Seventy-two disease treatment methods (manuscript)

1 feverFeather warm heat for heat, cold skin off Fu lie; this is the table hot well, no sweat solution Gong Fang jie.Steamed fever heat, Yan


1 fever

Feather warm heat for heat, cold skin off Fu lie; this is the table hot well, no sweat solution Gong Fang jie.

Steamed fever heat, Yang evil into Yin zhe; like gas as the steamer, thirsty of Hugh travel.

A table is not evil, to spread in disorder, as in Xing evildoer; heat to suffer, half exterior and half for heat.

But the treatment is expensive, regardless of major typhoid tongue; no sweat, don't sweat ephedra Guizhi, sun notes.

2 hot flashes

Hot flashes are often like the tide, the tide and Yangming thorns; in their top the liver is wood, the imitation of this fine thought.

Consumer guide for dredging treatment, temperature can remove heat and cold bogey; by hot flashes, than the same cavity of typhoid fever.

3 cold evil heat cold and heat exchanges like malaria malaria

How cold and heat exchanges, divided evil bile victims; to evil in the table, aversion to cold, heat evil evil planted in the prophets.

If the evil in half, so cold and heat exchanges; day and night attack without a fixed number, that is not to pass through.

And like malaria malaria disease, sometimes as a general check also arranged; Chaihu Decoction reconciliation, misdelivered vomit also is bad.

4 dysphoria

Cold or lose the table into trouble in enthusiastic disturbance; and Fanre different families, when Xiao Yin Yang.

Yang Real confusion upset heat, yin deficiency and kidney angry impatience; trouble is very hot hot light, irritability has vexed dryness.

5 evil wind evil wind

A bad cold chills, open dry evil of the evil wind; that is Yang and Yin and Yang, aversion to cold than not.

And typhoid back the evil wind, back to Yang abdominal Yin; Yang deficiency to back chills, ginger and Zong will live at.

6 strong dizziness and headache

Typhoid fever headache and dizziness, unusual parts called evil in the sun; head will only add to the real pain for you.

If the home from body pain, sweating and limbs become Death style; not yourself, illness after reinforcing points.

7 chest fullness knot XiongGe full

No heat in the Yin cold, bring fullness; according to the pain of typhoid blood, chest and diaphragm drop out without lifting.

Fever with chills in Yang, mistakenly opened the door and in accordance with the party Curtis loss; pain thoracic small, not by self pain can hurt.

Hot and cold, chest vexed thirsty, chest stuffy, fear of cold junction; water knot chest is swollen and sweat, not light mistakenly don't discuss.

8 full belly full of abdominal pain

The spleen is the central Si e soil, Taiyin disease suffering abdominal; Yang toxin for evil hand foot temperature, pain stop words confused.

No longer so full, and full of malice birth; abdominal desires is no rest, and can eliminate the product full of blood stasis.

9 no sweat night sweats sweating sweating sweat

Pathogenic cold injury foot Sanyang, striae solid dense outer fluid endosmotic aparina; no sweat rain, Mahuangtang table is good.

The three foot Hanxie injury Yin, loose sweat pouring striae; flow rather than death in Guizhi Tanglike search.

Night sweats steal sleep, wake up the shadow without a trace; half exterior and half evil entrenched, gallbladder heat Yizhong Bupleurum decoction.

In the realm of evil Yang Bo, natural head to sweat is long; rain for Yang De, Huangqi Guizhi soup and save.

Foot leaves the spleen and stomach, cold from the cremation of central heat; fluid flow Pang limbs sweat, clear spleen drink Fang Jie to work

10 sepsis and constipation diarrhea difficult urination urination dysuria

Diarrhea of yin and yang to seriously, to take root because of soil water; so much typhoid mistakenly, general self.

Three body muddy heat diarrhea, hand foot Taiyin Shaoyin is mild; the number of water ice, if the heart is cool to save jueyin.

There is pus typhoid, stomach yin cold evil guest; Qingzhuo not zoning by wet, than ordinary blood.

The size of the disease, can find the door rule; typhoid transmission like and not like cold ETS diseases.

11 cholera typhoid fever vomiting cough dyspnea Wan retching hiccup inverse shortness of breath

The gas hard cloth short breath, chest stuffy evil Ji; inverse gas crude gas on China, the world will not.

Cholera vomiting and retching, Hiccup cough and dyspnea, this chapter re - three corner, living without a loss of treatment.

12 yellow hair

Yellow can be typhoid scaredly, two-phase steam gas temperature damp heat in spleen and stomach; most smoke bag, heat invasion residual lotus shape.

Yellow urination urination disorder, blood stasis; lift body into four black yellow lip, the deeper the heat Yishen yellow.

Even the injured blood macular, headed out of the skin hold end; light if the measles mosquito trace, while areca money.

The mosquito trace found only in the hand foot spot, abdominal skin unbearable; patients see frenzy, red red off for the spot.

With static point theory. The first red macular trace; always evil does not dissipate, with sweat induced stroke.

Most avoid blood spot if the real dragon fire burnt, Mingmen kidney; hair spot to cast speed category, and the cost of Cimicifuga decoction.

13 model four inverse inverse cold cold

In the cold side of the book that obstinate cold, who is also a solid model, Yuan really touch the scene because of inside and outside, abdominal pain and cold limbs fat lip light.

Yaotuitong sitting ice, cold sweating death flow; also known as energy-saving Yin Wei, Yang Fang Ling the moxibustion relief.

The party also has Jue, serious reason is not bad hair; but as the inverse is Xi Jue cold, how to look and smell.

Yang Jue Jue ran after the first heat, the heat is also deep deep faint cloud; Yang Xian Jue Jue and then hot, straight into the cloud by yin.

He always becomes cold limbs faint, Yao is not enough; Fuzilizhong Decoction with moxibustion, and vitality of poseidon.

Four is the inverse depth of cold limbs, notes with a knife kyu; evil in the form of hand foot, half exterior and half milder.

Cold limbs into evil, the section of clear heat and temperature by the temperature; the purple cold, four inverse soup powder search speed.

14 a sound of delirium

That is a language of delirium, a sound does not throw the sound; what is evil, delirium, Qi Xi is a sound running.

Light sleep in whispers of heavy sentence, wake up also only one or two words'; wall language, heat evil severity has clearly.

15 sleepless sleep (Qi belongs to Yang Yin, diurnal, nocturnal blood, yin and Yang of somnia by partial sleep)

Wei Qi sun like Yang Wu, Yang Sheng Yin and Wei Qi Yin like sleepless; night watch, yinshengyangshuai Zi Ming.

The cloud night insomnia, cloud Duomian day also sleep; the anti typhoid syndrome, born to fried jujube.

16 thirsty tongue dry mouth

The evil heat dissipation water to thirsty, dry evil heat accumulating appetite; a cup of water can be car passing, or lightly fried consumption of body fluid.

The tongue is the heart of Miao color this red, white yellow no strong slip lines; most avoid kidney water, saliva, tongue blood pricking vein youhong.

17 epistaxis, hematemesis

The root cause of epistaxis heat invading blood folly in the nasal Hansai body; the cloud ran blood no sweat, sweat ran no blood therapy.

If seven are bleeding, typhoid red as the criteria; heat without doubt hematemesis, blood lead to really gains by.

18 Zhi tugging Su meat ribs against war and slackening

Husband Zhi disease belongs to the bladder, head back this is a tonic; sense of cold dampness, penis traction caused by spasm.

Eyes open, no sweat for just Zhi, Yin fever Gegen Decoction; eye closed sweat is gentle, Yin cold limbs Guizhi decoction.

In the heat of the wind tugging and slackening, wind up falling is active; shrinkage and slackening stretch slowly tugging urgently, the blood of Rongjin medicine with temperature.

War at two Su of yin and Yang, do not talk to shake the universe; evil fight to fight, fight evil Su is red.

Meat ribs against not often, all who move Run jump over dead body fluid; blood dry, muscular dystrophy,.

19 from work and food complex complex color complex

After the disease and drunk crazily, the speech disorder of vein accident; like malaria malaria forget hunger, than evil is still in many heart cells.

Eating too much food to eat, the soil is difficult to win the Valley gas; labor re issued as a result of rehabilitation, the edge of its blood is not foundation.

Yin and Yang Trading for color, it is most difficult to cure poison; Yujing stir pain difficult to lift, faint eyes all know.

The woman in the jade door emergency, waist pain even micro pulse string; typhoid from for emergencies, in addition and subtraction support action.

20 heat into the blood chamber

The cold woman sad, headache and fever and aversion to cold; suitable to flush the letter of this disease, the body is cold lumbar pain, embarrassment.

The day night smart delirium, like malaria malaria is not a concept; heat into the blood chamber for the name, not to see Hangzhou kaifeng.

21 fox roundworm Ascaris

This is the three stomach roundworm carrion, cold for food; even eat human organs, limbs fatigue often.

The smell of food vomiting Ascaris roundworm disease, drug seeking treatment of acid salt. The fox is hesitant to decide, stab into the stomach to stab into the heart.

22 Fu Yu remorseful

Fu Yu also unsatisfactory, limb pneumatosis by anger; regretful smile kuanshu, love for Sanmen Amoy puzzle.

23 are Lily

Not have called for the cadavers, acupuncture limb skin itching muddy does not know; how stubborn, obstinate cold medicine converting meridian.

Lily is broken bones typhoid disease, disease medicine is difficult to hire; no meridian section, sweat vomit purgation letter.

Like the cold not cold not afraid of cold, hot without hot not hot; do not eat food micro I don't lie, and are difficult to solo song.

24 imaginary trouble by Tanqi beriberi

Tanqi cold sweat evil wind, aversion to cold heat rushed spit attack; head body pain is not strong, the boundaries in jixi.

How is the cold beriberi, headache, heart heat constipation, foot knee flexion weak difficult to move, cold and dampness in hair.

His imaginary trouble heat evil, dare not work hard sweat; head pain, chills, fever really like the slightest judgment.

How do you know like by cold, dizziness and fever chills; abdominal fullness in the chest and vomiting than typhoid fever as medicine.

25 door method

The wind brought six floating wood hepatobiliary disease, string fetus; hemiplegia hysteria spleen low four, hundreds and thousands of drugs in this plant.

Blood stroke hemiplegia difficult dance, body lying paralyzed; tugging and slackening tetany, whole body pain ah.

Forget the meridian stroke itching, numbness of skin due to coercive wind; Fu Xi God trance, but remain unconscious of dust.

As for the dirty bowel can break, eyes askew lockjaw blinded judgment; his voice disappeared, phlegm spitting flower.

Guo Tao of pioneer, buckle and Lindera SHUNQI; Huoxiangzhengqi no formality, life soup into certificate issued.

In case no remnants of the needs, communication and wind change; most avoid shaking head with straight, as if the rain sweat bead surface makeup.

Nose tongue and throat pull saw fish swallow, waterways into life difficult; in the shape like stroke, cold is not the same vein.

What is hard to recognize without saliva, false medicine to die life style; many more similar to the style, blowing control medicine.

In their mouth without saliva, stroke with saliva in the mouth; Qimai slow, light with huoxiangzhengqipowder.

Stroke floating pulse flood, or with uniform gas dispersion downwind.

Customs powder

A little taste for saponin powder is blown into the nose, sneezing can be saved, no dead again. The lung was also cover. If the mouth is not open, the tendons must first. Nor cure.

Lindera SHUNQI Decoction

Lindera SHUNQI silkworm ginger, tangerine peel in Fructus aurantii Xiongzhi; licorice ephedra and Platycodon grandiflorum, first take the stroke is good. Cardiff partial paralysis of the body surface air flow, so the treatment with ephedra chuanxiong. The language is astringent, the air is not smooth also. It is treated with Radix Linderae peel of Fructus aurantii. The mouth is not the same. It is treated with Angelica silkworm, licorice can slow shortness of breath in the throat. But the inverse of Lung Qi of Platycodon grandiflorum. The phlegm is the object, the cold is the stagnation, the heat is popular, with the help of dry ginger and its stagnation. This temporary agent.


Huoxiangzhengqi perilla Chen, Zhu Ling Zhi areca peel; Platycodon Pinellia licorice thick, cold damp corresponding.

The wind must Fanzhi Qi, phlegm eliminating self Shun gas. The use of Huoxiangzhengqi Qing Yang rising turbid Yin decline. The upside down, where the evil way.

Ming Tang continued ginseng monkshood, wind has Guangxi ephedra; licorice almond Xiongshao kuqin no longer make anti four. The ancients in order to treat stroke is unknown in the mix. I said that ephedra almond soup. Zhongjing's treatment of the sun's typhoid fever. Guizhi Shaoyao Guizhi Decoction is. Sun Zhong kageharu of stroke. If it is said that there is a stroke and a headache, the body is strong in the spine of the strong need to use. Ginseng licorice four Jun two also. The Bureau of Qi, four two peony. The Bureau for nourishing blood. Such words. It is also a stroke Qi deficiency. All must be used. The wind with wood disease accompanied by the wind, wet abdominal disease accompanied by the. Yin Yin cold disease is accompanied by aconite. The positive Yang heat disease is associated with Scutellaria baicalensis georgi. Cover the disease. Fuck the lapel Lapel to, and this is also the medication.

Fangfengtongsheng GUI Jing Heguo oldgeneral Alice gypsum. Xiong Zhi Platycodon qinshao, ephedra Zhi slide ills. Ephedra diaphoretic also windproof husband. In the wind of the skin, the sweat and relief by. Jing Aiqing. Also, in the wind of the top of the head, the nasal discharge and also by. Huang Zhi Xiao Tongli big medicine, wind of the stomach in shenyang. And then it is the same. In the wind of the sluices are from drowning and discharge. The wind with hand Li lung skin by the evil. Platycodon Qingfei Fu also talc. And so remove the forsythia Scutellaria fire tour. The wind is from the liver tablets. The blood and liver of Ligusticum chuanxiong and Angelica sinensis. And so while stomach and licorice Atractylodes spleen and stomach also.

Stablepill licorice Angelica Angelica Chuanxiong Fangfeng notopterygium Gentiana Angelica Angelica Radix Scutellariae radix paeoniae alba Rhizoma Rehmanniae Asarum plaster. Xu Ke Yun wind evil also. The disease is not to leave, the wind nourishing agent to treat. Use of Gentiana as the eagle. With its dominance of the wind. We go to the heart of the fire total gypsum. Go to the sun wind notopterygium 100 pain, as the wind wind medicine in soldiers. The number of variable wind has three wind dry gas cleaning from angelica, Radix scutellariae. Dry heat on blood to cool to live. Stay in rheumatoid foot Shaoyang licorice slow wind. Upper and lower lung. Is the Chinese angelica radix rehmanniae, so nourishing expells wind after. One with the wind medicine dry. A hand to get blood and can grip, enough blood can also step.

The 26 summer gate method

Heat injury in the Qimai should be empty, summer heat pulse typhoid disease and cold outside the Shu; although if fever is not painless spasm.

No pain no rush to avoid cold thermoplegia intense heat, heat Youqing heart and stomach should rest; envelope, the evil in the heart from the teeth.

Tired of drinking water or vomiting, Elsholtzia Yinzi can pioneer; five Lingsan for Xi state, six soup and don't hesitate to.

Elsholtzia drink

Elsholtzia Yinzi ginseng dried tangerine peel, white magnolia of Qin Huangqi; licorice papaya white lentils, Qingxin this summer flooding is odd.

Five Lingsan

Five Ling soup pig Poria, Atractylodes Rhizoma alismatis Guangxi heart; Yin Yang Qingshu dampness, trance set enron.

Liuhe Yingzhao Patchouli raised sand ginseng licorice Zhu Ling Ju; lentils papaya apricot officinalis, pinellia as summer flooding chiqu.

Husband six and also Liu Fu and, general secretary of the spleen and stomach. Where is the disease with the. Before the adjustment of the spleen and stomach, this is why. Incense can cure gastric body, the use of huosha, Essien powder can be the use of Spleen Qi, half apricot. Light energy can be hot and humid. Gan can adjust the spleen and stomach, so flat. Invigorating the spleen and stomach is weak and the spleen and stomach are complex. A cover of spleen treatment, water four fine cloth, five parallel, although bones nine orifices also Taihe solution. On the condition of the.

27 wet door method

Do you know why in the wet, with not knowing self; for rain fly home base, or are cold gas product.

A lower body skin sores, swollen spleen and stomach; pulse three to half the bitterly cold, notopterygium soup food desiccant.

Notopterygium dehumidification also windproof, Atractylodes Ligusticum no Lun miao. Cimicifuga Chai Hu phase encouraged, rheumatic pain disappeared on Sunday.

The husband wet dirty, muddy channels, in this wind medicine to cure my wet, Belcher wet, the sun is dry. And the wind is clean. Zhi Qi Zhi Zhi

28 touchhole method

The heart is the main fire with five lines, a monarch from the water source; the prime minister called the dragon fire, strength of the real thief disgusting.

The opportunity to incite trouble easy to forget, his life for Kidney Decoction; real fire purging daochishan xuhuo, appropriate filling withdrawal pay pill.

The fire that vein disease, cold drinks and reducing soup; more fire due to yin deficiency disorder, six kinds of the essence of rehmannia.

Daochishan internal medicine three, born a Akebia tail slightly goes okay; licorice, scared the real fire while wide.

Cool the soup Yongsheng rehmannia, gardenia figwort Alice licorice ballonflower Coptis, Mai men; a cup of water on the treatment of the source.

Withdraw pay pill: Coptis Phellodendron Scutellaria licorice ginseng raw Gardenia Akebia horn five flavor Radix bupleurum.

The heart of the husband and the small intestine are in the interior and exterior, so that the heart is hot and the small intestine is hot. To cool the brain. Licorice can slightly reducing heat, with straight to the small intestine. The bladder of akebia. The red lead powder is the fire evil. From the vent also.

29 internal method

Internal exogenous clear pulse on the air intake and the people welcome; cold than in the heat, gas frequency.

Cold and heat and Qi together, after the first light and heavy language; all are afraid of evil wind wind, the fire like ice cold.

For the deficiency caused by improper diet, palm bitter strong heat glare head; and between mouth tasteless, lazy expel short sound language.

I am not afraid of some longitudinal, slightly warm is not cold; lack of information insufficiency, Buzhongyiqi Miao god.

Buzhongyiqi Lai Shenqi, licorice to peel; Bupleurum L Cimicifuga right, exogenous injury for two.

The spleen is also, Kun also, the mother of all things, Qi also. Yang also. Dry also. Father of all things. It is too sleepy toil bones are false. Parents will have to be stolen. But in big injury, do not have to fill the form, is not a few in between the vast gas. The use of licorice in the level of compensation, to fill with ginseng Astragalus June supplement, Qi, soil to dry Angelica with runzhi. So to the gas stagnation, then with the benefit of tangerine peel. And so on a rise of Bupleurum Cimicifuga bile hepatitis B also of gas. The beginning of Oriental biological cover B, and B the airlift is fire wood s, will also order.

30 injury method

Such as wine without toxic heat, spleen and stomach disease often injection; pain vomiting coma product frequency, eating less into the spleen. Home.

Treatment of sweat and urinate, up and down to distinguish the wet Miao; Pueraria decoction solution does not move up, everyone is drunk and I wake up alone.

Pueraria solution wake ginseng ginger, green tangerine peel of Fuling Zexie radix; and sand the Divine Comedy, cardamom Calais governance wine injury.

Fu Ge flowers cold, hangover in poison, Fuling Zexie light, can make the wine of wet. Hide the cardamom Amomum sinensis essien. Can the food stagnation. Ginger so appetizers vomiting, so spend fried greasy shenqu. But the benefit was so sweet ginseng Atractylodes spleen and stomach injury.

31 depression method

V vein five Yu has been a prophet, wood Xi of acute vomiting; fire Lin inflammation to sweat hair, seize the odd Hui stagnation of soil.

The pure gold Yong Jose, water rushing% mo later; damp heat phlegm and blood food, also known as the six Yu also notes.

L don't lift down, when will change the root cause of the loss in time; Yu, Jieyu soup creation machine.

Cyperus Jieyu Atractylodes Chuanxiong peel white Fu from the Divine Comedy; Qiao Zhi Zhi Su stem of Fritillaria, and work in the country.

32 phlegm method

Phlegm disease is very short, thick phlegm drink dilute detail; Qi Jie is temporary, supporting the spleen causes more benign.

How to recognize the disease history, all kinds of temporary flow floating and sinking two; Chen Jianjing to add and subtract, guntan drinking fine thought.

Two liquorice and dried tangerine peel, pinellia Poria peel white; phlegm array of admiral, Tianbingjianzao with rejuvenation.

Husband phlegm, the thief of hearts. In the stomach, can not automatically, with slightly longer, the phlegm, Qi said the first, is the symptoms of solid and healthy to wet, the root of the party is also Wanquan; Pinellia drugs to dampness, Poria can sweet light dampness, phlegm wet to no regeneration temperature, gas properties of dried tangerine peel, licorice Xin Ping can spleen, two Chen Buwei phlegm, can make the stool urine long run.

33 cough method

The lung is the number of pure demon canopy, and into the heart of the habitat; sound to cough without phlegm, phlegm cough but not silent.

The sound of phlegm cough, a five do not talk with seasonal flooding; Shen Su decoction, pill to make clove pinellia.

Shensuyin in Poncirus decursivum, pinellia licorice Poria Radix Platycodon root peel; at the end of Qingjin Xiehuo disease are sparse.

Clove clove ginger Pinellia ginseng Asarum Pinellia areca can run, warm stomach, spleen deficiency phlegm, phlegm is stopped in the chest and diaphragm, Qi due to unfavorable, but as a cough. Pinellia Essien, so spleen, ginseng of the stomach so sweet. So the temperature for sputum ginger. The Xin powder drink so asarum. With areca to take weight, can be accompanied by phlegm. It is also the result of the high cloud.

34 acute dyspnea

The most difficult asthma acute respiratory medicine, stagger lung real heat evil potential sad; Yong pro, a micro Si lung deficiency.

Foot temperature Xisheng line, cold limbs dream undoubtedly; consider Dingchuan soup, Hushu is little cloud of mud.

Set clear Ling Su melon, citrus ginkgo Tussilago; licorice ephedra Sangbai apricot, aloes Pinellia in praise.

35 croup method

Croup original pulmonary orifices sputum, hot, cold and bag; throat day and night without stop ringing, a strange voice if playing the strings.

The heart was stained Wanyu decoction, Jigzhi Shen Se for the treatment of asthma and panacea; soup without rash on multi divergence.

Dingxiao Decoction with ginseng gelatin, and five kinds of Sangbai licorice ephedra; Pinellia poppy, strain was better of advent.

36 malaria method

How many names do not have malaria, all in vain; always internal and exogenous, inside and outside the fall of malaria laiqin.

Evil is not cold, yin and Yang Jue closed successfully; after the cloud without sputum for malaria, and the source can be eliminated.

The number of strings to be more hot sweat solution, string Hansheng to late Wen Ping; no sweat and sweat when the divergence of evil, when to stop seeking righteousness.

Chai Ling - Li Qing table, spleen unobstructed as wonderful; although guiku panacea cutting method, and the new long to clear.

The soup has scattered evil wind Ai Jing ephedra, fresh ginger; Perilla Zhi Xiongshao licorice, muddy sweat pouring two to malaria.

Chailingdecoction two soup, were asked for the new settlement of yin and Yang; malaria through inside and outside, without pride without Tao Le ping.

Clear spleen licorice Poria, Atractylodes Seedcases officinalis Qin; Pinellia licorice with Radix Bupleuri, lunar ghost on malaria.

Hot cold less bitter taste and dry throat size of red acerbity, pulse string number the lord.

The husband is clear the spleen, not cool that. But offend the evil, in a clear. The green magnolia to clear spleen phlegm. Pinellia ternata to remove the spleen in the wet, bupleurum Radix Scutellariae to remove the heat in the spleen. Licorice Qing to the spleen deficiency. Grass nuts and clear cream blind disease also.

Changshan Qibao drink: areca caoguo divided by Magnolia Chenpi licorice decoct with wine as early as the first camp. The floating pulse string slide are available, if a sunken fine zhewu.

Three solutions: Bupleurum Decoction to the treatment of malaria Alisma ephedra Festival agent when young president similar, lord. This side can be diarrhea real, virtual should fill their blood.

Antimalaria prescription: Changshan Sanqian areca caoguo a money money money Magnolia Pinellia Atractylodes eight peel money Chai Huba ebony five grain three red dates three onions Dengxin seven ginger three water two bowls of fried a bowl of the early East, Adachi neat clothes except.

37 methods of dysentery

How can a dysentery, due to damp heat blood stagnation; viscera accumulate aggregated cold, spleen and stomach caused by diet.

Do not come with red and white miscellaneous shape, all specimens of damp heat treatment; cool body pulse fine abdominal pain, body heat pulse at its bogey.

For gas Xianglian tenesmus, wood must be prepared; four episodes have reasons, not only the autumn is like.

Jiaweixianglian pills: Radix Glycyrrhiza herb Coptis and magnolia.

Wood gas Shao areca, Huang Houpu Fuling nitrate; Coptis chinensis to tail ginger tea, all in a total.

38 methods of diarrhea

There are a lot of diarrhea, most of the soil wet Sheng magic; no voicing Lanna door under wind, wet Sheng Mao micro pulse.

Treatment shall be raised and water, anxious helpless cast astringent method; Yinxian Decoction devascularization reasonable, cure diarrhea pill Dan is also very full.

Dry soup Guangxi wind, two two Ling Xi Alisma; Magnolia Chenpi licorice Jian Shao, mainstay skin function.

The husband wet into relief that Yang subsidence, this is also voicing inversion. Wind damp wet wind. Dry can win wet use two technique. Can the two light and ling. The use of Radix Paeoniae Alba by soil water disease. The Guangxi Park and so Jingzuo also make stream temperature.

Zhixie pills: after the meat and beans millet shell of dyspeptic diarrhea abdominal pain chebulinic Coptis white even diarrhea pain reduction in lung fine is also. For xiangshapingwei Zhiqiao and Baizhufuling dispersed.

Five: eight points in Fuling Lingsan eight points eight points eight points of Polyporus Alisma yam eight eight eight fried Atractylodes peel eight cinnamon oil eight Amomum myrobalan shell eight the treatment of wet water more. The abdominal pain abdominal sound of thunder, pulse fine is also.

Treating cold diarrhea due to Chinese medicine. A money money ginseng ginger licorice five seven points seven points points. Galangal ginger three money Guiwu Atractylodes Poria seven points seven points points peel a grain of two apricot plum. A wick. Cold and cold, thready pulse and aconite to Liang Jiang gui. Go to the park. Then sand abdominal pain nausea and retching Dengxin ginseng, ginger Pinellia to Liang GUI, diarrhea plus Cangshu yam. And more than add cardamom to Liang Jiang GUI Terminalia aconite. Sweating with Huangqi to Guangxi full stuffy Huoxiang Houpu to ginseng cinnamon Amomum galangal.

39 cholera method

What is the disease due to cholera, and was sad deep; suddenly or spit without diarrhea, diarrhea or vomiting without serious.

Confidant to spit abdominal pain and diarrhea diarrhea first, heart qi and abdominal spasm frequency; if in death, wet cholera, tigers name.

More twisted bowel dry cholera, vomiting and diarrhea may not be life without fear; pray in a moment, spit out more salt to the soup on rescue.

With five product Hexiangzhengqi Sanchun, seeking attention not winter; soil V shape similarity, the spirit of local sand and mud.

Huoxiangzhengqipowder see door.

Five product Chenpi licorice ginger, Shao Xiong Cangzhi Fuling details; Pinellia to Platycodon officinalis, Herba Ephedrae Fructus Guangxi analysis.

40 vomiting and other doors

The sound of things that are all out of vomiting, silent see spit sound medicine; no name retch, the sound of small and micro short light.

There is also no abdominal hiccup sound, the sound of major food that has been long in turbid; namely to vomit, also eating in the twilight spit.

YeGe think food is difficult to import, not Tuqi nausea and vomiting; Tunsuan swallow spit acid fluid, acid water gushing thin.

Why people call for inverse hiccup, wow sound as if strange; now owe a belching, stomach many thick phlegm damp heat.

But because of bad cut phlegm fire, pain, hunger or hunger; most suffering from lung and liver spleen and stomach, the amount of insurance will undoubtedly mouth sweat.

Will not close it, and drink soup and in addition and subtraction with Chiqu; Qi, pulse time and conditions.

Paul Decoction in treating the diet not only vomiting and diarrhea.

Paul Tang Ling patchouli, Coptis Gardenia semi Fuling Chenpi licorice root, Amomum villosum; gentian with effect of god.

Qi Decoction of Rhizoma Cyperi kuqin Chenpi licorice half of Amomum villosum; even Zhi Zhi divine cluster, roasted ginger a piece of peace.

41 Qi method

The cloud of gas filled with husband, peripheral blood flow and disease as always; sentimental, private Lee poor depression.

Fire is not more than the wilderness, cold heart; Dushen since ancient times for good, not cold waves from mo.

Ginseng ginseng one or two

Qi is the source of all things, the day is not enough to support this gas, people are not the gas shortage to health. I don't carry a machine - poor. No one is found with the night continued. It is a disease, with the gas to head also. Ginseng sweet and warm, heaven and earth and in the air, in forming, it is used to fill and gas. Make it alive, you can order. And cure the disease. And who will upset. Virtual and fire. The body cold and aconite, back to the solitary yang. Identification of the actual situation, can not be ignored. Only ginseng can be used to treat deficiency. If time is critical when disease.

Treatment of qi deficiency with four Jun word soup

Ginseng Baizhufuling Amomum tangerine peel ginger fried licorice Angelica officinalis divided a ginger jujube two pieces of weak with huangqi.

42 fullness method

Ruffian and not with not Tongtai, not five lump product; transmission wheel failure or wrong, treatment with wet Xiaopi formula.

It will be closed and empty ruffian ruffian, although full stuffy outside not; woody Huazhi try Coptis Xiaopi after Lin.

Woody Huazhi Angelica slightly, CHAIZHI tangerine peel areca bag; safflower ginger Pinellia cardamom, Zhongzhou Ren further investment.

Coptis Xiaopi pill: Coptis soil fried skullcap seven money money money four tangerine peel Zhishi five Pinellia Poria one or two Sanqian Alisma turmeric ginger polyporus.

Methods: Cyperus Amomum Radix Yangwei fried Fructus aurantii Immaturus money each seven Baizhufuling Pinellia ginger fried dried tangerine peel a money Magnolia ginger juice stir frying Patchouli cardamom grass two money two pieces of ginger jujube a.

After the food service: thin heart fullness, and blood deficiency plus angelica to Pinellia Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix Paeoniae Alba to pinellia. Sputum diaphragm Gagua basket Ren Fritillaria a little ginger Pinellia Atractylodes Platycodon juice. Spleen diarrhea plus to Pinellia Atractylodes rhizome Radix Paeoniae alba.

43 methods.

Full of fullness is swollen limbs and swollen head; umbilical rib small green water, from the female from the male.

According to the inverse cave for the disease, not more than a kind of eliminating edema; drink soup rejuvenation. Who can make a healthy.

Xiao Xiao Tang

Consumer Tonane Fuling, Cang Pu Atractylodes trifoliate Amomum; Radix Alisma dafupi of tangerine peel, can smooth.

The shortness of breath plus aloes, swelling dishes plus head.

A healthy soup

A healthy Qi Zhi Pu of Lindera patchouli, tangerine peel; Pinellia Atractylodes Araneus shell, spleen Xiaozhang Ren quchi.

44 edema method

Edema disease from spleen, kidney water world not disorderly suspicion; spleen two to solid, a soil water deficit without confining spleen.

Flooding and flow to the limbs, edema, emphysema and Huang Guanghui; the wind Yang Yin water water for hematoma.

Take note of the skin swelling and numbness, emphysema with gas slightly longer; hematoma disease how to identify skin between the red ray, see bloodstains.

The water from the hot cold Yin Yang, Yin water like Weiling Qi; consider the road Qiping and Tanzania, or filling out little life.

Wood powder flow

Wood gas green tangerine peel, Rhizoma Cyperi Pericarpium papaya through Mai men; Guangxi Senling, Portsmouth Binguo Huo Shen Ge half.

The spleen drink

Pig spleen of Alisma orientalis Poria, Atractylodes trifoliate Cang Pu Amomum; woody Cyperus tangerine peel, areca PIGA most spirit.

Eight scattered

The eight is Sanzhong Plantago, Herba Dianthi Gardenia Polygonum aviculare; talc Akebia fried rhubarb, Yang water body heat to humphreys.

Stomach Decoction with Poria

Weiling Decoction two decoction, licorice Shuping and tangerine peel park; Atractylodes and cinnamon, Polyporus Fuling Zexie pig.

45 accumulation method

The main product in the Yin blood visible, five infectious implacable; heart Yue Fuliang fatty liver qi, spleen Yun PI breath golden spike.

Kidney is bentun the squat, five ancient product reputation; poly Yang has been invisible, and touch the scene into Yan six.

Although no product industry base, East and West have swollen; complex matter in the total mass, Xuan to clear.

In the micro does not move, the belly hard pain worthy of pity; "false can also move, suddenly gather and scattered real hard with.

In a corner of Xuan agent and pain, often difficult to stretch. In spit; rib shape - Fu, although the number of temporary shaped thorns.

Is always caused by the disharmony of yin and Yang, phlegm food accumulation dead blood; using modified seven gas soup, break hard Yinzi search.

Seven Qi Decoction

With puzzle seven gas soup, MITSUBISHI sent green tangerine peel Guangxi Curcuma rugosa; Campanulaceae, licorice please taste Rhizoma cyperi.

Kui Tang

Break in Zhi Jian Decoction of Pinellia villosum, dried tangerine peel Magnolia; Cyperus Angelica eostas, hawthorn with product is flat.

The left side there is a plus with chuanxiong, Youxie peel. Stir fried Rhizoma Coptidis with meat and ginger. Noodles with divine indigestion. A blood clot with Taoren Honghua Guangxi to Pinellia hawthorn. Phlegm block and Fai Gua Lou Hai Shi, to hawthorn. Cell expansion and radish areca, go to surgery. Healthy people with hawthorn. A little thin with ginseng.

46 methods five.

Jaundice yellow unsightly, jaundice yellow sweat like many; female labor has five wine Valley, the water and the suspension ends.

Because the soup to drink urine in close, warm tight; Yinchen decoction can come back to God, Confidante played love.

Tarragon soup

In the fifth jaundice capillaris, even with grass Scutellaria gentian; Polyporus Alisma Gardenia peel, expelling damp heat so brave.

47 compensation methods

By the deficiency of compensation for the gentleman, 000 1000 different treatment method; powu for Carey said, the real and imaginary blood to know.

Qi but four gentlemen, hemopenia Siwu when cases; six taste glutinous rehmannia and small fire, Tianwangbuxin each pass.

48 virtual labor method

It is a consumptive labor, because of suffering too hot in the palm wine; for phlegm cough, hemoptysis spermatorrhea sweat rain.

All and steam heat, Yin really falls tb-12 Tuberculois fur; the worm can change, the influence of infectious disease.

One is 567, Microsoft has put a fine weak; Yin to reduce pathogenic fire, flesh and Dan long, how can do.

Yin Bai Zhiquan, both belong to the tangerine peel licorice Chuanxiong Radix Paeoniae Alba, Mai men; a cup of muddy interest under fire.

49 blood loss method

The origin of hot blood plague, long new actual situation to reference; there is no drop liter top, large intestine in Yin Yang depression.

To see fire due to yin deficiency blood, nourishing yin and suppressing yang treatment more blood gas; not to forget, Xijiaodihuang decoction is not cool.

The spirit of Xijiaodihuang decoction, paeonol Radix Paeoniae Rubra Huang Lianqin; Angelica wine also should be used, why not go through blood.

Guipi Decoction (modified Bupleurum Gardenia

Ginseng Fuling Baizhu Huangqi longan pulp almond two money Polygala Radix Angelica Root poria.

50 sweat door method

The cloud of sweat is the heart of the liquid, due to heart kidney two; sweating like rain afraid of death, Yang and Yin send his disease.

Night sweats wake up sweat lasts, yin deficiency and Yang cou fever; this is the Yin and Yang of partial victory, more like three dead.

As the rain and sweat fluid exhaust, sweat beads bean flesh wound; sweat as ice and light, built in both the good.

Built in stone soup

Built in two Atractylodes peony, licorice Astragalus on wheat; ephedra root to fry, sweat is really the perfect cure.

51 vertigo methods

No dizziness suddenly coma, eyes closed and deaf; as zhouche to fall, on the back when the virtual liver.

Too late to have this disease, in the postpartum like medicine; phlegm physical to good, clear halo and Tang qi.

Qing Hong Tang

Clear halo soup live half Arisaema, licorice Poria cocos Zhi Xiong Asarum; Scutellaria baicalensis wind operation, teach peace vertigo.

52 methods of numbness

Numb had shallow deep, also have the hands and body; Ma Qi deficiency is known itching, Buzhongyiqi dates.

It was Chen Duan's two hemopenia forget itching, Mo left; and wet phlegm and blood of dead, the wind can search for the soup to drink.

The breeze of honeysuckle drink, areca Bixie half papaya, angelica qinshao ginger, tangerine peel, Radix Linderae can boast.

53 methods of madness

Two in the madness of yin and Yang, Yin Yang epilepsy is a heavy mad rage; spleen fire, chaos in a flagrant way.

Distance does not avoid the naked dance mania can be clearly advocated; duanhun will lose self self abjection, laugh sad dementia.

This is how hard to recognize the evil spirit of epileptic mania, differentiation of incense; Polygala Decoction action, adjustable gastric nutrition fine thought.

Polygala Huatan half white Ling, orange cinnabar Suanzaoren; Shi Pu Danxing gold gas, Tianma pig Fuling zexie.

(cure epilepsy side) bile star baifuzi scorpion bezoar musk with jujube called Gastrodia elata wind silkworm medicine in five mercury pills, under Ai Jiangtang jing.

54 methods of five epilepsy

Epilepsy books listed five, this call the epileptic itch and dizzy; not to live with my daughter, was born into tanqi.

Suddenly the stiff servant ptyalism foam, Kouyanwaixie limb flexion and extension; the sound is called for livestock, instant recovery knowledge.

If the day in the wood of turbid dereliction of duty, general can eliminate Qingxin Wendan Decoction; no treatment in external law, escape.

Qingxin Wendan two Chen Quan, XIONG Shi Pu Mai men Polygala ginseng; Radix Paeoniae Alba Rhizoma Coptidis Rhizoma Cyperi, citrus whole bamboo shavings.

55 forgetfulness

We wish to try to forget to forget, to remember all things; always this thing I do not know the end of speech.

You think her service is excessive, treat the source; blood deficiency phlegm left the body, Guipi Tang can help to.

Guipi Decoction Treatment of Shenqi decoction forgetful, divine to Mai men; Shi Pu Polygala longan pulp, hot add rehmannia.

Methods 56 palpitation

Severe palpitation and terror, disease name with different veins are false; the main cover care heart, the heart keeps blood care.

A blood loss of public disease, such as fish do not sleep with fear; if people will catch ourselves, our total and blood.

The total blood Anshen asthenia, Siwu Tonga, Polygala; Zuo Jun Shi Pu cinnabar, palpitation in all our.

57 turbid method

Urine flow and turbidity of white, white as red rice water such as pus; spleen phlegm fluid into the bladder, gasification.

That is the world's water rushed and waiting, where the weather cleared thoroughly; inflammation distilled water turbidity, heat clear truth ming.

And when the vent does not leak, also forget to rush for more flash; voicing pull wire greasy, Bixiefenqing drink can be found.

Bixiefenqing drink the spirit of Polyporus red Poria Alisma Plantago, Shi Pu Polygala, licorice Rehmanniae steamed Mai men.

58 five methods

The five sages stranguria, flesh paste up sand work; gas will flow to Yuli, blood urine pain difficult to stretch.

Paste water fat greasy, sand fine sand knot shape; to work more real hair pain, hematuria pain really.

All the internal causes, external contraction of the six old new gas; if you seek a panacea if early disease, five with scattered can pursue.

In five with scattered red Poria, licorice Akebia to Radix Scutellariae; talc gardenia red peony, Ren Decoction in treatment of various leaching.

The size of the 59 wicket

Why induced urine impassability, heart heat evil visitors; Jin Nengsheng Shui Shangyuan, in G for gasification Jun.

For example, study the water storage device on orifices, under not; and difficult urination and short, difficult is difficult just long.

Turn more autistic long cell, flower and tolerance to the usual treatment; Tisheng Hugh infiltration, in addition and good customs.

What shit does not pass, the original lung less metaplasia; Zhongzhou that loss of transmission, dross fire against indigestion.

Poor kidney exhaustion of body fluid, the toilet without Yangming node board; elderly blood less constipation, drink less and Runchang decoction.

If there is a toilet closed, two Yin and Yang hot air; switching through dung organs, no water under fire such as collapse.

Runchang pill: Angelica, Rehmannia hemp apricot shell Pu Ling Huang cao.

Runchang pill cure constipation, mesotrione raw honey how cold; born Angelica areca orange.

Dan: Rhubarb Ai Jing switching dung beetles

60 pass method

Off the grid in multi peril, spit water closed his entry in the Han Yuan; Xi, is difficult to pass off in the water.

The heat in the lower energizer to access number for the lattice in four without the door; lattice vomiting not related to urine, two may three Zhi decoction.

Two Zhi three Chen hoped lattice shell under Erchen Zhishi Arisaema; Gansu clear list, just know a drum playing fame.

61 headache method

The heads of state of Zhuyang will be fushimoto, clear light source; a small fire can suffer pain, Haruaki parts of spring back.

The door heart liver spleen in bone, frontal waist angle lung kidney; top epilepsy after the flesh on the right left gate.

Blood two virtual head pain as much as six gas, wind phlegm or white; with more dry really headache, limbs to heaven.

BUZHONGYIQITANG, then the advent cited by Tim; if there are external evil and must go, cool and your touch.


Headache inducing meridian

Sun Yang Zhi Shaoyang Bupleurum Decoction of Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Atractylodis Banli; Taiyin Shaoyin Essien, Jueyin dogwood can approach.

62 ear method

Two ears after renal orifices, false alarms about thunder to have left many women; deaf, with its anger anger.

The man on the right is hard of hearing, broken to fire in two color to move; Ju Ming ear deafness, spleen stomach dynamic Gaoliang gan.

And this is sore festering, kidney home rheumatic fever; nourishing kidney through ear soup try, also have phlegm fire blood deficiency.

Nourishing kidney and ventilation of Siwu Jun, Phellodendron Anemarrhena without Aaron aloe are wonderful; gentian, why two ears ringing deaf.

63 management methods

The nose for pulmonary orifices to clear dust in the slightest, uncomfortable; exopathic wind flow t-ching, heavy breath in the sob sound.

In each nasal turbid nasal discharge, gallbladder heat evil brain flooding; the brain man often flow serofluid, excessive forehead false colour.

My brain is also control brain sand pain, a pain in the brain of herbivory are difficult to remove; external nasal nasal procedure caused by damp heat Zha wine, in addition to the lung neoplasm.

Like the rain Ji, suddenly chicho and worthy of thinking; treatment of Qing Jin and fire, necessary Tongqiao soup.

Tongqiao soup Xinyi Jun, Chuanxiong Angelica Ge wind; licorice ginger asarum herb Cimicifuga, Huoxing ephedra.

64 tongue method

The spleen should be the central Wuji soil, breath through dry mouth splenopyretic cohabitation viscera; liver bile acid, spicy salty bitter hot heart heart lung.

No tongue is Yang, hardly make mother tongue tongue shrinking; and sore throat erosion, saliva diffuse bitter.

Heavy wooden tongue tongue of the strong, and pioneer jugeng; has dinner with soup can, needle sting made the universe.

Dinner with Sanhuang soup, fried Gardenia per day ginger Asarum Mai men; at the end of a cup of borax, essential to making liaoyuan.

65 teeth door method

Tooth is renal surface bone, upper and lower heat in the upper kidney toothache; pain, stomach deficiency and heat, deficiency heat off e..

Good stomach cold drink hot evil, fear of cold hot drink E. Yu Xia; opening wind pain, Yangming atmosphere can be rid of.

Teeth shaking is not strong, weak stomach element defective; Chifeng flow concentration and gingival bleeding, bone exposed to Ru xuan.

The bone groove wind into streamer, Yangming heat don't hesitate; stomach soup pill, to make free scattered statue.

Xichuan Qingwei Decoction of Coptis chinensis, angelica Rehmanniae mirabilite salt; paeonol bone is required with the use, satsukai Chai Qianhu cohosh.

Up to one or two gypsum powder: Statue of Angelica five money money money five licorice asarum.

66 throat method

To swallow things to swallow stomach, throat syndrome of Qi Tong Qi Zhi and five; hilum, hot and cold, voicing leisurely.

Dirty hot hot and swollen itching, lung cold shrink when suddenly feel hard and phlegm; swelling, water is difficult to difficult language.

On both sides of the epiglottis swelling, common name houbi double Oh; while this is prominent swollen epiglottis, laryngeal closed oh.

This is the fire swollen send, needle thorn launched ills.

67 pain often pain side

A half of the money eight points eight points of Pinellia Rhizoma Chuanxiong peel a Jiuxiong money money speculation money a eight ft Yuanhu eight galangal Wu Zhuyu six points eight points a money Cyperus Amomum calamus money eight a very bitter orange ginger pain plus frankincense money money eight myrrh cinnamon wood at the end of a total of six points for decoction two drink.

68 tire xintongfang

Angelica two money money money half a Jiushao Chuanxiong Rhizoma Cyperi a money money money Jiuqin Amomum Atractylodes money eight points eight points from Zhiqiao six points seven points of Glycyrrhiza Radix Linderae cinnamon ginger three a piece of red dates three plus eight points very pain galangal. Tugayi ginger Pinellia a half of the money. A wine to wash the expansion of Pericarpium Arecae plus a thirsty ebony with fried smoke wash.

69 methods of virtual vexation

The common name for his imaginary trouble, as the imaginary left inch upset; left off the imaginary bile cold blood disease after every deficit.

Kidney water depletion also irritability, Yin not to upset the suspect; see King Shi Liang agent, without bile cold Wendan decoction.

Wendan Decoction Xizhi imaginary trouble, then save bamboo shavings Erchen; ginseng Polygala shall be added to, than it can be carried through.

70 methods of insomnia

Insomnia causes several end phlegm streamer gallbladder save; Kongsi delusion so much, not a widow of nuns.

If the elderly is bad and difficult, the blood qi circulation; Whitehead Siwu four gentlemen, adults sleep without any anxiety treatment.

71 emission method

All the viscera essence, kidney will generate with orders from the heart; for the trick, too self loss and profit.

The youth in compulsory Chijie, such as bottles full of dreams spermatorrhea; for then the dream is the most damaging relief, god.

Under the virtual Kang Baijing flow, bank deposit if the sitting pot inclination; wine excessive semen exhaust, missing more than fine silk lotus shaped.

Still did not pay the relief of fire due to yin deficiency, kidney and Kansas with Qingxin; and stomach divided the lotus heart as well.

Qingxin Lianzi cure spermatorrhea, ginseng and Radix Polygalae Poria, lotus stamen two stone jujube, wild jujube benevolence fry Mai men.

72 women's general purpose

Both men and women are born with good fortune, five line Li Yin and Yang; the male make-up water, the woman thought the blood prince.

A prenatal and postpartum bleeding, with different sex acts; most women sick disease, by the water transfer.

Rong Yan came hot, and hate blood cold cloud; Yin and Yang have about anti drink, Siwu Decoction in cases.

Menstruation method

Yin blood for a popular filling, milk for the cold and heat; through SEMOS fled, leaving especially afraid of anger born.

All resistance on the chronic damage of fetal. No delay in touch by cold waist pain; limbs, blood is on the wrong line through orifices.

By January rush twice, in March, in July by the agreement; without loss is, from Tang home seeking urgent.

The door of embryo uterine bleeding

From Tang catechu, frankincense and myrrh was a white onion, Croton rhubarb, wonderful pregnancy without menstruation.

The stroke of the said Xu Yang collapse, a woman fifty years without breaking through; suddenly to change when not to hang back.

In the water for more than, the name of the leak will collapse; Xionggui soup dishes, Mo with the stopper for left pocket.

A morbid bare whitish and reinforcing Hugh ten women with nine chuanzao; micro scale, with the school when the soup pill.

With soup

With Siwu Cang Atractylodes, Xuan Hu Fu licorice paeonol and Rhizoma Cyperi Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae; Fritillaria, Sanguisorba ginger Phellodendron cluster.

12 nine (for the sores the elixir of God)

It is a money cinnabar mercury salt Dan two money five points five points salmiak four realgar catechu camphor four borneol three

13 governing wind pain side

Angelica one or two eight money money five Gentiana Chuanxiong stew drink wine.

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