Yangxueanshen heat Chufan Suanzaoren Decoction

Suanzaoren Decoction is a traditional tonic decoction, made of Suanzaoren, Poria, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix glycyrrhizae. With the treatment


Suanzaoren Decoction is a traditional tonic decoction, made of Suanzaoren, Poria, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix glycyrrhizae. With the treatment of insomnia or sleep, consumptive annoyance, insomnia symptoms in gas rush.

I. overview

Suanzaoren Decoction is composed of Suanzaoren, Poria, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, and licorice combination Aozhi, nourishing blood and tranquilizing mind and heat Chufan etc..

Function: yangxueanshen, heat chufan.

Indications: liver blood deficiency, virtual trouble sleeping card. False insomnia palpitation, irritability, dizziness, night sweats, dry throat, red tongue, thin pulse string.

But this credit due to liver blood deficiency, deficiency of heat disturbance caused by. The liver soul sent fire, liver blood deficiency, restless soul, fire harasses the heart God restless, so virtual trouble can not sleep, palpitation; deficiency of Yin, the dizziness; Tianjin deficiency heat forced leakage, so the night sweats; dry throat, pulse string or number, and yin deficiency thermal image. The Suanzaoren nourishing liver, ningxinanshen; Fuling ningxinanshen; Rhizoma Chuanxiong regulating qi and nourishing yin and clearing heat; liver; licorice and heat.

Modern application: Modern often cut for the treatment of neurasthenia, neurosis, menopausal syndrome, liver blood deficiency, uneasy.

Addition and subtraction:

1 if the sleep wake, palpitation dream, pale tongue, thin pulse string, can be added to 20g's Ginseng 10g

2 if upset manic worse than, can add kawatsure 6G 8g Ellis

3 what should be added to blood deficiency, angelica 12g longan pulp 10g

4 Yindeficiency worse, should be added to 15g 10g from

5 night sweats, add Schisandra 8g floating wheat 12g calcined oyster 20g

Origin of "Golden Chamber"

Composition: Rhizoma Chuanxiong, tuckahoe, liquorice, jujube seed;

Function: tonic and nourishing blood, nourishing blood heat, Chufan sedative.

Indications: asthenia vacuity vexation and insomnia, palpitations, sweating, palpitation trance, night to restlessness, dizziness, dry mouth and throat.

clinical application

1 with the treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, narcolepsy, palpitation, amnesia, neurosis, Barcelona Dieulafoy disease etc..

2 clinical virtual vexed sleepless night sweats, dizziness, palpitation as the basis for the use of.

Modern pharmacology

Suanzaoren can inhibit the central nervous system, thus the sedative and hypnotic, and can prolong the survival time of mice scald and increase the survival rate, but also reduce the local edema of mice scald, like a nourishing and strong effect.

Chuanxiong: can paralyze the nerve center, and sedation and analgesia.

Poria cocos: diuretic, calm.

Mother: can reduce the excitability of skin God system, and the compatibility of Suanzaoren can reduce the cerebral cortex overactivity; Rhizoma Chuanxiong has strong antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect; licorice flavoring. Good antibacterial and sedative sedative.

Usage: after dinner.

1, source: "Shengji Zonglu" volume thirty-two. Ginseng soup (forty-two yuan).

Composition: Suanzaoren (micro fried) 60g ginseng 30g gypsum (broken) red Poria (15g to 22G Guangxi (black) to rough skin (15g) Anemarrhena cut, baked licorice) (prepared) 15g

2, Suanzaoren: Ning heart, liver, nerves, sweating.

Asthenia trouble sleeping, palpitation palpitation, thirst, sweating. The "this": the main henchmen fever, evil gas knot together, limb ache, dampness. The catalog ": the main worry can not sleep, navel pain, blood to chronic diarrhea, sweating thirst, Buzhong, Yi Qi, strong bones, help Yin, it is fat jian. The potency of ": the main bones wind, fried soup at the end of the service. The "herbal supplements": many students to sleep, sleep not cooked. The king Haogu: cure disheartened sleepless, cold, stir fry clothes; treating gallbladder heat, real sleep, life. The "materia medica words": breath nerves, Rongjin yangsui spleen and stomach. The new "flat" herbal medicine to liver qi, nourishing yin and moistening lung, heat dampness, breath sweat, Yi Zhi ah, ear mingmu.

Suanzaoren can inhibit the central nervous system, there is a more constant sedation. For blood deficiency caused by the upset sleepless or nervous Youliang.

3, usage: on the seven coarse coarse sieve. Each serving 15g, 230 ml of water, Decoction to 180 ml, to sediment.

4, after sweating, insomnia symptoms: sleep, asthenia or annoyance, gas rush in insomnia.

5, Fang Lun

Qing Chan: asthenia dysphoria, as disharmony between the heart and kidney disease, kidney water is not on fire, no fire, so tired and can not sleep, not only for the summer months but self. With Suanzaoren as monarch, and of Anemarrhena Zishen as adjuvant, Poria, licorice to reconcile the Xiong into the blood, and the solution of the fire also irritable. (medical law)

Qing Xu Bin: consumptive virtual men, and is bored with fire, and the fire shall not sleep because gas is not also the accountability heart. The fire of Sheng, the stagnation of liver qi and restless soul, is the wood to fire. The Suanzaoren hepatic nerves up to Jun; with the stagnation of liver Qi Weichen Chuanxiong Rhizoma Anemarrhenae; cool lung and stomach qi, heart qi of Fuling licorice diarrhea, gas to coke for the file. Although said the imaginary trouble, not real heart also. ("jinkuiyaolue of note")

- Romania: the said: liver soul, people lying blood to liver. Youyue: liver, the liver. Youyue: Yang, Fanlao, Zhang Jing. The strike will hurt the liver, then Fanlao Jingjue, liver injury, it is only imaginary trouble Xulao shall not lie Ming yi. Szrt acid, Shaoyang and liver should be lignified, extremely, it should be up to two liters, with jujube in blood, blood, liver, close to the so-called acid, acid is also up to. Gu liver to scattered, scattered in the Xinsan make auxiliary chuanxiong, jujube rentong liver Ying, to fill the so-called symplectic. Liver anxious to slow, slow to slow the sweet licorice, Shugan Hokawa No discouraged, called to keep the soil. But the end of the fear of the fire work, in the kidney, lung Wei is up to, and still can not sleep, so the water of Fuling Tong Chong Zhimu, Yin, water, and Zhuang Jin Qing Ning God, self soul, soul and soul and coagulation, reservoir static. This treatment of the liver qi deficiency of the God side also. ("ancient and modern medical theory")

Qing Zhang Lu: dysphoria, deficiency of the liver and also by anger, so we take Suanzaoren in hepatobiliary, slightly on regulating the blood to the liver, Poria, licorice earth Rong wood, fire in Anemarrhena Chufan, the level of civil agent. (Zhang Yi Tong Tong)

- You Yi: people and is the soul in the eye, sleep soundly soul hidden in the liver. Consumptive people, not Qi Rong, is the soul of hide, hide the soul shall not sleep. Suanzaoren Bugan breath, Yi Jun thought. But the soul is not to let be turbid sputum and hit their homes by Zaohuo, annoying by it. The Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, licorice Poria, Rhizoma Chuanxiong and dryness moistening; Qi phlegm, liver and so are the rule, and the house of soul. ("jinkuiyaolue heart code")

Answer: Prince Qing, imaginary trouble, stomach, bile deficiency, insomnia three, both deficiency and Yang turbulent in the palace, and God does not also fire inflammation. Therefore, the use of the method of mother diarrhea. Fill Chuanxiong the use of bile, bile of licorice slow body, the mother gas bushing; Anemarrhena Qingwei fever, Fuling relief stomach Yang, Xiexin son of gas. Only with Zaoren to two liters, to take acid into the heart, and its desire to close its large and slow, then God and be self curing insomnia. ("the crimson snow garden ancient anthology")

Qing Zhang Bingcheng: husband liver possession of the soul, there is a fire inside send. Tired from the heart, moving the fire with fire, and the fire is not to disturb the soul. So every night lying dreams restless syndrome, liver mainly are all. To hide the soul, you must first go to the evil. In the Qing Dynasty with Anemarrhena fire, Fuling exudation dampness, Chuanxiong alone into the liver, Qi blood flow away, without delay, with knowledge, and no more than Fu search tick. Then the soul can be convergence Zaoren dissipation, licorice to slow its anxious fierce sex. Although said the consumptive view, treatment, is one of the fill to be different. (easy to read)

Today Cao Yingfu: szrt Zhizhi dysphoria insomnia, not only to try and pro testing it. Special so it is not easy to clear. Stomach are disturbed, the use of licorice, Anemarrhena to clear the stomach. Tibet blood is dirty, and stink of liver yin deficiency of heart Yang is not the heart, not healing, so that Suanzaoren Jun. The young husband blood Sheng, as early as the elderly sleep Yan; blood gas decline, sleep late and morningside. Suanzaoren can nourishing liver yin, so that the spirit but also an chi. This is the easy man. However, Poria, Chuanxiong two flavor, it is hard to explain. Cover the asthenia syndrome, and each loss of precision, Hemorrhagia, inaccuracy of stay wet, Hemorrhagia were blood stasis. Not only it is wet, blood stasis is not so, Fuling; only with chuanxiong. The nursing of treatment. ("" micro ")

[note] the worship of water: Nourishing Yin. Chong, Chong; growth.

The Yan (Yan feast): late.

6 clinical application

1 energy nervous system disease

Suanzaoren Decoction in the treatment of emotional or mental disturbance is an important representation of the energy in the treatment of nervous system disease and weakness also showed a good application prospect. Stubborn insomnia is one of the most common diseases of Suanzaoren Decoction in treatment of infertility specialist hospital. Li Rongheng and other 134 cases of insomnia were randomly divided into 3 groups, compared to inspect the curative effect of compound jujube kernel Anshen capsule, zhushaanshenwan and rest ketone of insomnia. The results showed that Suanzaoren Anshen capsule is better than curative effect after two treatment, spermatorrhea. Li Zhongye found that the clinical application of Suanzaoren Decoction with Ganmai Dazao decoction, on the liver yin and blood deficiency, the type of disturbance stubborn insomnia patients curative effect is better. Gong Huizhen reports the use of Suanzaoren Decoction and Ganmai Dazao Decoction in the treatment of 46 cases of outpatients with psychoses. Results: 20 cases were cured, 23 markedly effective, infertility experts, 3 cases showed no change, efficiency of 93.5%. Yuan Mengshi reported clinical observation Jiajiansuanzaoren Decoction in the treatment of acute cerebral hemorrhage manic type mental disorder in 32 cases, basic 5 cases were cured, 8 cases improved, 9 cases were improved, no change in 2 cases, death in 8 cases, the total efficiency of 68.8%, the treatment group curative effect and symptom scores were better than that of diazepam group.

2 cardiovascular system disease

Suanzaoren Decoction has desirable consequences for persistent frequent ventricular premature beat. Yuan Furu in Suanzaoren Decoction (C Hu, Ophiopogon japonicus etc.) to treat the virtual table, phlegm stagnation and blood stasis of heart palpitations, pulse knot generation, 84 patients, 46 cases were markedly effective, 29 cases effective, 9 cases ineffective, the treatment of infertility, the total effectiveness is 89.28%, Sun Zhi [clinical the use of Suanzaorentang invention for a variety of organic heart disease and the effect caused by the plant nerve disorder, premature atrial fibrillation has curative effect. Li Xiangzhong reported that Suanzaorentang mother of pearl, amber and other treatment of atrial premature ventricular contractions, show the results of Suanzaoren Decoction group and Western medicine group curative effect is better. Huang Jiehong reported in the practice of antihypertensive treatment basically, with circadian rhythm of blood pressure in Suanzaoren Decoction and Ganmai Dazao decoction can effectively improve patients with hypertension and sleep at night.

3 other subjects of disease and syndrome

In Suanzaoren Decoction in the treatment of climacteric syndrome of insomnia with liver yin and blood deficiency is mainly expressed obvious curative effect.

Reports of Suanzaoren Decoction Tanghedan Zhi Xiao far the treatment of climacteric syndrome in 61 cases, the total effective power was 100%, and first in both treatment markedly.

Suanzaoren Decoction hemospermia, hyperactivity of liver Yang Syndrome of kidney deficiency and strong man, liver yin deficiency, fire disturbance heart, spermatorrhea disease heart kidney disharmony, clinical can obtain good curative effect.

Clinical application of Suanzaoren Decoction with disease caused by treatment of mental stress, emotional impulse, drinking and other diseases in Department of Dermatology, such as urticaria, neurodermatitis, hyperhidrosis, Italy has curative effect.

The application of Suanzaoren Decoction in the treatment of patients with congenital non hemolytic jaundice, serum bilirubin and jaundice dissipated landing. It is speculated that this may have a role in regulating the activity of glucose and phosphate, and the improvement of the uptake of liver cells by the combination of bile acid,. Suanzaoren Decoction can also be used for differential treatment of panic, dizziness, hysteria, night, dream, serious diseases called sweat.

Study on the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine [Suanzaorentang]

"The map": Suanzaoren, "this the" main worry can not sleep, the doctors of many students to sleep two, not sleeping, fried, cooked and ISO milton. Hu Qiazhi Ji vibration can not sleep, Suanzaoren soup, Suanzaoren two L, Poria, Atractylodes, ginseng, licorice 22, ginger 62. Six cut, with water for eight l cook take up to three L, divided into four. The main deficiency can not sleep, do not bother Ning, Suanzaoren Decoction, Suanzaoren two L, ginger, Poria, Xiong poor 22, licorice one or two sunburn, and cut a bucket of water, boil the jujube, minus three L, after five sodium boiling, three L, service. One side, more GUI one or two. Two soup and jujube, treatment can not sleep, it will be flat for cooked soup. The blood and spleen hotch, should use this (szrd) nourishing heart and spleen, blood and spleen of five reservoirs and under self ning.

7 pharmacological action

The stabilization of the hypnotic effect of Suanzaoren Decoction

The research results show that Suanzaoren Decoction can significantly reduce the number of independent movement of mice, increase of subthreshold dose of pentobarbital sodium induced sleeping number, extend the threshold dose of pentobarbital sodium induced sleeping time in mice, and the calm and hypnotic effects will emerge the dose dependent.

Reported by the Suanzaoren Decoction from Anne decoction can obviously restrain sleep in mice independent movement, with a strong and calm with no significant consequences of hypnosis, 1/40 LD50 (0.58g/kg) by intraperitoneal injection of pentobarbital sodium in mice can significantly extend the sleep time, but increased dose did not enhance the effect, and the traditional calm agent is different.

The research results show that the Suanzaoren Decoction can make the spontaneous activity of hemorrhagic anemia mouse model and hyperthyroidism Yin deficiency model reduced the frequency of pentobarbital sodium induced sleeping time prolonged incubation period shortened sleep, together with subthreshold dose of sodium pentobarbital induce sleep.

Determination of Ig in brain tissue of mice after endorphin in Suanzaoren Decoction by RIA method, the reminder of its sedative and hypnotic effects may be related to beta endorphin (beta EP) and dynorphin A1 13 (DynA1 13) increased.

Take the elevated plus maze anxiety animal model international Suanzaoren Decoction on anti anxiety effect of szrt showed that in 7.5g/kg ~ 15g/kg dose range, anti anxiety effect is in dose of 7.5g/kg consequences but this effect is not optimal, with the dose increase while strengthening, and that the NO concentration of the anti party anxiety may affect the blood, regulating IL-1 beta, TNF- alpha and other cytokines, add amount of GABAA receptor of brain tissue GABAA can effect the progress.

To improve the memory effect of Suanzaoren Decoction

By using water maze test and step-down test method, find the learning and memory of Suanzaoren Decoction on normal mice to enhance the effect of scopolamine induced memory effect and ethanol disorder significantly.

The anticonvulsant effect of Suanzaoren Decoction

The study found that Suanzaoren Decoction has good anti intraperitoneal injection of 2% sodium benzoate caffeine solution induced convulsion effect on seizure induced death also has a role in maintaining, compared to control had obvious difference; and found that Suanzaoren Decoction can decrease the serum levels of T3, T4, R T3 landed the role must have difference to assist the improvement of thyroid function.

toxicological effects

Research reports, with 0.5g crude drug /10g by gavage in mice to observe the acute toxicity of Suanzaoren Decoction, observe 7 daily no deaths and poisoning; look at the large, medium and small dose of Wistar rats (24.8g/kg/ days, 16.5g/kg/ days, 11.0g/kg/ days) long term toxicity. After 45 days of feeding, in addition to the drug group was found to have a calming effect, without any abnormal performance, no animal death, autopsy animal tissues were naked eye abnormalities. The pathological examination of the major organs showed that: in the large dose group, there was a little more necrotic lesion in the liver than that in the contrast group, and the border of the cortex and medulla of the kidney showed the mucous tube type, but there was no inflammation and no pathological change.

The application of Suanzaoren Decoction in the treatment in the field of modern

With the development of science and technology, the modernization of Chinese medicine for Suanzaoren Decoction in the prevention and treatment of diseases of people display skills to the full, play an important role in the field of treatment. For example, in the field of Suanzaoren Anshen insomnia has its unique insights, and the effect is significant, the doctor was called the "Oriental fruit with sleep". Suanzaoren Decoction has nourishing blood and clearing heat and relieving effect, tired and besides, insomnia patients should cultivate good habits, such as more than a walk after dinner, usually more exercise and so on, these for the recovery of symptoms have a very good help.



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