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[summary]Furuncle is a superficial skin in acute suppurative diseases, everywhere, children and youth. "Surgical" science said: "furuncle, p



Furuncle is a superficial skin in acute suppurative diseases, everywhere, children and youth. "Surgical" science said: "furuncle, primary protuberance, floating red without foot, swollen in the skin, only one or two inches wide, with less pain, the number of days after Microsoft, thin peel, a green water, after breaking out pus." This disease occurs in summer and autumn, raised root shallow, swelling potential limitations, lift the red pain, range is about 3cm, easy to break, easy swelling, easy convergence. The beginning can be divided into two kinds of head, no head, general symptoms of light and easy to treat, so the saying goes "boil without size, pus is good". But also because of improper care or treatment form, or recurrent mole cricket furuncle ", the long time does not heal. Multiple ", is not easy to cure furunculosis. This disease is equivalent to western medicine, a single hair follicle and sebaceous glands or sweat glands of acute suppurative inflammation.

Etiology and pathogenesis

Because the wet Yu fire, wind evil, two-phase pump knot, Yun made skin resistance; or because in the summer season feel damp heat pathogen and health; or because of the hot weather, sweating is not smooth, damp heat in the steam skin, caused by complex prickly heat, scratching, breaking injury and poisoning.

After suffering from furuncle if handled improperly, the pus is too small, poor drainage, resulting in purulent fluid retention; or due to scratching the bumps, so that sepsis by channeling, spread of the scalp is thin, the air channeling into cricket furuncle.

Yin deficiency of diabetes patients or patients with weak spleen disease, long Qi and yin deficiency of both susceptible to the toxin, and recurrent, persistent, and multiple furunculosis.


Local skin swelling and pain, fever, chills, dry mouth, constipation, yellow urine and other symptoms.

There is a mass of color, red hot head furuncle skin, about the size of 3crn, pain, bulge shallow roots Central has a small pus head, pus out more.

Two, there is a red lump head skin, the range of about 3cm or so, no pus head, hot surface, pressure pain, 2 - 3 days after a soft purulent abscess, ulcer after rapid healing.

Three, good hair at the child's head cricket furuncle. Clinically, there are two types. A sore swollen situation is small, but the foot hard, festering pus and hard after fever, sores healed after a period will relapse, often a healed, he was born. Another sore as big as Mei Li, is 35, after the break and pus sores healing time, scalp channeling, channeling with points such as mole cricket.

Four, good hair in the back, furunculosis, back, buttocks, several dozens of years of repeated attacks, lingering does not heal. Can also be distributed throughout the body, the more will be here, he again. Especially good hair at the sebum secretion, diabetes and frail people.

Differential diagnosis

A single, often carbuncle swollen situation; a large range, the local high top color red, skin tight bright; there are obvious systemic symptoms.

Two, facial healing beginning as miliary pus head, foot deep, swollen situation lax; pus later and purulent suppository; most of the patients with early systemic symptoms.

Three, carbuncle swollen range from 9 to 12em above, there are multiple miliary pus; after diabrosis like honeycomb; heavier symptoms; longer duration.

Differentiation of symptoms and signs

First, internal treatment

(a) to noxious heat in gas filled with fire. It can also be a boil of only 1-2, from the body, or a cluster, or the more other; associated with fever, thirst, urine red, red tongue, yellow moss, constipation; pulse.

Dialectical analysis: feel the heat pathogen and toxin on the skin that contains disharmony, meridian barrier, blood stagnation, so the heat inside, so boils, fever, thirst, constipation, red urine.

Treatment: detoxification.

Prescription: five flavored disinfection drink addition and subtraction. Defecate on, adding rhubarb heat and purgation.

(two) summerheat damp accumulation in summer and autumn, good hair at the head, neck, back, hips, single or multiple pieces, boil red, heat, swelling, pain, scratching weeping; with nerves, chest tightness, throat pain, constipation, urine red; red tongue, moss yellow and greasy, pulse slide number.

Dialectical analysis: Damp heat pathogen heataccumulation skin into bouton; summer dampness block, the body heat not to leak, and damp heat stasis have upset, chest pain, mouth pain, dry throat, constipation, red urine and other symptoms.

Methods: Qingshu dampness detoxification.

Recipe: Qingshu decoction. Heat Sheng, Scutellaria, Coptis, and gardenia Qingrexiehuo; short red urine, plus 61 enemy heat diuretic; constipation, rhubarb combined with heat and purgation.

(three) Tixu poison love boil circulated throughout the body, the more they play, continue to occur, more easily into furuncle carbuncle, furuncle, color dark red, often accompanied by fever, rare pus; irritability or thirst, weakness of limbs soft; red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating, thready pulse.

Dialectical analysis: deficiency of vital Qi Wei is not solid, anti evil weakness, susceptible to toxin caused skin furuncle, deficiency of Qi and blood, not stuffed, so rare pus are virtual drug; love, so persistent fever, irritability, thirst; Yin deficiency syndrome; limbs weak Qi like.

Treatment: fuzhengjiedu.

Prescription: four wonderful soup addition and subtraction. Yin thirsty what, with asparagus, figwort, Ophiopogon japonicus nourishing yin. Such as diabetes and other disease, should active treatment of primary disease.

Two, external treatment

At the beginning, small person with pounded plaster affixed or Sanhuang lotion on the skin, with large or Jinhuangsan jade powder, silver flower or Chrysanthemum dew fades into mud form. Hair full of sores, broken into weeping, with Qingdai powder, sesame oil dressing.

Pus is incision and drainage, 91 Dan plaster affixed with taiyi. The pus to Shengjisan.

The prevention and therapy []

1 eat less spicy fried and sweet food, eat fishy volatiles in.

2 pay attention to personal hygiene, wash bath, wash hair, change clothes and maintaining local skin clean.

The 3 summer season drink soft drinks, such as honeysuckle, mung bean barley soup.


The boil is in acute purulent superficial skin diseases, single hair follicle is equivalent to Western infection, or sebaceous gland gland infection and contamination. Its characteristics are as follows: local color red, glowing, pain, swelling potential limitations, the range of more than 3 - 6cm, pus out of the more. May occur throughout the year, but the incidence is more in summer and autumn. Good hair on the head, neck, hips etc.. This disease should be differentiated from carbuncle, facial healing, carbuncle, lipoma, cyst type acne treatment. Heat stasis, expelling detoxification, with five kinds of disinfection Decoction; damp stasis, expelling dampness Qingshu detoxification, with Qingshu Decoction; body empty poison love card, Zhi Yi Fuzhengjiedu, with four wonderful decoction.

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