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Stroke is the traditional Chinese medicine referred to acute cerebral vascular disease. It is the sudden faint, become unconscious, accompan


Stroke is the traditional Chinese medicine referred to acute cerebral vascular disease. It is the sudden faint, become unconscious, accompanied by mouth askew, and language is a kind of negative hemiplegia the main symptoms of the disease. Because of its high incidence, high mortality, high disability rate, high recurrence rate and complications, so the medical profession with coronary heart disease, cancer, as one of the three diseases threatening human health. The importance of the prevention of stroke has attracted the attention of domestic and international medical circles, and the doctors are exploring the prevention measures of stroke from various aspects.

1, high blood pressure is the most dangerous factors of stroke, but also a central part of the prevention of stroke, should be effective in controlling blood pressure, adhere to long-term medication, and long-term observation of changes in blood pressure, in order to deal with in a timely manner.

2, control and reduce the transient cerebral ischemia attack (i.e. a partial limb numbness, weakness or dizziness, diplopia, dysphagia, walking instability and other symptoms) is a key link in the prevention of stroke. Once a small stroke occurs, it is necessary to immediately pay close attention to systemic treatment, it is possible to avoid a complete stroke.

3, pay attention to signs were stroke, such as dizziness, headache, limb numbness, lethargy, and abnormal personality, we should take measures to avoid the occurrence of stroke treatment.

4, the elimination of stroke induced factors, such as mood swings, excessive fatigue, excessive force, etc., should be self control and avoidance.

5, the timely treatment of stroke may cause diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, high viscosity, A sex, obesity, cervical spondylosis.

6, the diet should have a reasonable structure, low salt, low fat, low cholesterol is appropriate, appropriate to eat soy products, vegetables and fruits. Should avoid smoking, less alcohol, daily drinking should not exceed 100 ml (liquor). Regularly check blood sugar and blood lipid.

7, adhere to physical exercise and physical activity, can promote the decomposition of cholesterol to reduce blood lipids, reduce platelet aggregation, and can relieve mental stress and fatigue.

8, we should pay attention to psychological prevention, to maintain a pleasant mood, emotional stability. Do the law of life, work and rest, maintain defecate unobstructed, avoid defecate and make a sharp rise in blood pressure, caused by cerebrovascular disease.

Stroke patients should pay attention to keep warm, in the climate change to prevent colds; not excessive use of the brain; usually go out to be more careful, to prevent falls; get up, bow tie and other daily life action should be slow; bath time should not be too long; pay attention to the treatment of primary disease, prevent recurrence of cerebrovascular disease. According to different causes, adhere to treatment, regularly review the necessary items. In order to prevent recurrence, attention should be paid enough attention to the above.

If you are worried about a stroke, you must do four things at once:

1 eat more fruits and vegetables every day to eat at least five or more, which must have a carrot.

Eat it five times a week or more than five people each month than carrots, eat only one or less than one carrot people, less dangerous to 68% stroke! This is after the Harvard University tracked 90000 female nurses for eight years, the results obtained. In addition, spinach is also very effective in the prevention of stroke food. Protective effects of carrots and spinach is because they are rich in beta carotene. According to the study, the daily intake of 15-20 mg beta carotene, compared with only 6 mg per day, compared to the rate of stroke in the two is very obvious.

Like carrots, spinach and other vegetables rich in beta carotene can prevent stroke, because carotene can prevent harmful cholesterol is oxidized to form, and then accumulate in the blood vessels caused by blood clots. More importantly, if the blood contains large amounts of beta carotene and vitamin A, can help you from stroke and death, or reduce the stroke caused by nerve damage, and accelerate the recovery! This is the conclusion of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Brussels after testing the blood of eighty stroke patients within twenty-four hours of the onset of the disease. This is because when you stroke, that is, when the brain hypoxia, your brain cell function began to be obstacles, the most serious situation is the brain nerve cells injured. But if you have a lot of vitamin A in your blood, it will be able to prevent the development of various types of cells, thereby reducing the degree of brain damage or the chance of death.

2 eat fish at least three times a week, especially fish rich in omega-3.

If you have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in your blood, you have less chance of stroke, and even if you have a stroke, the damage will be small. A recent study in Holland found that people who ate fish at least once a week between 60-69 years of age and those who did not eat fish had less than half the chance of stroke in the next fifteen years.

A series of Research Institute of Japan were also found that eating 9 ounces of fish per day than the fishermen, ate only 3 ounces of fish farmers, and cause death due to stroke has less chance of 25-40%.

This is because the magic of omega-3 fatty acids can regulate the state of the blood, so that blood is not easy to form clots, thereby preventing cerebral vascular occlusion. If you are old enough to worry about your blood vessel blockage, imagine this: when you take the fish oil, it stays in your cell membrane. This kind of fish oil filled cells are more elastic, liquid like soft. That is to say, like this soft form is easier to squeeze through a narrow cell contraction of blood vessels, delivering oxygen to the brain and heart cells. This subtle change can save your life, especially if your blood vessels are aging and blocked.

By the way, the role of saturated animal fats, in contrast, makes the cell membrane more rigid. Therefore, in order to prevent stroke and cardiovascular disease, it is best not to eat this type of fat.

3 control of salt intake.

Even if it doesn't cause your blood pressure to rise, it may also be harmful to the brain, causing a small stroke. Mice were tested for their high salt and low salt diet. The rats in the high salt diet died within fifteen weeks of all strokes, although their blood pressure did not rise, while only half of the mice who ate a low salt diet died from a stroke. Rats fed a high salt diet died from a series of minor strokes, resulting in brain tissue necrosis and arterial damage.

4 may wish to consider tea, especially green tea.

Remember, taking these actions will help you reduce your nerve injury and reduce your chances of dying from a stroke in the event of a stroke.

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