Special massage experience

Acid - plucked;Pain - kneading pressure;Hemp push;Wood - pinching;Inability to beat;Bulging and twisting;Sleepy push;Cold - rub;Wet pressing


Acid - plucked;

Pain - kneading pressure;

Hemp push;

Wood - pinching;

Inability to beat;

Bulging and twisting;

Sleepy push;

Cold - rub;

Wet pressing;

Wind thrust.

Numbness in the bone -- heavy;

Blood clots in the veins;

Numbness in the tendons - not stretched;

Bi in meat - heartless;

In the skin, cold arthralgia;

The spring is the sinew impediment; the summer is the pulse impediment; the autumn is the skin impediment; the winter is the bone rheumatism; to the Yin is the muscle impediment.

Wind evil weight - pain wandering;

Cold evil - the pain is as sharp as a cone;

Wet evil heavy - heavy limbs petrified, don't move.

Heat evil weight - joint pain does not touch, local glowing red.

Pain - fatigue; less cold.

Pain -- and tension. Leachate.

Jump pain - not smooth. Qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Pain - wind injury.

Cold pain, cold evil stasis. Yang deficiency.

Burning -- yinxuyangkang.

Angina - air resistance.

Pain - cold.

Severe pain - damp evil.

Empty pain - deficiency of Qi and blood.

Pull pain - injury.

Crushing pain - bone injury.

The activity of pain - injury.

Rest pain -- may b..

Tired pain, joint stiffness, righteousness is not complex.



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