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"Train" health: should a healthy tooth is what?Li Song: healthy teeth generally meet the following criteria: first, no disease, dental carie


"Train" health: should a healthy tooth is what?

Li Song: healthy teeth generally meet the following criteria: first, no disease, dental caries, periodontal disease and other oral; second, the appearance of teeth and normal color; third teeth; fourth, occlusion of upper and lower teeth is normal, meets these conditions can be considered healthy and beautiful teeth.

"Health": the need to train correction of the deformity teeth have?

Li Song: all affect the appearance and function of dental deformities should be corrected. The most common is the missing teeth, there are some abnormal teeth like under bag teeth usually say, also called to heaven, and buck teeth, these all belong to the occlusion problem. There are some other special circumstances, you can go to the hospital for examination, the doctor to determine whether the need for correction.

"Health" train: the causes of irregular arrangement of teeth is what?

Li Song: the causes of irregular arrangement of teeth mainly has two aspects, one is the genetic factors, parents or relatives have missing teeth or bite bad, children are prone to similar problems; on the other hand is the impact of external environment, such as not to protect the teeth, premature shedding, and some bad habits, such as lip biting, sucking fingers will also lead to missing teeth.

"Health" train: irregular arrangement of teeth what harm?

Li Song: irregular arrangement of teeth harm is the first effect on the appearance, some children because the teeth look good and make confidence; second is the effect of the function, there are some serious missing teeth or bite bad will affect the masticatory function, which will affect the body's digestion and absorption of food. There are a number of teeth do not affect the teeth of the self cleaning function, the tooth itself has self-cleaning effect, the health of the teeth when chewing food on the surface of the teeth clean. Missing teeth can also affect the teeth, brushing in many places can not brush, easy to cause gingivitis, may develop periodontitis, but also prone to dental caries. In addition, there are some occlusal abnormalities can also affect the health of the temporomandibular joint.

"Health" train: correction method of irregular teeth have?

Li Song: the treatment of irregular teeth is mainly by the doctor through the use of the appliance to appliance treatment, generally can be divided into three categories: Appliance activities, functional appliance and fixed appliance. The use of more clinically is the fixed appliance, is commonly known as the "tooth", about eighty or ninety percent of the patients were treated with fixed appliance. Fixed appliance is basically suitable for all types of dental malocclusion, the effect is relatively good.

"Health": train orthodontic need tooth?

Li Song: about fifty percent of patients require orthodontic extraction. Teeth are long in the upper and lower jaws, the size of the jaw determines whether the teeth neatly arranged. The modern people eat very fine, do not need a strong masticatory function, his jaw slowly deteriorated, but the number and size of the teeth is almost not changed, so many teeth arranged in a relatively small jaw, there will be a variety of malocclusion, so modern people appear teeth malocclusion is very generally, we need to reduce the number of teeth to fit smaller jaw treatment.

The purpose of extraction is mainly three aspects: first, the teeth are not neat rows of neat need space, if it is severe crowded dentition, we need to reduce the number of teeth, make teeth alignment; second, improve the patient's face, such as patients need to buck teeth, tooth to correct; third, occlusal adjustment dental malocclusion, sometimes have to take measures to rectify the tooth.

"Health" train: with fixed appliance treatment need how long?

Li Song: orthodontics can be divided into two stages: treatment and retention period. The treatment period in about two years, the two need to wear the fixed appliance, an average of four to six weeks to go to the hospital referral, the appliance is regulated by the doctor. Two years later, a neat row of teeth, the doctor will put off the fixed appliance, but the treatment is not over.

The next step is to enter the retention period, after doctors give patients to take off the braces, put him in a cage to consolidate curative effect. The retainer can be worn on its own, and usually needs to be worn for more than two years. Wear retainer six months before the proposed conditions are worn during the day and night, in addition to taking the time to eat, try to wear other time. Six months after the evening wear every day, a year later the next day to wear, and gradually extend the interval, only through more than two years to maintain the effect of consolidation therapy, the treatment is basically completed.

"Health" train: wearing fixed orthodontic device should pay attention to what the problem in life?

Li Song: mainly three aspects: first, the first week wearing appliance, the teeth will have pain and discomfort, bite the teeth, there will be some pain, this pain is more obvious in just three or four days before wearing braces, the future will gradually ease, generally a week after the symptoms will disappear. After every four to six weeks to the hospital, the doctor after later, may day will have some reaction;

Second, should pay attention to diet, not to bite hard foods, such as bones, these special biting hard food can easily cause damage to the appliance, which will have effect on treatment, to try to avoid eating hard, sticky food; do not take the stage in the treatment of front teeth to chew things, eating apples and other fruits, can cut the apple into small pieces, with teeth to bite;

Third, to brush your teeth. After wearing braces, the maintenance of oral hygiene is very important, if not pay attention to food residue will stay in braces and around the teeth, not clean, it is easy to dental caries, gingivitis etc.. Every time after eating recommendations in a timely manner to brush your teeth, try not to drink, drink carbonated beverages. In addition, a method of brushing tooth after the usual method is not the same, when brushing teeth along the long axis of the tooth brush, bristling, after wearing braces, not with the brush, then use the brush head is relatively small, relatively soft toothbrush bristles, the braces around the tooth surface cleaning clean brush carefully. The toothbrush should be changed frequently, and it is better to change a toothbrush for one or two months.

"Health" train children: irregular arrangement of teeth when correcting what is better?

Li Song: the child best corrected age is ten to fourteen years old, but there are also some cases should be early treatment, for example, he has found the "day" in the child deciduous, at the age of four or five can check to the hospital, and its treatment. There are some cases, such as children have bad habits, resulting in crooked teeth, once found should be treated in time for him. Parents are advised to bring their children to the hospital for regular dental examination, early detection of problems.

"Health" train: adult irregular arrangement of teeth can be corrected?

Li Song: from the current technical point of view, there is no age limit dental correction, as long as the oral conditions allow, can be done. However, the situation of adult correction is more complicated than that of children, because there may be dental caries, periodontal disease and tooth loss in adults. The course of treatment for adults is longer than that of children. Adult orthodontic teeth, the doctor will do a check to see if he has any other problems, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, etc., will generally recommend that he first treatment, and then corrected.

"Health" train: missing teeth can be prevented?

Li Song: genetic factors caused by malocclusion is basically no way to prevent, but there are some deformities can be prevented. When children are young, parents should pay more attention to the protection of his teeth, teeth will teach children brushing. Because the teeth fall out prematurely, will affect the future of the child grow permanent teeth, so he had to pay attention to dental health maintenance.

Secondly, we should pay attention to correct some of the bad habits of children's teeth, such as bite the lips, bite the finger, once found to be corrected early, it can also prevent the occurrence of some malocclusion. Parents give their children prepare food, can prepare some chewy food, do not do the food especially fine, do not need to chew swallow, because proper chewing on the stimulation of development is good, also can avoid the occurrence of irregular teeth.

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