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VolumeDistinguish the teeth Tuosai cold and heat transfer on the bone grooveThe husband bite Tuosai, life in cold heat, damp heat to steam i



Distinguish the teeth Tuosai cold and heat transfer on the bone groove

The husband bite Tuosai, life in cold heat, damp heat to steam in Yangming life; Yin collaterals empty, Shaoyang fire on the counter. In the beginning of cold and dampness, fever, floating face cheek swollen, his teeth cannot open, gingival swelling and sore throat, she seems hard to swallow, can. This should form numerous evil, such as burdock, mint, Gentiana, Jiangcan, Prunella, Schizonepeta, Dendrobium and other categories, can not use heat swelling throat, fresh and clear fire drug such as antelope. If it is hard to curb stagnation, swelling, trismus is closed. To three or four days after the cold, not retreat, not dissipated, the node in Coilfang as pus to bite, in Saibian outside for Tuosai, node in the root for dental carbuncle, can clear fire heat penetration, such as antelope, rhino, Dendrobium, reed rhizome, mint, Schizonepeta genus such as white greasy tongue; slippery, nausea vomiting, or even to Qin, gardenia, or Wendan; such as dry stool real, lung stomach Sheng, with fresh, Trichosanthes, citrus, almond etc.. Wear after diabrosis evil from pus discharge, body heat from the back, and from the complex, open trismus, nursed back to a few days, that the pus.

It was born in the Yin collateral empty, or the person in alcohol, not abstinence, often not Shu Yu Bo, micro Ougan evil, when liver Yang gallbladder fire on collaterals. Since the strong jaws open, cheek swollen gingival swelling, chills, fever, and fine pulse number, gradually become pus. To ten days or half a month later, pus from the gums and discharge, or from the tongue side, or on the left. And on the right, or on the right and to the left, that is a long time along the tooth poison; Saibian head, which wears a tooth outside Tongliche, namely a poison; bone groove wind, and will into the bones, bone will soon fall off, can receive power. This card is not killed, but to speed all day closing delay. Treat when to shugansan Yu Yin, accompanied by detoxicating and removing heat.

And the young child born this card, he neither wine nor liver sunburn, evil stagnation, is because of the tooth does not neat, bone marrow is not full, Ying Wei is not sufficient, Ougan cold off heat, the passage into the bone marrow, but is not evil and. Although the diffuse swelling in the mouth, pus, will break out, not held back for a long time, but also as much bone. In the treatment of Qi and blood, stomach support, as soon as the atmosphere enough can carry off the bone healing.


After the bone groove

Husband bone groove wind card, the inherent change from the person, also has the non transfer. People have sorrow worries or panic sadness, that Qi and blood stagnation; or by cold attacks into bones, Xiedu intergrowth. In front of the ear, and even without bones, pain, swelling and gradually diffuse hard, such as malaria, trismus emergency, difficulty eating, long decay, with the inside and outside, still diffuse swelling pain. This card is in the beginning of the bones of Yin, swollen sore ulcer after hard hard Nanxiao, and liver and spleen injury, toxic heat accumulation, is the bones and muscles of emergency, muscle decay, and pus more foul. At the beginning of the solution should be used to moxibustion poison, phlegm heat swelling of the fire service agent; after diabrosis or Bazhen decoction or sqdbd, supplement care medicine, Ophiopogon japonicus, should add five flavor. Has served cold, so that the muscle solidified rancid, non Lizhongtang with Aconite can not go back to the sun, the wind does not search for non silkworm. If the teeth hypertonicity does not open, should use ginger moxibustion pad Jiache acupoints (acupoints on the earlobe five points in 27) strong, and acupuncture tooth as its jaws open bleeding. Such as rot off, pus is not clear, need long bones, bones will begin to shut off. If the fall or wear cheek teeth, false fever, body shape coke cut, phlegm not food, are against the card. To temper up complex, diet increase, there are more people to work. The rot, with kougan medicine with bezoar, pearl, catechu blow, topical cream to rise.


On the tooth tooth tooth on Xuan leakage furuncle

Dental leakage from, from the heart stomach qi, Yin Xiao He, or heart clogging, stomach with fire and Zhi fifth. There are those born on the gums, but also born under the gums. Early high swelling pain, long on the Yellow bubble, after breaking out pus gradually ANN, but the mouth is difficult to fine, such as pinholes, but in case of physical exertion, or mood annoyance, or excessive alcohol and tobacco is frying, and swelling, out of foul pus, more to the left and right on the root. Although it may wish to life, for tired also. At the beginning of appropriate shengyangsanhuo method, or dew drink; long time when using the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Decoction and Radix Scrophulariae, Dendrobium, ophiopogon root, reed rhizome, or cool eight flavor, or Dabuyinwan, take too many clothes, self healing. The initial treatment must not be bitter cold medicine, oral and embrocation, causing heart stomach fire stagnation and depression, the burning roots deeper; should not be used as early as the convergence of medicine, also can make the fire is restrained, corrosion and falling off root tooth.

Teeth propaganda also known as bleeding from the teeth, gum bleeding, or blood from overflowing gum. Tooth is the bone, the kidney is also the lord. Heart Kidney Yang evil force blood folly, the tooth bleeding; however shaoyinqi much less blood, blood will drop out, teeth are faint pain, desire constant mistakes. Treat when cool heart Nourishing Kidney Decoction, Liuweidihuang Decoction or six, or eight cool flavour Drynaria, Ligustrum lucidum, gelatin, etc. the main digupi. Have stomach fire upside, and bleeding gums, Yangming Qi and blood are all many, the fire is blood such as tide, each made of good drink. Should Qingreliangxue Decoction of Xijiaodihuang, Qingwei also. Have stomach fire, rot gums, light blood flow, appropriate Guishao Dihuang Decoction; still more, also with Xijiaodihuang decoction, or decoction; blowing in order to kill the hemostatic rickets.

The wind such as cold and heat and boil teeth, and early toothache, after gingival swelling, swollen even mouth, top high suddenly, according to the lead hand, there are also the pus, thorn from. Treatment with clear scattered evil, niubang jieji decoction or decoction, or Xijiaodihuang decoction, the treatment should be.


Differentiation of noma anemopyretic ulcerative gingivitis plaque on

Li Dongyuan said: noma, kidney kidney toxin upside, bone, tooth bone, up and collapse, such as the potential speed of horse, named. Children or because of congenital disease, or because of the vestiges of smallpox or measles, typhoid epidemic or because after the hair, or because of malaria and dysentery. Besides, strong body heat, cold limbs, or facial edema, or diarrhea frequently; the beginning is bad breath, then the gingival rotten, such as color after dry sauce, black teeth, sometimes bleeding gums, pus or smelly adults, even without swelling; with erosion, the next day the color purple, the next day is black; after that day, fall off teeth rot, asthma, phlegm, cold sweat and its removal. Methods: at the beginning of Qing Yi oral solution, such as Xijiaodihuang decoction, decoction or the like, to accumulate heat, then take the poison to the Dansa poison; blown with ice blue yellow, pearl powder Benghazi, or also to the living. When this card bad man, die; erosion corrosion on the throat, nose, teeth fall dead; no blood, saliva outflow, death; death; black rot off, dead; body heat is not retreated, die; cheek piercing through the lips, nose, dark, dead; death; spleen failure will vent the diet into the dead.

And the wind Yagan, quickly, and when in two or three days, and many of the children, adults. Broken teeth bleeding, root rot, clear solutions are advised to evacuate. There are no cold, but because of stomach heat steam treatment, with clear solution, or bitter Xiere, such as Xijiaodihuang decoction, or Huanglian Jiedu Decoction; blowing drug or medicine to kill again, malnutrition can blow.

Teeth bacteria in the gums, the shape of purple black, such as high and low. This is the fire and blood and Qi sheng. Modified Xiaoyao main, the former medicine can also be served.


Dark tongue paralysis of tongue differentiation

Dark tongue, tongue and tongue stroke transport, is also not strong. The said: throat, gas is up and down; epiglottis, sound; tongue, lip, sound machine; sound fan; transverse bone, with which, the primary tongue also. The tongue of the heart of the heart of the seedlings, but the veins on the tongue, spleen collaterals in the tongue side of the hepatic portal circulation network Yin is the tongue, Shaoyin pulse walk throat is the tongue; four of the clock, all on the tongue. The evil, then phlegm closed the veins, the tongue cannot transport to be dumb. Have hoarseness, cough or hoarseness and aphonia, throat is also. Therefore, hoarseness, throat hoarseness, tongue and tongue dumb, instinct; the tongue cannot speak, but the sound in the throat. A stroke of the tongue, tongue and throat disease and natural sound, not to have the epiglottis. But because of exogenous, exogenous and internal injuries, cold fiery evil; the said: in all cases of sudden aphonia, all belong to the fire. Internal injuries, heart lung and kidney by three pathogenic, also by phlegm fire choking on the body, two deficiency of Qi and blood, not on the wing, then the tongue machine turn; a kidney and gas does not belong to the source, in the cellular network in the vast and wins, not connected with clear Yang Qi; Qi deficiency, lung no person; have bad blood and heart raises. The heart of the cover for the voice of the Lord, the voice of the family, the kidney is the root of sound. The said: triple burner gas through to the throat, weak gas cannot pass. Who can cure in the ultimate force, Nishida Kiyoharu gas, can promote up, therefore the ancient DuShenTang, each with Dihuangyinzi also take effect.

Numbness of the tongue, strong and hemp. But the mood annoyance, sorrow, rage, phlegm fire caused by gas. The husband is a solid tongue and heart, liver meridian collaterals of the tongue also. The evil Jueyin is from typhoid fever, curled tongue capsule shrinkage without words; the emotional depression, is a swelling of the tongue and not rest; heart hot and sore tongue, tongue slip and splenopyretic; Fetus; spleen closed tongue white as snow; liver hot tongue and hard wood. If the two tongue paralysis, can not be covered by the style of heat treatment, blood deficiency, blood deficiency fire Shuo ear, Lizhong Decoction and Siwu Decoction of.


Distinguish the wooden tongue tonguebleed theory

Wooden tongue, tongue and swelling, turn off the heartless. The tongue of the heart the heart of the seedling, tongue, heart and hair due to heat toxin, or because of viscera in heat, spleen heat accumulation, the gas on and. What is a plug, as hard as Shanjia, if not emergency treatment is caused by people. Do not use more hands to press, according to the fear of loss caused by long tongue, every language is not clear. As to the crow is silent, pale and scared frequency, pain treatment.

Treatment with a knife point or purple black, thorn tongue Jinjin Yuye two points, breaking the bleeding phlegm, with Bingpengsan blow; oral Jingfang Baidu San decoction, house more shanzhiside, but purging fire to have.

Bleeding of the tongue, the tongue is not bleeding, such as line, blazing heart stomach evil, forcing blood folly, to taste the soup with six main Huaihua, or Huanglian Jiedu Decoction, Xijiaodihuang decoction can also be topical; Huaihua fried grinding dry mixing.


Tongue differentiation tooth tongue carbuncle on malnutrition

The tongue cyanosis, heart and spleen caused by toxic fire. This is the heart of the tongue cover, tongue side of spleen, because mood annoyance is fire, spleen injury thought is Qi stagnation, even the most evil of Chengsi. As of the beginning of beans, such as bacteria, head of Da Di small, also known as red tongue bacteria, no pain bad skin, toward the light weight, Dan point urgently Beiting naturally reduced, and more. If the failure to control, so that the process of swelling, such as the pan lotus, or like a comb, the tongue can not stretch shortening, Shu words, when smelly saliva, then suddenly burst with anger, blood red, more than a long time delay, rotten gums, teeth that rock. What is the jaw swollen tuberculosis, hard pain, normal skin color, top, color dark red, smelly water flow after breaking, such as soft rot, the card is broken, hard before still do not retreat, the cotton collapse, even through the tongue in cheek, the soup is to turn out, also known as flower rock also. Because the tongue is difficult to turn off, so each food cannot interfere with diet, adequate, resulting in the stomach empty, and a certificate that Tim is weak. At the beginning of swollen red, should use daochishan plus Coptis; Guipi Decoction; deficiency, loose stools, Guishao Yi Gong tang. However, this card treatment is more, 100 no life; longitudinal Shi bait, but not time.

On the purple tongue tongue carbuncle, foam, shaped like beans, hard, cold and heat, pain and the heart, the heart is also burn. Suitable for containing Chansu pills with placed under the tongue, pharynx, to understand what thorn, endotoxin; clothing Xijiaodihuang decoction.


Differentiation of HT tongue on perianal abscess

Perianal abscess, was born, like the plum, falling against the tongue. At the beginning of great heat and cold, a tongue carbuncle cannot stretch, mouth can not open, but to lie back, when a red nose nose, but the heat accumulation caused by hand foot shaoyin. Treatment should be thorn, to yellow red blood, blowing with ice green powder plus Coptis; oral Huanglian Jiedu Decoction, or Xijiaodihuang decoction, a few days can be more.

HT tongue, tongue carbuncle and growing, or under the tongue and a small, heavy tongue that; and three students of the tongue, like the lotus shaped, also known as lotus tongue. Cover the tongue of the heart of the seedling, liver and spleen veins are the tongue collaterals. Or by worries too, the inflammation caused by firelight; or by the spleen by heat resistance, the blood and liver; or by anxiety depression, hyperactivity and evil. At the beginning of a headache, alternating cold and heat, with niubang jieji Decoction and sweating; if not retreat, with Huanglianjiedu Decoction, or Xijiaodihuang Decoction; there is pus needle, blowing with Bingpengsan; if there is no pus, seven days after the cancellation.

Or have the heat, submental diffuse swollen, and hair hanging HT carbuncle tongue, when a strong headache, alternating cold and heat, there is also no sepsis, sepsis, with schisandrapropinqua wai. In order to cure through table scattered evil, such as heat, or antelope horn, also kawatsure. If five or six days later, red skin color diffuse swelling, namely sepsis should carry, thorn. This syndrome and phlegm with heat.


Differentiation of laryngeal carbuncle on the throat moth

Throat for a total, a quarter of the time, access to the door of the breath, the left is the stomach pharynx, right lung for the throat. Or cause or permit a lot of abscess, exogenous. Try the throat abscess of throat moth. The husband off air temperature heat invading the lung, first of all, the fire on the inverse of the collaterals. Of the throat, swollen like a moth, named throat moth. (this secular legend chicken goose goose that can not eat food, no). Or a single born moth, was born in two or partial double moth. At the beginning of the cold and heat, gradually swell with ease scattered evil, such as burdock powder plus Rhizoma Coptidis, Jingfang Baidu San and the like, with Bingpengsan mint, kawatsure end blow. To the three or four day after expanding very hard into the soup, phlegm, throat swelling should be stabbed, burned with saponin ash, blue vitriol, bezoar, borneol each point, moose incense three per cent for the end of blowing, will spit and loose. Then clear fire penetration soup to drink, such as Huanglian Jiedu Decoction, or fresh, antelope, Anemarrhena, Dendrobium, Radix Scrophulariae, Cortex Moutan, reed root, forsythia genus; if not defecate, can take Lianggesan Tongfu vent it. Where the moth like yellow head like, with a knife will point; or a yellow head, is not necessary; to seven days later, and from the back, eliminate swelling. (a fire outside the wounds in the seven day period.) Also the virtual fire and, with its kidney under water deficit, Yuanyang kidney is not hidden, more contrary to the throat and set fire to the source node, must use the law, if the eight pill is also guifu. Distinguish the actual situation of the law, if the real fire pulse, morning heavy night light anti, anti cracking, tongue and pulse counting; fire, day light night heavy, mouth not thirsty, tongue slip without crack. Swelling and pathogenic potential, the violence is urgent; internal swelling, the slow potential. In order to break the no error, ".

Laryngeal carbuncle swollen pharynx was born outside the middle - garden. The sense of wind and hair, and if the Tongzhi throat moth; heart of the fire, on the light of lung, throat and hair for heat attack, etc., should be treated with Longdan decoction, Coptis decoction or the like.


Differentiation of acute laryngeal infection and children and different horse spleen on the wind

The husband wrapped laryngalgia, hot junction in the throat, swollen around on the outside (the throat outside, and also swollen) and hemp itch, wind phlegm, such as the sound of a saw, is also a candidate. The card does. At the beginning of two days before, will the chest and diaphragm Qi, air suddenly short, sore throat, phlegm up, even if the snake neck button, not into the water, cold limbs, white fingernails, palm and fever, the most dangerous, the deficiency of yin and hyperactivity of fire. The person known as phlegm heat, or because of excessive drinking and stomach, or because of anger in anger, or because the real labor day kidney yang, phlegm fire and phlegm heat moving, burnt burning, congestion in the pharynx; the water velocity, and so pain and difficult even under water. Therapy, acute symptoms (standard sputum also), slow the cure (Ben Huo Ye). Or use the pill and powder to spit heat, or goose Ling Jiao tung oil exploration spit, or swelling out evil blood pricking needles, blowing with Bingpengsan, or thorn thumb Shaoshang point bleeding, with tonic Decoction with fire. But the treatment is more, but the ten is one or two, and in this card, but also to make personnel days. The certificate of the real person, the air temperature was invading the lung and stomach, hot phase fan, on the contrary to the throat, phlegm and welled up with. Should go to the sputum, taken after maxing Gan cream soup. If you stay three days after illness, fever, throat or more buttons tight, red face rough, is incurable syndrome.

Children suffering from horse spleen is the wind, air temperature was in the lung or chest and diaphragm orifices, heat accumulation, fire Ling lung, phlegm heat dampness, lung distension with dyspnea, chest high shortness of breath, hypochondriac shrink nose, stuffy disorderly cough, phlegm damp thirst throat hoarse voice, such as a saw is also asthma; if no emergency treatment, died in overnight. Chen Feixia said: people heart for the afternoon fire cover, a horse, a short heart heat, scattered under the effect of deadly bezoar urgently; black Petunia (Petunia, fried half half) white (half half fry), Jin Wen (sun), rhubarb (areca, sun) from each end of a money, and well, every five minutes, adjust the amount of honey soup, infant size and. Phlegm, add light powder to word, stool discharge, Tanqi level of degree.


Differentiation of laryngeal ulcer on carcinoma of larynx

Laryngeal ulcer on the throat, pale red dot is flat, or have the throat pain and ulceration, the deficiency of the kidney by the fire, boiling and upper. Treatment must be modified with six pills. If the gardenia, Radix Scutellariae, Radix Scrophulariae, Ligustrum lucidum, salvia, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, tortoise shell is a genus of Suiyi used; blowing drug powder with ice green gallnut, angelica, bezoar, pearl, Coptis etc.. And the lung toxic heat accumulation and issued by the certificate was born under the throat, lungs, do not see, not to interfere with the blowing drug, diet, this bridge rickets, ulcer pain, often long and not more. This day or Yidu, or are advised to wear Mei sore legacy, poison Dan, Yinhua Jiedu decoction or Lianggesan; blowing drug with the same.

A throat bacteria duckweed, slightly high and thick purple, inserted in throat side, due to depression, qi stagnation and blood heat, many suffering from the woman. Light is half of twenty, even more than a month. To treat patients well, abstain from food, can cure. Jiawei Xiaoyao san.


Distinguish pharyngitis throat tinea on

Cardiff pharyngitis, sore throat (swollen and invisible to the intangible and tangible houbi, swollen is moths, or carbuncle swollen side), or swollen on both sides, hinder to diet, resistance to breathing, also named bi. The said: Yin and Yang, called laryngalgia. A little cloudy, Yin Yang, Jun fire; Shaoyang fire, two with collateral veins throat. Or the person usually Yin Jun, with no preparation, very contrary to the throat and hyperactivity or outside air temperature; the attack to fire evil, to follow into the throat and lung collateral. The acute pharyngitis, both inside and outside the swollen, phlegm throat.

Go to the treatment of phlegm, swelling even with a knife point, bleeding and purging fire, with Bingpengsan blowing, antelope horn powder taken orally, or Huanglianjiedutang Keyu. To fire the upside for the Bi, should take six Liuwei Dihuang Decoction and Zhidan pill of eight ingredients, Dabuyinwan belongs to the Yin and strong water. The water had renal failure, dragon fire is not hidden, more in the throat and rheumatism, kidney vein through the throat, the fire Kang have this card. The person will always cough, pharynx dry thirst, hot feeling, thready pulse. But if the strong water, while the dragon fire would not hidden, must use the fuse to the source of the law, the party can retreat and lead, V, if Guifu eight pill is also. More than such as gelatin, ophiopogon root, tortoise plastron, bird's nest, privet, Fritillaria, Radix Scrophulariae, qingzhaojiufei, may at any time for action.

Throat tinea is born, there will be at the beginning of yin deficiency cough, throat itch and pain after then, with the pharynx saliva will feel dry, and then spit pharynx fast, long forming, such as Ge or patterns, and like autumn leaves behind the red silk, or thick red dot, such as mosquitoes with fleabite trace. Good to true Yin loss, kidney Yang Chong, lung gold Shuo, Ying Wei and haggard. Treatment with roughly equal laryngalgia. If this card is not more for a long time, will be a loss of throat, aphonia don't be shy. Treated by qingzhaojiufei decoction, or Dabuyinwan, or "eight pill.


Resolution meiheqi of hoarseness

Meiheqi, Tanqi is a node in the throat as block, pharynx not spit out. "Golden" cloud: woman in the throat as zhiluan, concentrated decoction of Pinellia portsmouth. Zhiluan, dry meat. It is not because of the stomach, so do not hinder the diet, two, not because the surface of evil, so no bone pain, fever, is injured by cold and blood product, and blood gas overflow and floating on the water in the throat, wet gas condensate difficult to shift.

Men also have. Medicinal Pinellia Decoction decoction is a two strong Park, to peel, licorice, add thick, basil, ginger park. Seven cures woman Qi, phlegm stasis lingers, form; or like plum nucleus of the pharynx, slightly swallowed; or in the abdominal fullness, gas is not comfortable; or phlegm stagnation, vomiting and nausea, and desirable. The cover of Pinellia Xiaotan Sanjie downbearing, concentrated Portsmouth, ginger, Poria and its high Xuan stagnation wet, spicy, sage Qixiang purple color temperature, can enter Yin and blood, Qi and blood, also no longer go up.

Hoarseness, predicate words and silent. Invasion of the lung by hot cold cold, accidental. The female voice light, tuberculosis lung injury raucousness refractory. And from the patient, shortness of breath and sound out, all Qi no, appropriate clothing and Jiangqi decoction, Radix Peucedani, Lin served with ginger juice to file. Another woman had sub dumb disease, after heavy and dumb woman: September, cell collaterals absolutely, without treatment, when October. That child to September, children have long, uterus of collaterals, in the kidney, blocking barrier, so there is evidence. Cover the kidney through the veins, on the tongue, pulse road block, is not to say, after delivery in October, and since the words, do not have to join, treat when invigorating heart and kidney.


Distinguish the scarlet fever on the reverse

Husband of scarlet fever, epidemic days Department of poison, so young infected, from the nose and mouth, from the lung and stomach and hair. In the beginning, tight pulse a few strings, aversion to cold, headache, muscle skin red hot, swollen throat rheumatism knot rot, black spots, is faint, suitable for sparse tables, such as niubang jieji decoction, Shenma Gegeng decoction, with digestion and other drugs; throat with yellow beads of Sanchui. To three or four days, warm evil fire, heat and penetration, jieji Tangneijia horn, antelope, Dendrobium, pollen; if the stool dry facts, such as the association of Lianggesan can; they vent heat, greasy tongue coating, Gegenqinlian decoction. To five or six, hot even when many minds, throat rot, stuffy nose, flow turbid nasal discharge, the fire on the Sheng inverse meridian collaterals, internal force heart cell, with Xijiaodihuang decoction, or Decoction in the bile stone star, Chang, medicine, xihunag beads, or Zixue dan. To seven days after the fever, full of coke purple, such as Sha bran shell, peeling and more.

Such as when one or two days later, thready pulse strength, although the body is red, fever penetration, disturbed consciousness, language disorder, inverse gas dyspnea, the Yidu in closed, as insurance against the permit. Available fresh 42 pound juice, and juice, pear juice, sugar cane pulp; with fresh reed rhizome decoction, grinding juice punch and supply horns, or Zixue Dan zhuhuangsan. But aromatic one by one, in case the Ji Shu can get ear.

The volume on scarlet fever on the reverse

Attached: Mr. Wang Busan of scarlet fever

Husband of scarlet fever syndrome, the book did not carry his name. Check on the ancient, "golden" Yang poison, poison and tert temperature, the shape and the name of this card Dan Sha throat very bad. This paper, Cimicifuga Biejia Decoction of Huanglian Jiedu Decoction treating. On the evil into yin and yang two classics. Treatment of large cases, the original did not teach people to learn to create, can also understand. This permits each in Cowes, miscellaneous gas evil Yang Ling, with death violent Mo system, such as Xunleifenglie, a color Juzhang, never met but not wilt speechless. With the Fisher pox syndrome, evil burn V cases, such as pulse volt Jueleng, sweaty, hiccup and irritability will release the evil section of the same. There is an infection, not counting the days of cloud dead. Alas! The cruel what has strong. Cheng Jiaoqian: the ancients cloud smallpox, warm poison before Sheng; modern smallpox, temperature is also less toxic. The vaccination operation prevails, or toxin not leak caused by natural gas, and suppressing at will. "Wuyi Huijiang", Li Zu two Jun, very detailed demonstration on the treatment. The so-called cold suddenly fire stagnation and collapse, too scattered and flame rot, Xun is the true saying, firm and unshakable. It is simply Miaoshi notes, for the purpose of lung and stomach, so clear after the first. Push on the treatment of evil in Maxing Gan Wei, paste, the potential to be cast; toxic fire invading camp, Xijiaodihuang also, when the eyebrows; if ye Zong Yu, old fragrant Xuanqiao detoxification treatment with Zixue Dan, debate, their method is indispensable. Gu Lin in heart to permit expedient, cut all ears. However, not able to distinguish their own people, in fact, been clever norimasa. If more to guide, not to have the best people to.


On the ear ear bacteria on the carbuncle

Her ear, kidney and resuscitation, Shaoyang meridians will place the. As for the carbuncle sore, nothing more than the fire caused by inverse. But the fire, real fire, also not be identified. The wind was the beginning of temperature resistance, have chills and fever, headache, ear swelling, pulse string number seems to be hard, like malaria, with burdock, Nepeta, mint, Xia Kucao, paeonol, gardenia, or Xiaochaihutang, such as sweat is swelling from evil into flat; three, or five days after. Even more pain, body heat with air temperature, fire, and evil will rise when the liver pain, such as acupuncture, sepsis in men, with antelope horn, paeonol, gardenia, hook, Xia Kucao, or longdanxiegantang, as soon as the discharge pus fever from evil into pain. But its not pus is dry, must be ten days to more than half the work; Shaoyang triple burner gas less blood, less blood, muscle length, so not sore ears, the real fire card. For ear pus, not available with myrrh, cover ear open without stop, the medicine into the plug, blocking orifices, pus leakage, heat is on network outside, around the ear swelling, hair ear carbuncle. Be about to cut more pus discharge side. The so-called hypopyretic ear carbuncle, or because of anger or because of the liver depression, kidney Yin's loss, hyperactivity and fire. But at the beginning of cold and heat, expansion and swelling, even a head ache, thready pulse, God shaped static. The liver Yang with fire. For a long time, inverse, sepsis, the most difficult of quick healing ulcer. Scattered with antelope horn at the beginning, Ji Ji Town should be used for liver and clearing heat, Dabuyinwan, or Jinkuishenqiwan nourishing Yin Shu, desirable. And the young child at the age of three or four, also have this card, a pus not dry. This water is not congenitally deficient, raise wood, liver Yang and inverse. The pain is not swollen, do not have to treat it; Yin foot, liver Hinata, more. And in children due to fetal fetal wind heat, bathing or irrigation, the ear also ache caused by pyogenesis. At the beginning of the paint can not be, when do not heal poison; from the red moon, cotton powder treatment.

Ear ear mouth bacteria, a small, shaped red no skin, like a mushroom, no pus, not as cold and heat, but the ear is illogical, lingering unceasingly, deafening. With a needle to pierce, Yuhong ointment, ear pain, with pain in the ear of Saxifraga drip, namely; medicine with virtual ear carbuncle.

Attached: otorrhea in ear Ling, a girl wearing ear piercing injured more than this card, the most difficult to fester healing, will rise to a drug, even more.


I distinguish the plague (common name soil wind PO) on different syndromes with ear carbuncle

A husband because of a plague, when I hit the temperature of Shaoyang, and collaterals. In the ear, or to the left, or on the right, or left together. At the beginning of shaped like a chicken egg, white or swollen, like if there is pus, according to guidelines, but not acid pain, cold or heat; or aversion to cold and hot, dry mouth and tongue greasy. At the beginning should be very clear that ease, thermal discharge, or with liver Yang inverse, with Xifeng and yang. This card will never become a pus, over a period of time can dissipate.

At the beginning of all the hard disk ear carbuncle, swelling, its color is white, stop hair aside from the technician, aversion to cold, fever, ease scattered evil, sweat is fire. If over seven days, the body heat does not retreat, that is, into the pus, the use of antelope horn scattered. Such as cold and no sweat, with XCHT for silkworm, prickly attack through; it cut out the pus, swelling and relieving fever and ann. When use, should be supporting the stomach and camp, not indiscriminately fill supporting cover, air temperature Ouzu, Wang is evil, if the investment reference to operation, will cause blood stasis, spleen and stomach crusts, anti sepsis is not clear, so that stretches the date of closing. When the air temperature Ougan, this is Wang Yang an evil, evil back as soon as pus discharge, Ying Wei and self and more. If you use the right support, then by its tired, this can not do not know, students should be analogy. If I is not evil evil plague card penetration, ear Fayi, also with sepsis, and the same treatment.


Our technician on peas sore

Mump, but not penetrating typhoid sweat, heat poison not eliminated, evil knot in the cheek jaw, two ear pain and scleroma. At the beginning of the heat up when thirsty, with lianqiaobaidu powder Qingrejiedu or pujixiaodudecoction also; as is a virtual reality, fluid loss solution dry, constipation. Disturbed consciousness, pulse string hard, with Xijiaodihuang decoction, bile, the main star xihunag of bamboo juice. When the temperature and wet evil, or Fuxie malaria, measles or Wen Yidu, although I is not evil and sweat into into Shaoyang, in rhythm, the body is still cold, greasy tongue fur, or stool hard knot, or co heat release, when the combination of Xiexin Wendan, or Puerariae even Tang rule. Such as fever more than, suffering from swelling and light, will not be pus well-matched in strength, the wear failure after supporting cast up, should check the stomach and help to cover up the camp; paste paste. If the pus does not leak, lift the drug line.

Peas sore, due to typhoid sweat after that and so on, from. Only such as Coptis, licorice, safflower, belong to the tail, wind, Schizonepeta, forsythia, Sophora flavescens, notopterygium, angelica decoction. Topical application of Glauber's salt, red bean, indigo for the end of chicken and pig bile to clear the sweat to reconcile, the effect of compress boil. Do not move the dimple to fall off without a trace.


Differentiation of cervical carbuncle carbuncle on the throat lock

On both sides of the neck in neck carbuncle, due to phlegm heat and air temperature. Cover the wind temperature outside the attack, will encourage their liver, and the fire is also due to the movement. The fire is inverse, the spleen with phlegm heat, neck Shaoyang collaterals circulation to the meridian of the evil so far and knot, so also carbuncle.

At the beginning of a headache, body heat and cold, strong neck pain, swollen red gradually, to ease the scattered evil, light is potential energy dissipation; if four or five days after the cold, puzzled, will to become pus, when heat and camp out pus after the stomach and help the camp, about half of the work. Also due to yin deficiency, Shaoyang triple burner fire stagnation upside, stagnation of Qi and blood and hair were. But this card and it will heat, non purely internal certificate. Therefore, he is more likely to be affected by the liver evil.

Lock throat carbuncle, swelling around the throat was born in Adam's apple. To wind heat off in the lung and stomach, followed by the inverse and stagnation of; or by heart the poison gas, and it sends wind. At the beginning of the external conditions and the fire is similar to the phlegm, the root plate loose, easy to break pus, Shun, hard and difficult to heavy pus. Reference for treatment and before the certificate can.


The wind phlegm phlegm on shock resolution

The husband is in the neck of phlegm heat, wind temperature resistance in Shaoyang collaterals and hair tip. At the beginning of a fever, pain, tuberculosis shaped like a chicken egg, roots loose, white swollen, Kennedy, times used niubang jieji decoction, five days after the body is cold self dissipation. Such as body heat is not retreated, top color gradually turn reddish, and pus will collapse after discharge pus wear evil back, self healing. The card was born in young children more, cover the passage into the air temperature, the fire is easy to heat the pus, the young child Chunyang not resistant to body heat is also. Sepsis, or syncope may.

Have children after sputum surprise, with air temperature at the beginning of the attack is irritable, liver Yang falling, namely tetany, have the potential to kill Ares slightly, namely meridian and evil, on the neck, swollen hard into the sore, the name was the son that surprised check sputum, body. Such as fever, which can not be abused for sepsis, shock drugs, but to niubang jieji Decoction of.


Resolution on gall scrofula

Luo disease, belonging to the Sanjiao hepatobiliary wind heat and blood dryness, blood loss or liver and kidney by two, xuhuo; or rage in mind, the inverse gas in the liver after two, two after much less blood gas, so the wrath of liver injury, and blood dryness is wood fire, water is not born with deficiency of kidney and wood blood dryness, blood dryness, muscle disease, liver reinforcement, so many natural knot if Guan zhu. It is more common in the ears, neck and neck, down to the lower side of the pelvis and chest. The beginning of such as beans, such as Li Mei Chien nuclear, or a grain of grain, or 35, according to the dynamic and micro pain, not very hot, for a long time is increasingly worse, or neck pain, or in the afternoon or night fever, dry mouth, eating less, lassitude, or firm and don't break, or break down and out. By the lack of blood, so often become consumptive. "Outside Taiwan to" cloud: liver and kidney deficiency heat is born. "Cloud:" pathogenesis not rich hot scrofula erysipelas, asthenia of qi stagnation caused by the total. In order to check Yi Qi raise camp medicine and treatment, the sore of self extinction, not to sweat under the cover also. If an excess or deficiency syndromes, and almost after etching gas line and took the blood medicine, will make the ban ban that disease, more blood loss, need for anti abortion syndrome. Treatment: if fever and pain, the fire and heat, gas disease also, Xiaochaihutang Yiqing with anger, and clothing of jiaweisiwutang on liver blood; if both cold and heat, and nuclear dissipation, the liver through the fire and blood dryness disease, with Jiaweixiaoyaosan to clear the liver, Rehmannia six in the kidney water; if the swollen high and slightly soft, pale complexion, skin and fever, sepsis has become, to the appropriate needle and clothing, Tori's agent; if prolonged does not heal, or healing and recurrence, pus dripping, muscle and emaciated, have pure filling agent, Shu can convergence, if Yiqi Yangying Decoction for invigorating qi and blood, Zishen pill of six ingredients to water, and liver wood, Buzhongyiqi Decoction to spleen and soil is also. As to Sanjie Prunella gas, and nourishing the blood, can take cold and heat, deficiency as available. If he Fritillaria, tangerine peel, Radix Aucklandiae, Rhizoma Cyperi, husk, Digupi, gardenia, phlegm, dispersing stagnation, and diaphragm of the goods can be readily added. And garlic moxibustion method, or with fermented black bean cake moxibustion, the amber plaster also good.

If the blood is not damaged, and the nuclear non consumer, can take the Kennedy powder agent, such as "rukangbixiaosan", or when the poison pill was a fairy, a stop, with Yiqi yangrongtang conditioning. And well use selfheal, honeysuckle and dandelion Decoction with four or five money, overnight tea, ten is the drug elimination; but the symptoms, if the root, must shoulder, Quchi two Acupoint Moxibustion, to clear the meridians. Taking this point, when the tip of the elbow, two nails two shoulder tip suture at the affected area felt indirectly, Suanma, is the point. This man should not permit sun veins, hot flashes sweating cough; women avoid eye red silk, amenorrhea and osteopyrexia Fanre, will become consumptive and cannot be saved. And the young child born in this syndrome, congenital intrinsic acquired thin, lifeless, and weak Ying Wei so to use the pill to solid congenital liver and kidney, spleen and Stomach Decoction to help, can dissipate and more.

Gall, the Yin and Yang Qi non swollen, but five blood stasis phlegm stagnation and also foul air. Gall, Yang, red color and high outburst, or pedicle small ptosis; tumor, Yin, white and diffuse swelling, no itching and pain, do not feel. "Nei Jing" Yun: the liver is the main tendon

Blood, heart and blood of the main vein, splenic blood and meat, and our skin lung main gas, kidney and bone main water system. If anger anger, blood dry and cramps, self reinforcement swelling, as long as reinforcement, or a red thread, called muscle tumor. If the fire service, Yin blood boiling, outside evil pacing for the swelling, muscle swelling, long red thread, or red leather club, called blood-tumor. If the stagnation of spleen injury, eliminating muscle thin outside evil pacing for the swelling, muscle swelling, according to the soft stone, called sarcoma. If the injured lung qi, cou Micronesia, outside evil arrest and edema, skin swelling, by floating soft gas, called tumor. If the injured kidney water, not Rong Gu for swelling, self bone swelling, according to the hard, called osteoma. When they seek to heal their wounds. It is two after hepatobiliary tuberculosis, should add Bazhen gardenia, flabellata, to raise blood, clear the liver, six pill to raise lung, kidney water. In the case of liver blood dryness, blood Laosheng blood, with two, paeonol, Siwu, wine fried black flabellata, gardenia. If Qi, BUZHONGYIQITANG and service. If the treatment method, the spleen and stomach qi Ying, not a loss, or in the affected area, or cold condensate in the gas can nourish the sore camp in the affected area, so long as no muscle leakage, we should tune up the temper, while blood and muscle strong self. If accidentally and daily life, seven six exopathogens, or use cold medicine, corrosion, silk wrapped to cure the outer line of Daphne genkwa, mistakenly. And tumor syndromes, only appropriate medication to kill, must not light knife needle dig broken, blood more than, more critical to.


Distinguish quepen carbuncle carbuncle carbuncle on the shoulder

Quepen Ju, born before the depression in the shoulder. At the beginning of shoulder contracture, great heat and cold, eating less water, small adverse, red head pain, such as blisters, then the number of side root head, hard disk. The Foot Yangming and Shaoyang meridians by wet heat accumulation of poly. Appropriate emergency treatment, if slightly slow to fester. The blood gas is less, then there is not suffering from sore. Early appropriate Chansu pills and more sweat detoxification, Jingfang Baidu San, after diabrosis should fill up.

Carbuncle under shoulder shoulder, tuberculosis, such as peach, such as goose and duck eggs, red pain, swollen arm exterior and interior, but at the toggle difference is small, like a lotus shape, also known as the lotus poison bag. Hand Sanyang, wind temperature and wind. Redness and absence of those who do not faint, Shun; there are faint, inverse. At the beginning, when the divergence of detoxification; sepsis after treatment with Qinyin penetrating heat; break, to support the spleen yin.

Shoulder shoulder carbuncle and growing under threat after the outer Qi suture, or on the left arm, or on the right arm. Belong to the small intestine meridian, by hot condensed. If the above students in front of the shoulder, flank before suture and empty depression, or on the left, or on the right, belong to the envelope of the heart, called Le gangrene, but blood heat and stagnation. At the beginning of a nucleus, gradually swelling hard, such as goose bone pain, headache, chills and fever, cure to prevention, Jing, Prunella, Fritillaria, salvia, danter, honeysuckle, forsythia, paeonol, Scutellaria, gardenia is.

The volume on quepen carbuncle carbuncle carbuncle on the shoulder

Attached: Mr. Townsend Ting shoulder arm on the pain

According to the cloud: west wind was born in autumn, disease in the lung Yu, in the back of the shoulder, so the autumn gas, the disease in the back, but the pain of the shoulder back, when the responsibility of the lungs undoubtedly. But the wind cold, wind heat, Qi deficiency, phlegm, and other. Cover the lung and fur, fur by the evil, to spread to the lungs, clogging the meridians, and pain, when the pungent medicine powder; or heat by the lung qi, the worse, when purging heat, with pungent and cool medicine solution. And the main pulmonary gasification, and governance of a body, or more than obstruct without blocking the meridians, shoulder and back pain; or lack of blood, less gas shortage in information, also make the shoulder ache. Sheng bitter and acrid diarrhea, deficiency of warm up. And the lung is the reservoir of phlegm in the lungs, known as the accumulation of phlegm, with gas flow into channels, so that the tunnel clogging for pain, and when the science and phlegm Qi, clear phlegm cover gas since also. This is a pain syndrome outside the kidney on the inverse, inverse gas is also yin. Kidney yang deficiency, turbid Yin Qi began to dry Qingyang, when the Ganxinwen drug Jun for true Yang, expelling evil. If the management of lung, anti cutting without punish. Arm pain syndromes, or for the cold wet stroke; phlegm meridians or into, or heavy injury caused by pull out, or no pain due to stagnation of Qi and blood meridian. In the method, the wind is scattered, cold temperature, sputum and blood stasis; if because of injury, treatment and blood circulation in the path. The law, when accompanied by turmeric, cassia twig, with its rampant, as cited by the arm also.


Clip on meter resolution carbuncle carbuncle

Clip carbuncle, aka axillary carbuncle, students shoulder under the fossa. If the color invariant, diffuse swollen head, long side pain, is cold, the liver blood stasis, the spleen qi ning. This trouble, will eventually make pus. Not broken, with Chaihuqinggantang; it has been broken, Yiqi Yangying Decoction of the lord. The temperature compensation, avoid cold. The three or four day fever headache, the foot Shaoyang gallbladder, pericardium, heart envelope Shaoyin heart three, heat and hair, should be the first expelling wind evil, and camp and collaterals, then evil fever and swelling.

The red swollen Kennedy, called rice carbuncle. The time of the beginning, the shape of nucleus, that cold when, from two through about liver and spleen rage, blood gas stagnation, and air temperature and external attack. The treatment that is coherent with the first two cards can.


Identification of fish maw arm carbuncle

Arm carbuncle, maw hair, born on the arm. In the arm to arm carbuncle, within the arm dewlap for maw hair. The total margin meridian hot pole, wind evil outside dry, blood is good and health also. When using this medicine through the meridians, as an example, the Qi and blood, not to disappear, has become easy and easy to carry on the break. The after treatment, then Dongyuan of Qi Yan. The said arm pain six, with both hands straight down, thumb top, and the little finger in the. The low pain in Shu Yangming, Cimicifuga, Ge, angelica stem the pain is low; after the sun, in the line outside, notopterygium; low pain are Shaoyang, with Chai Hu line; inner pain is Jueyin. Radix of the peel; low pain is a lunar in line, Cimicifuga, Angelica; after low pain is less Yin, asarum, angelica for. Under the above Schiff elbow bone, even within the size of the issued here boils, every action inconvenience, Chuishou falling pain; such as pus deep bone, namely injured tendons, boxing shrinkage discomfort, tetany, and tendons should add slow medicine, this therapy is also great. To the scattered evil heat, the poison and the camp, and the ulcer treatment. As autumn Fuxie collaterals, vomiting, chest tightness and white tongue, or with Xiexin Wendan law. Such as the temperature of the wet fire into the network, that is, the use of Qiang, anti, Ling Xian, Huang huang.


On the vertical arm of cricket bone abscess

Xue Lizhai said: after bone 3 gangrene, arm Qianlian bone, hand Yangming large intestine meridian, by emotional discord, pent up wrath accumulate sorrow caused by accumulated heat. At the beginning of life such as Luo millet, gradually as big as beans. While as big as peaches and plums, hard pain unbearable. If the purple halo open rotten spots, collusion muscles all over the body spasm of convulsion, retching without eating, cold sweat, diarrhea irritable pulse chaos, death. This is really very Yin, while the hyperactivity of fire alone. When the source of AIDS treatment, not to the error of an ineffectual remedy.

The vertical arm, arm arm bone was born in gander. As the egg poultry, caused by Wei is not moved too. Like to be carried out without penetration. Appropriate treatment of dispelling pathogenic wind, phlegm and poison, do not have big trouble. ".


Carbuncle carbuncle on the differentiation of pomegranate

Li Zhai said: Pomegranate gangrene, born on the tip of one inch elbow, belonging to the courtyard by the Sanjiao acupuncture point, heat, and heat stroke and. At the beginning of a little yellow millet vesicles, foot will feel open, red hard, swollen gradually as complex bowl, pain can not endure, every pan, such as a cold eclogite stack, as malaria. Oral pill of toad venom sweating; chrysanthemum burning ash deposit, plus a little light powder, on the swelling earth research; broken chrysanthemum Rui Decoction Xizhi, top with cream to cover the deadly dan. This card to nine days to get the pus for Kyrgyzstan, against this is fierce. Such as Decoction of clove flat abscess treatment.

Carbuncle was born in his elbow, swelling and pain, if failure, will perish, can not be ignored. Yi Yi Yi zhi.


Resolution on the elbow after elbow cricket on detoxification carbuncle

Dan Xi said: Cricket series, born in arm (small arm) and cheap, is the envelope. By thinking injured spleen, splenic injury, transport of late, the emulsion, a muscle, spleen stasis condenses discomfort. At the beginning of the bones such as mid sagittal, increasing pain, diffuse swollen hard, not red hot, before and after the back of hand and connected swollen pieces arm can not rotate, long the mass gradually broken, the hole hole flow in the white pulp, break collusion hole, potential hard swelling disappear, such as pus shower drain leakage; patients have to face yellow lean muscle, eating less, afternoon alternating cold and heat, deficiency and Tim, but success certificate shall be. Early appropriate Xiaoyaosan, with ginseng decoction for nourishing qi, Qi and blood, spleen and stomach to help keep three or four, ten. If the jump cast cold gram, damage the spleen and stomach, then live fresh men.

Around the elbow elbow by the carbuncle was born in heart and lung, hot condensed, small as big as furuncle, carbuncle.

Posterior cubital carbuncle, also hot stagnation, stagnation of Qi and. Two from the beginning of the card, are advised to evacuate camp.


On the wrist against the carbuncle carbuncle on

Dan Xi said: students outside of the wrist, wrist carbuncle, hand Sanyang, by hot damp condensation. But the flesh pouring thin place, if not in a break, or diffuse swelling collapse is flat; collapse, are difficult to reverse bone decay, closing. If the red swollen hard rotten, and many students head, namely a drumstick mad, also known as diplomatic.

Against the gangrene, the wrist stripes between students, after the front end of the arteries, veins or gangrene. At the beginning of cold and heat pain, pain of shoulder hand, action inconvenience. This is the lung portal, if the collapse is deep Qi vent, the most dangerous time. More than two cards are imitation clove flat abscess treatment.


On hand back hand poison tray on furuncle

Hand back, hair on the back of the hand, Zhongzhu liquid gate two points, is the triple energizer meridian, if the hair in the middle of the palace, is the hand Jueyin pericardium meridian, multiplied by the wind and heat, stagnation of Qi blood. At the beginning of shaped like a thorn, aversion to cold evil heat, faint stuffy pain vomiting, itchy, and full of high swelling after poly drug sore, deep to the bone. A pyosis soon; if the diffuse swollen hard, and later to break at the beginning of a carbuncle; grain swollen, the next day is rotten, this is a wet fire. At the beginning of Yi Ju use Jingfang Baidu San, with Huanglianjiedu Decoction, or Xijiaodihuang decoction. (there will be back to be utterly rotten, adding pearl powder, paste baiyugao closing)

Palm poison, a Qing pearl poison, also known as panaritium, hand Shaoyin heart, hand Jueyin heart envelope two by wet fire poison. Also. The sores such as bubbles, such as blood red color, small in shape, in more than very pain, no day and night, this card often have not received power, bleeding and the dead. Treatment will use large replenishment agent, with detoxification flavor, such as Ding, honeysuckle, Radix Scrophulariae, rehmannia, angelica, Cortex Moutan, Fritillaria genus.

Plmar pustule, born in the palm center, Department of hand Jueyin and Shaoyin two by the secretary. By fire blazing, forcing blood folly, liver inspired poison scattered limbs, to excessive grief, wine festival, and then to flow to poison the bone marrow, invasion of the palace, the palace of the heart vein, so toxic yan. From the beginning of hard foam, the bubble is bright that pick. In Yinhua Jiedu Decoction treatment.


On hand Ya hair on Hegu carbuncle

Wuzhi ya at junction poison swollen, in addition to Hoku Hegu a thumb carbuncle, more than all the famous ya, ya, Ya name hand hand, hand Sanyang undergo certificate; the palm of hand three yin ya, is subjected to permit. Beginning as millet gradually, such as beans, hot pain. This is made up of wet fire. At the beginning of the evacuation should be Qingrejiedu; after the success of the pus out, namely to silkworm, angle of needle penetration; to discharge pus evil back, stomach and help and the camp, and then closing.

Hegu gangrene, also known as the tiger poison ah. The large intestine caused by damp heat toxin also. At the beginning of the yellow millet vesicles, heat itching and pain of deep roots. Red online attack within that axillary, dorsal carbuncle. If the beginning of such as beans, gradually to diffuse swollen, hard pain and not a ninja, Hegu gangrene. With the same card before treatment.


The water boil boil on snake eyes on the head

The day also known as snake venom, furuncle, carbuncle or tone. Green thumb head, or he. Beginning as millet gradually, such as beans, or like peaches and plums, hard swollen sore heart; or green or white, yellow or black Zhazi at first, itching or numb pain, since the bones issued, deep root toxic heavy, hand Taiyin lung, pericardium and heart by heat. The envelope a. Even the back of the hand is swollen hands, fingers hard skin. When the pig jacket, or with realgar powder coated, with more clothes sweating detoxification pill of toad venom, Yinhua Jiedu decoction. If four or five days after fester, yellow head thorn, Shun; if not collapse without pus, black holidays, insurance. The drug intake or Liangge, Huanglianjiedu Decoction, Xijiaodihuang Decoction etc.. If the poison gas attack, vomiting without eating, swelling, Chifeng bleeding, is dangerous syndrome. This card cannot be cut early sepsis when immature, otherwise caused by cracking of skin pain doubled, not meat, quick healing. That is how long if suffering from bone, bone out can only be shut, virtual and not gathered to fill. More pus discharge, do not burn, the rotting ribs, to fall to a festival.

Snake boils by sharp fingernails born, shaped like beans, purple color with a half dew, as hard as nails. The hair also burn. If there is a yellow head out of the eye, that is, to pick the broken needle.

Water head, fingers are bright yellow bubble. It is advised to prick, the water is more.


Resolution refers to the chronic inectious disease furuncle on belly loach

The name refers to the student body claw nails. Three or four days later, a surface is a little yellow. At first at the beginning of swelling heat pain should be advised by heart, licorice, puxiao all five money, namely from the dip decoction. If a surface is yellowish, purulent has become, but no Ruth discharge, must use the line in the nail body near the needle pus pick a hole, then light hand drawn pus side; squeeze out more than pus, using Coptis plaster easy more. If the loss of governance, so that the sepsis steeped in good meat, nail breaking, will fall off. To use the amber paste, closing time.

Chronic inectious disease, also known as the snake festival festival was born in furuncle, bone fingers, round are swollen, its color or yellow or purple. By burning the condensation. Treatment with clove flat abscess.

Dolphin belly furuncle, a snake belly furuncle. In the middle segment of finger inside, like the fish maw, also known as fish poison. Refers to a swelling of the heat, pain and even elbow arm. By hot rheumatism poison, dry heart, so this is the poison hearts card. But in that communicating fingers, if the felon color purple black, the poison will be bad, easy to psychological; if the heart is toxic, vomiting is not food, but for God consciousness coma, died of the syndrome. Service and protecting the heart of Dan always sip, then serving in the deadly poison dan. Yu Zhi with clove flat abscess.


Life and death on different resolution loss camp saber

The husband lost camp saber, one is not a cure, for the cure, with the same shape and similar parts of the affected area, and so as. Out of camp, the liver Yang Yu Long, not angry, loss of collateral by cAMP litter, road block, such as trees lost in splendor, shoot dry skin is also named coke. In the ear before and at the beginning of term, shaped like a chestnut, rostellar root, such as phlegm tumor shape, according to the hard stone heartless, push refused to move, such as nail muscles are also. Not cold, not feel pain, then gradually increase; dull pain, muscle and bone pain, gradually broken, but bleed water without pus, gradually big mouth inner decay, stone shape, concave, convex, heart very pain, chest tightness, irritability, spirit is not closed, gas is not satisfied with it; have a sore head bleeding such as spray pot, and stop over. Body of the timid, real-time and death; such as blood gas strong action, or phuan. If the bleeding, cannot long (also put three or four times to death, I have seen). This is one of the four, it is difficult to treat. If the guilty persons are advised to quit, seven, more suitable will; to raise the blood, stagnation of drug solution, often serving it, Shu can promote the life for years, it has been. The application of the party, such as Jiaweixiaoyaosan, Guipi Decoction, Yiqi Yangying decoction, Buzhongyiqi decoction, and camp San Jian pill, and can also use discretion.

By two the saber hepatobiliary Yu Qi inverse knot, also born in the neck, its shape is long and hard, in love, what bursts with along the flank to the chest, as well as evil card. If the patient can make feeling comfortable, nursed properly, treatment by shugansan evil, and belongs to soft Kennedy, can be in half a year and was all the more. Let not self love, or the situation is different, is increasing, for long time, sore head broken, and large ulcer swollen situation has become more strong, and many do not shoot. However the non lost camp can not cure it. Therefore, in conjunction with the two card, in order to clarify the difference between life and death. With medication and scrofula.


Take back between yin and Yang and the different syndromes of Tongzhi

Back, take the weight of the abscess will permit different treatment and also the same as it does. Back, in the ridge, Du Meridian and bladder meridian of foot Taiyang, a middle of the card. Injury in the lung, in the hair, in Tianzhu under the bone; injury in the heart and liver, the hair in the middle, for the heart; injury to the spleen and kidney, then in the next, for the umbilical. Probably the back of the card, although the names of many (Lotus hair, hair, hair, honeycomb on the heart of umbilical hair, not the name) between yin and yang two cards. The feeling of the six evils of the hair, as Yang card. At the beginning or end, or two days after the head, or as large as the palm of your hand, or as big as a bowl of red, swollen, pain, fever, polydipsia and restless, if the potential is very great, the pulse number is strong, can enter the diet. With Chansu pills sweating, and Yinhua Jiedu Decoction, or Xijiaodihuang Decoction Qingying antipyretic, do not hurt the stomach. After a break in the Xian pus. It has purulent, acute head should be open, otherwise the toxins, caused by the change of. To break, or rotten feet, if there is no evil, is to cast a nourishing agent, meat most easily, also easy to treat this syndrome. In the sense of emotions and, as the Yin syndrome. Because of anger or sorrow, or because of excessive labor room, or because of a rich wine, sunburn, Dan Shi Yin fire heat, its usually dry, burning in the channel, causing great suffering. At the beginning of a head such as millet, roots loose, not very high swelling, less pain, color red, purple and stagnant glazed, pulse fine and weak, the diet into check sleep stuffy pain irritability, thirst constipation, sleep incisor. The four or five day, sore head shaped like a lotus, too many to count, named lotus, also known as carbuncle hair comb. If you see a middle head alone, four out of countless microcephalus, namely the name Wang Chao birds. The area of each containing yellow, not collapse, according to the bleeding. To eight or nine, the head piece, contents are out, through a knot clothing, remove and knot, the surface is bad for a sore, but not off the meat is rotten, the pus inside, its color is dark. This virtual vitality, and sunken to the card, will cause coma syncope, hand foot against the cold, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and can not be saved. To have success, with Shen Jun Neto powder, filling vigour, Hebei the blood lead sepsis, toxic leakage; Wujin topical cream or deadly Dangai paste, to mention the poison in order not to swell without ulcer, rot rotten, have vitality. Dan Xi said: not to support sparse ulcer ulcer detoxification; already, to support added strength based. Chen Yuan said: the public Yang poison poison attack, malice must be corrected. This word is key of surgery, Shen Zuoshijiyi, to permit dangerous potential Benedict, and were also.

As for the hand, also has the lower division. Take the hand on the shoulder bone was born, to back channel two, rat foot gangrene, but also of our sun, the sun; in ninth vertebral spine dashou was born on both sides of the gaohuang acupuncture point name, Qinglong gangrene, Department of Yangming, lunar Division also put under section fourteenth; born in the spine between the side flank three inch Huangmen point, but the company also Taiyin meridian. That's because, with the lower hand, both can take, named. Take the cover from the accumulated heat in a fire by more than catch by the liver and spleen Huochi, come under the yuan weakness, kidney water dissipation and. This card is also different from Yin and yang. Yang Syndrome and Yin Syndrome type high swelling, low and depression; Yang Syndrome red ribbon Yin Syndrome stagnation; Yang Syndrome will be the beginning of the beginning of pain, syndrome of Yin Yang Syndrome will itch; fester pus, fester blood Yin Syndrome; Yang Syndrome and Yin Syndrome due to internal injury due to exogenous. The treatment of the law, and send back the card, Ontario can pass, although said the card size, potential severity, and so qingrehuadu, nourishing blood, no two and. The two cards, there are three variable like depression and brain abscess, with the same number of waiting. And back hand and brain abscess, and festering rot off after the new meat was full, and not healing, with pure filariasis, their aversion to cold and heat, and even conscious coma, sore four red, delay four cloth, do not fear. This is available when cooling clear solution, such as fresh, horn, paeonol etc.. Once a day or two days after the body sweating, cold, red and swollen back flat, its natural and small sores. This camp by the loss of the fire caused by Wang floating. Sweating and fire since the bulk, Ying Wei and sore, since grabbing. The secular saw that each Mo can do, never know defeat card. And a pernicious card, hair carbuncle swelling, such as the potential back, but the head is bursting, while the outside does not rot, and because of damp clogging. If the pus out thick thick, and easy to get rid of the internal rot. Treatment and Yang syndrome.

Again, take the cure back syndrome, the best moxibustion, ask the date, yin and Yang, pain or pain, or pain, but not pus, or break, "moxibustion. Take garlic slices, Anne sore head, with Moxa Moxibustion, three strong in garlic, pain moxibustion to pain, pain, pain moxibustion to the party does not stop, the poisonous gas with natural fire and scattered; if there are more than 10 head make a living, with garlic research into a paste, as Griddle Cake, Pu sore head, also in garlic cake poly AI burning. Cover so evil, but garlic moxibustion, and apply effective Wujin cream.


On chest carbuncles on GaN danzhong carbuncle carbuncle

The chest is chest carbuncles in church, to Adam's apple three inch, not far from home, but six foot of the intersection, with the most vicious, man lives, should immediately rule. If the three or four day loss of governance, is cracking open meat, also very terrible. To use the bezoar, xiongdan porphyrized, oil coating quadrilateral string, so as not to blossom. Such as pain, with frankincense and myrrh as the end of the paper to lay thick, green cloth roll, dipped in oil ignition, in four as the confining sore, pain self check. Oral Chansu pills, live drink to dissipate. If constipation pulse repletion, with Lianggesan Tongfu Xiere; after a successful break, with Tori disinfection; eight and ten supplementation and export.

Shanzhong carbuncle middle two milk heart, is Ren tanzhongxue. Cover for gas in the sea of mutton, gas distribution in Yan, yin and yang. If the Yin and Yang organs disharmony, seven is uneven, the poison. At the beginning, there also take pill Chansu Decoction; if hard swelling fever nausea, constipation, irritability, cold drink, tongue dry mouth, six heavy and strong, appropriate clothing in sparse Huanglian soup, in addition to the evil within, not change heart kyrgyzstan. I like the card before treatment.

Sweet meat milk carbuncle, was born in high-rise, house points under the genus in the lung. No matter is concerned about and become angry. Treatment.


Attending on differentiation of lung abscess

People have long cough after lung injury, skin yellow thin hair color, not coke, throat female dummy, chills and fever, night sweating, asthma must not lie, urine and not thirsty, in the mouth spit phlegm turbid foam without pus, the number of false astringent pulse, this is the case. People have diaphragm pain, dry mouth and throat thirst, dyspnea not repose, coughing, spitting will feel very pain, according to the more unbearable pain, shortness of breath, limbs slightly swollen throat, smell the stench of gas, with vomiting pus, chest skin armour fault, micro meat, to the right person sleep and not left lying, lying is left out of urgent unease, pulse number and strong, this is pulmonary abscess. Atrophy, atrophy, such as grass wilt without wing, death and exhaust for Tianjin; carbuncle, also obstruct, Qi Yu inverse, and also in the long. The lung is the internal organs in the canopy cover, the chest, the main gas, waiting in the fur. Where the Ministry of blood deficiency and wind by the skin, in the sense in the lung, the sweat evil wind, cough shortness of breath, strong nose, fullness in chest and hypochondrium, long and not from, is attending; or sweat too much weight, also can cause the death of body fluid. If the wind in the Wei, the hot breath, forced to breathe out, Rong, wind heat injury hurt the fur, blood, heat stroke, blood stagnation in the lung, long missed, but is not real desire to such as lung abscess; renal section, water deficiency and xuhuo phlogistic, or wine sunburn, spicy taste, fumigation in the lung, all can also become carbuncle. The fistula is the deficiency of vital qi, carbuncle for evil. Qi deficiency, treatment should be slow; evil, treatment should be quick; deficiency with Buzhong Yi, it should fill diarrhea. Impotence, Yi qingzhaojiufei Decoction; treatment of carbuncle, did not break, Yi Tingli Dazao xiefei decoction, or qianjinweijing Decoction; it already, should fill in Huangqi decoction.



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