medicine disease were recorded, but according to their symptoms, scattered in the "heat spot" and "deficiency" and "arthralgia", "edema" etc.. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease and congenital deficiency, kidney deficiency, but also because of the acquired factors (such as internal causes, overwork etc.) caused by the imbalance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood. The complex sense of heat and sunlight exposure and other reasons, causing burns meridian. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment of this disease is nourishing blood and tonifying the kidney, etc.. The lip bleeding must use topical treatment with powder scab.



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