The culprit - Helicobacter pylori chronic gastropathy

Chronic gastritis refers to chronic gastritis (superficial gastritis and atrophic gastritis) and peptic ulcer (gastric ulcer and duodenal ul


Chronic gastritis refers to chronic gastritis (superficial gastritis and atrophic gastritis) and peptic ulcer (gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer). Gastroscope census confirms, the incidence of chronic gastritis in our population is as high as 60% above, the incidence of ulcer disease is about 10%.

The cause of chronic stomach disease has not been very clear, so long-term no ideal control methods. In 1982, Marshall, an Australian scholar, observed that there was a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori (HP) in the gastric mucosa that was associated with chronic stomach disease. After that, many scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on it:

(1) normal gastric mucosa, oral HP suspension can cause gastritis symptoms and pathological changes.

(2) the detection rate of HP was very high in patients with chronic gastritis, and the normal gastric mucosa could not detect the bacteria.

(3) HP antibody in serum of patients with chronic gastritis was significantly increased, and anti HP immunoglobulin could be detected in gastric juice, which indicated that HP was a pathogenic antigen (pathogen).

(4) the treatment of HP can improve the gastric mucosa of patients with chronic gastritis.

(5) gastric ulcer in patients with gastric ulcer of 60% - 80% and duodenal ulcer in patients with duodenal ulcer between 70% and 100% were detected by HP. The results showed that the serum HP antibody titer was high.

(6) most of the ulcers can be healed with anti HP drugs after treatment with traditional anti ulcer drugs.

(7) the recurrence rate of ulcer was significantly reduced by anti HP drugs.

(8) with the infection of HP in Ganges RIver, the chronic gastritis can be produced. The pathological change of gastric mucosa is similar to that of human infection, that is to say, the animal model of HP gastritis has been successfully obtained. The above shows that HP is associated with chronic gastropathy is conclusive.

Now the medical profession has the following consensus: HP is certainly a chronic gastritis pathogenic bacteria, and ulcer disease and gastric cancer is also very close relationship. That is to say, HP is caused by chronic gastritis and arch-criminal culprit.

Therefore, in the treatment of chronic gastropathy, in addition to the use of traditional drugs, should also be given anti HP drugs. We think the treatment of bacteria better medicine: colloidal bismuth subcitrate (also called Goodnow), amoxicillin and furazolidone and metronidazole.

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