General situation of ear reconstruction (three) -- a note after operation and water injection method

After a period of operation noteAfter discharge wound with alcohol to clean the wound to remove local blood scab, coated with Erythromycin E


After a period of operation note

After discharge wound with alcohol to clean the wound to remove local blood scab, coated with Erythromycin Eye Ointment. The duct can be covered with gauze to prevent pollution.

Regular haircut prevent stubble wounds, avoid dirty water contaminated wounds when Shampoo

Clearing time: generally can be 3 weeks after surgery in stitches, stitches that don't water, if there are special circumstances prescribed.

Hair removal time: the two phase of the operation before the need for hair removal 2-3 times, a period of about 40 days after surgery and the first two days after surgery to come to our hospital for laser hair removal 20 days


Water injection time: seventh days after the first injection

Medical devices: alcohol or iodophor disinfection solution, sterile cotton or cotton, 1ml syringe, 0.9% physiological saline injection

Injection step:

1, clean hands, and disinfected with alcohol hands

3 times 2, and the ear wound disinfection injection valve, sterile saline and saline bottle out of standby

3, the original 1ml syringe and needle into the water injection valve, the first month of 2ml every day

(can be divided into the afternoon of each 1ml), second months of daily injections of 1.5ml, third months 1ml.

4, after injection and injection valve ear wound disinfection again

During the infusion period (3-4 weeks) regular visits, such as swelling, Water Leakage, difficult water injection, breaking any unexpected situation in a timely manner to outpatient consultation

Key: the whole operation to "clean" sterile, must use the original small 1ml syringe needle, injection valve Water Leakage available small clip clip

With expansion to 120ml end and full three months after the surgery to our outpatient appointment next time (when the operation has been in operation within the dilator injection of 10ml saline injection to 110ml, by then), to the outpatient consultation arrangements second surgery matters

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