Liuhe Tang Fang Fang (1) He Shixi

According to the "Liuhe Decoction" was also written by Mr. Xi when, read this book, not only visit a lot of what's painstakingly collected i


According to the "Liuhe Decoction" was also written by Mr. Xi when, read this book, not only visit a lot of what's painstakingly collected in the Liuhe soup information, a method can also learn Chinese scholarship, everyone!

In the Mid Autumn Festival bingxu students remember the elderly


Ten years ago, I read Wang Haicang "medicine base" in Liuhe see Yuanrong, 30 and hi soup. The increase was the method in Siwu Decoction, give me many enlightenment. But before the meeting for the sea and deliberately after the yuan and Ming Dynasties, Liuhe where the party or the party with the two Siwu, see. When near the close, seeking recourse. Less than a year old since, had Erbaibashiyu, although Luo will also collect, ran into four volumes.

Scarlett: taste "," daughter "Taiwan" prescription drugs to more wins in the rate of four, more than six kinds of taste, regardless of. "Tai Sheng Hui Fang" woman of thirteen volumes, well 2312, "" Seventeen volumes of Shengji Zonglu woman also has 1586 party, all in the name of Siwu Decoction, don't see this siyao for attending, not to mention Liuhe. This name, is not affected by this two kinds of Song Dynasty masterpiece of great importance; after more than 100 years, "the bureau" was published in Siwu Decoction, and more than 100 years, modified Siwu Decoction and the name is found in the "Liuhe Tang Ji Sheng Fang", this is the king of sea between them.

The husband read for Qianfang million for my use, this man has no energy, also do not have to make this silly matter, there is selected selection method. The doctor can, but the law or not spread, so as to teach your son mentoring. I was a teacher teaching method, reading classical japanese. Zhongjing typhoid 113 party, the golden chamber side of the square, this can be refined when the depth of the 262. Another way to understand, add and subtract. The golden words, plus or minus eighteen method; reduction, disease change, what disease has it, reducing the drug, see what the new disorder, and medicine to cure him. Reduction is a disease with medicine, and the addition of a certain disease. This one plus one minus, one into a retreat, condensed Zhongjing experience! Show the secret law, so as to think deeply, to comprehend, to push the law in his book, and cover it with no disadvantage.

Then the medical records, from the "historical records?" Bian Que biography "Cang Gong," Han "and" Wei Zhi Hua Tuo "?, masters of medical records, and far more than hundreds of millions of words or less. In this case the sink to intoxicated giant Zhi, to the effects of the prescription, and I do not know how much energy consumption should be, what is the poor Haoshou by? I see this Liuhe soup exultation.

Liuhe is one of a class of decoction, Siwu Decoction plus two in medicine, this drug has been supplemented with leniency, phase from the phase of corrigent, both opposite and complementary, and cited by the newspaper, since becoming a drug on ancient law "". With Siwu Decoction of a drug, the same with the complementary role from and so on. The six drugs can be formed with two groups of drugs, and a mixed one. For example, as Siwu blood, and two for gas, gas can be blood, and as Siwu to fill and, and can help fill. Treating women's various Siwu disease, and drug treatment and disease, mostly for diseases of internal medicine. Such as Siwu cure, and their symptoms, this is also subject to. The participants in Siwu treatment, treatment table, and the table from the solution. Although it is also the infinite, but for cooperation. The Erbaibashiyu Liuhe party, is found Erbaibashiyu effects of the drugs on the law. For slightly interpretation, and to judge, to the public in the world to the good, the same joy, and if added, is used will not be limited to acts in women?

I have read the party drug selection method, not only to write a book, don't feel happy without self involved between chu.

When the Mid Autumn Festival wish to Soochow trip gyehae.

Volume one


The main treatment of Siwu Decoction for female diseases, the professionals in the blood, there is no doubt or person. The party originated in the Song Dynasty "Taiping benevolent dispensary", but "Puji side" is the "out" by "the production of Siwu powder, and powder for soup, is the Sui Dynasty written by people. "Sankei" at home has been lost, "North Korea" in the hospital.

The indications of Siwu Decoction, on all the books of the comprehensive:

A good, nourishing blood to every camp, camp blood less diseases are incurable (female, Department);

Two, blood deficiency or fever, liver Xie Sheng Wang (female, Department);

Three, or slightly after diabrosis, ASR hot thirsty (surgery);

Four, treatment of blood is not adjustable, abdominal pain Xu, woman by disease or before or after, more or less, not a foot pain, waist pain in the abdomen; leak or collapse, or more than Hemorrhagia (female, menstruation);

Five, pregnancy abdominal pain under the blood, fetal anxiety (female fetal);

Six, or abortioned lochiorrhagia, or stay out; postpartum blood clots dispersed, or persistent lochia (female, postpartum).

Angelica sweet Xin Wen, the heart function into the liver, blood and blood, relieving pain, moistening laxative soup. Chuanxiong spicy and warm, the liver function, activating blood, dispelling wind and relieving pain. Ripe lukewarm, sweet, nourishing yin and tonifying blood function, bushenshengjing. Peony bitter acid slightly cold, nourishing blood and liver function, astringing Yin and Suppressing Yang Ying, and pain. This single also attending the four. If the function is complex and compatibility, can have different characteristics as follows:

A, Guishao with blood, it is;

Two, Shao with, can keep the blood is;

Three, as the main thoroughfare of blood medicine, it can rise to Xiong leader, and under consideration;

Four, the kidney, tonifying liver, Shao Shao master, with the use of water to nourish wood, Zi Yu, kidney and liver, and is mother and interpromoting righteousness;

Five, with the use of Guishao, liver and spleen, especially the abdominal pain therapy;

Six, with the use of Xiongshao is, Qufeng blood circulation, nourishing blood and muscle, and foreign wind collaterals and liver Xueben liver qi deficiency, but specimens, taking into account the actual situation;

Seven, Guixin and Shao Shao acid convergence, return is not too for blood and;

Eight, Shao to also do not break in convergence;

Nine, the line to delay Xiong, Xiong Zuo, can enrich the blood and not greasy stomach poison;

Ten, Xiong to system, will not be too loose for;

Eleven, Chong and Ren veins are in the kidney, tonifying the kidney to Rehmannia main drug, and belongs to is especially introduced to blood, uterine; cited by the drug also;

Twelve, to keep and return, although the same is not a blood and blood deficiency, blood stasis is combined to fill it;

Thirteen, to rise long Xiong powder, Shao to convergence, Xiong Shao have rose without harmful powder would not be the leader, forcing blood to move frenetically;

Fourteen, Shao Xiong was also not too much acid and Yu Lian, reinforced with shrinkage and expansion;

Only for the above it in the ear. The specific application in the clinic, both to the full of wit and humour, satan. But overall, Siwu Decoction is blood tonifying Yin Ying and Yang, gas, and Wei, can play a balancing role, rather than the lord.

With Siwu Decoction, from the general habit, every medicine also has its own producer compatibility, and enhance or weaken such processing should, try some examples:

Our Chinese angelica and do not fill, but no body filling, Chinese angelica two moreover. And fill and return; must be used to introduce liver collaterals, walk in the costal region; and the living aroma and strong taste, fry kill and cook to taste force. Stir fried wine is warm, fried charcoal into the blood. Angelica oil, can slide intestines, stool is not solid with the soil speculation.

Can be fried with vinegar or chuanxiong, fried to the SIM, or dip tongbian.

The peony is born with soft acid, fear of its acid is fried, or fried with ginger juice, and wine fried in system. But also by the good wine to warm and cold treatment of abdominal pain. With cassia fry harmonization, and warm, coke cold pain. If Zhongjing Guizhi Decoction method for the GUI Shao Khan also. To fry Shao Wu cornelian, the discharge of Jueyin cold pain, and vomiting. Where the blood can be vinegar fried, or blood is changed red.

Rehmannia one medicine can be divided into three kinds of cooked, fresh and dry. "Shen Nong's herbal classic" only refers to the dry Rehmannia rehmannia. (born of size). Zhong Zhong Zhong Zhong Sheng who took the juice, fresh water. Steamed for the land. And most of the time with dry land. Cover fresh Ziyinliangxue, students who take their blood, small, and in nine of the nine steam drying mature, a thick, slightly warm, partial taste greasy, as the top grade of Tianjing Buxue, which is thick because of stomach nourishing regret. The record through the past dynasties, accompanied by the medicine, frying, mixing, and beaten, or complementary and complement or contrast and complementary. Memory as well as the following:

A, amomum fruit at the end of the research, with ramming mix;

Two, wood research with ramming mix, and help appetizer;

Three, clove also appetizers, and under cold treatment of hiccup;

Four, ginger juice to fry, cold to stop vomiting, and avoid mud diaphragm;

Five, with spleen wet, atractylodes;

Six, with fleshy fruit with Wenpi zhixie;

Seven, with temperature and faeces to stop diarrhea, dysmenorrhea;

Eight, with cinnamon is the kidney yin and Yang and help fill, bladder gasification, under the rule of element deficiency and cold abdominal pain, and facilitates micturition;

Nine, Samiki Jiang is warming spleen to cold;

Ten, Saki Shiyoung is warming the kidney and gas, and the treatment of kidney deficiency;

Eleven, get goose tube warming kidney stone treatment and cold phlegm drink;

Twelve, with bitter Schisandra spermatozoon, solid with diarrhea, asthma is inverse;

Thirteen, with cinnabar to soothe the nerves;

Fourteen, with incense to descend;

Fifteen, Sachi Heweijiangni, ochre to Ziou Ping er;

Sixteen, Sading Ka to warm and cold stop er;

Seventeen, with carbon in pollen Typhae metrorrhagia;

Eighteen, the sea clam powder to nourish the water, the lungs of phlegm heat;

Nineteen, with the sea pumice treatment effect;

Twenty, with indigo can nourishing liver;

Twenty-one, with Qiushi ofqingjiang to yin deficiency heat, and treatment of dysuria in pulmonary blood;

Twenty-two, with amber to treat blood deficiency. To promote diuresis;

The above, use the drug, stone must first plant pulverizing, first research for fine powder. (if you grind fine wine faeces to rinse, fishy foul gas), then mix with rehmannia and pound.

Fresh ginger juice with a pound, then to rehmannia juice mix ginger residue with ginger juice mixed with rehmannia slag, drying of the end of the service. This is Chen Ziming and dispersion method.

To get juice, and the blood can cure epistaxis bleeding, often in the ancient students take juice and pills, such as "Ji Sheng Fang" ginseng Pinelliae pill is.

This return, Xiong, Shao siyao with the processing of the law, also not elaborate.

According to Yuhara Katano Siwu dose, "the bureau" contained, to each module, Shao Xiong two money, a total of nine half of the money; money and a half, research the thick end boiling water, cook powder method.

A unilateral air brake, doctor. Single medicine solo spectacular, believed to have it. (unilateral or folk prescription, but not temper the sublimation of the Dan medicine). Then if that compound can be spent, and the volume is unilateral, or preventive measures. Qi Bo seven: light and heavy, big and small, odd, even, complex, may refer to one person, only odd; however odd also refers to singular drugs. Fu who six, and that is more than nine, less than the two. Two kinds of medicine is not unilateral, and more than three kinds of odd? In single side, such as the ancient Tibetan worship scattered (Jing Jie), Dan green (Coptis chinensis), anti pill and sub Ling Wan, a parent (Scutellaria baicalensis) pills (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae), the peach powder (Shan Zhi), we have to exchange recorded only slightly, a few hundred million, than the Puji party who is the little men are. The editor of prescription eight National College of traditional Chinese medicine textbooks, say: the curative effect of decoction, than single medicine is much better, it is a leap in the treatment of drug. Know the specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, care about complex treatment, comprehensive care. The husband is isolated and helpless, alone, lonely, you cannot clap with one hand; the cover is the military fight in isolation, taboo, the reason can cover, with horns, wings, forward, backup, support, attack, and so on, has primary and secondary benefit is!

As for the monarch, in "plain questions? To really great", "one hill two, one hill three, five, three, nine Jun Chen, Chen Jun two three, two four three Jun Jun Chen, Chen six" liufa. The ancient "pearl sac" clean "cited by the newspaper that" if a disease, or by using a (colloquially known as medicine), a small square one hill two makes a four taste; one hill is generous with three nine makes a fourteen taste. (there are two words that the special feudal, or change the main auxiliary).

It is unilateral and compound when coexisting and not contrary. By inside and outside, up and down, the actual situation, mixed cold and heat syndrome, but it is still to be compound. If the king of Siwu Decoction, Chen Shao Zuo, and make the blood line Xiong, can fill. If Jun, Chen Shao Zuo GUI Xiong, and make it the blood, and can. What is the utility of primary and secondary. The sea said in Siwu function, pregnancy in fifteen, after the party.

The Liuhe Department of gynaecology soup is on the basis of Siwu Decoction based on reuse, plus two medicines to cure that fill with, another disease or another disease. I think that this can learn to take the ancient treatment of a disease of a special medicine, in order to understand the drug on a disease with a good effect (ie, the so-called so-called near specific drugs), but also the rule of law scholars should be desirable, so the exchange and recorded.

Since the Yuan Wang sea "medicine base" Liuhe Tang Yuanrong? Typhoid pregnancy in fifteen began to the end, sea and other private Liuhe to treat women with internal and external diseases by the nineteen party, or Liuhe, or two without Siwu Tonga, nomenclator, also take, for the thirty-four party. However, slightly earlier than the sea and "Yan Jisheng", has been treated by Liuhe woman thing not soup party, and to the days of Virgo decyl Siwu Decoction (decoction of Radix rehmanniae, flavoring ginger, raw land, and reducing the effects of heel and later), a party of Trinidad and Tobago, touch everywhere this has been more than 200 square, missing will be more.

Although the original sea Yifei perfect, pregnancy after typhoid fever cough, sweat, and ginseng, five flavor, if the lung, how? Shijie (Note: This is similar to the unknown physical question. The Chinese medicine practitioners including some of the doctors, to understand some problems of traditional Chinese medicine, but are not real, I do not know how many people ignorant.). The dirty secret astringent, increase the yellow peach kernel, and smooth discharge, advancing in Guangxi, aconite, is engaged in reckless, will be so absurd. To encourage a man to be respected. And Zhongjing jiaoaitang namely Jiaoai Liuhe licorice, have side effects that Qixiao Siwu Decoction Jiaoai Decoction of Scutellaria and Liuhe, Jing Qin Siwu Decoction of Jing Qin is Liuhe flavor of. One more than by sea, see the wonderful composite. Method, Austria, people think, is very many, Liuhe is the compound, not in Liuhe cases, let it on the other. The one with Siwu is many, such as the former is unilateral, less change, change homes is worse.

To Liuhe soup named, he was to cover the Siwu six; if the king Haogu cloud based on four Chen said, the rest for you. This has been called the increase or loss of Siwu Decoction Jiawei Siwu Decoction, decoction, etc., more than Rengcun its name, and included, are slightly of interpretation, reference.

The first 200 square, first recorded in "medicine" to "Ji Lei Yuanrong, party" for the diocesan see, after getting input, noted for the number for cable. The same party, also see more books, and there are different indications are also received, the mine and a number of the same side.

There are more than ten lines, peony thirteen Party (old manuscripts), the Ming Dynasty's female, all of Mao pill of Jiawei, Yu enjoys the dosing beauty, so close to the original, non homes is also four, nine; the hiccup method, then my self growth.

Attached to the end of the index, with a stroke before dosing as ordered, to no..

The number of patients with a prescription, belongs to 100 100 O to a pregnancy; two hundred genera and two O postpartum; one to three hundred genera by disease, three O belongs to the following diseases. The lack of a few hundred, temporarily empty, it will see Liuhe daily reading, also for makeup.

The thunder, Pu Wei Wu, Qi Xu only have drugs on the book is lost, with two drugs for the Liuhe sea, the almost left Italy, so add a flavor or taste three aspects, although good homes are from the ear

Liuhe Tang Fang Fang

1 pregnancy typhoid stroke, form virtual spontaneous, a strong headache, fever chills, floating pulse and weak, the sun by the disease, should be the virtual table Liuhe soup. 42 (Note: Siwu Decoction Siwu an agent, according to the "nine party" bureau of half of the money, is assumed to be one or two, this is four of the amount of agent. The following fifteen parties are the same as the 42, no longer recorded Guizhi, Digupi each seven yuan. - medicine base Yuanrong

[by] Digupi back in terms of fever due to yin deficiency, Radix Paeoniae Alba and Guizhi match, and Ying Wei and convergence of the virtual table of sweat.

2 typhoid fever, headache, fever, no sweat, pulse tight tight, the sun through the disease, it is appropriate to table Liuhe soup. Siwu Tonga ephedra, asarum were two. - ditto

According to [] to ephedra asarum, two phoxim consistency, the dispersing the lung. Zhongjing Shegan Mahuang Decoction, Magnolia officinalis, ephedra Decoction and Xiaoqinglong decoction, decoction of Ephedra are also.

3 typhoid fever in pregnancy, rheumatism in the air, limb pain, pain, pulse floating and hot, headache, rheumatism Liuhe soup, sun standard disease. Siwu Tonga wind, Atractylodes preparation seven money. - ditto

[by] wind dispelling wind, and lead into the Atractylodes table, Atractylodes spleen wet, spleen muscle, the gas is also can go. It is commonly used to treat skin in Atractylodes table.

4 pregnancy typhoid fever after the healing, such as spot temperature from brocade, Liuhe Yi Cimicifuga decoction. Siwu Tonga Cimicifuga, forsythia each seven yuan. - ditto

[two] according to the main drug for the treatment of warm spot poison taste

5 pregnancy of typhoid fever, chest full of pain, and wiry, Shaoyang also. Bupleurum Liuhe decoction. Siwu Tonga bupleurum, scutellaria root seven money. - ditto

[by] two, Chai Qin, but Xiaochaihutang to Shaoyang reconciliation method, firewood to evil, Qing Scutellaria foot Shaoyang gallbladder heat, especially the main medicine tocolysis.

6 pregnancy of typhoid fever, hard stool, urine, and gas pulse number, the sun Yangming disease. Under the emergency, it is advisable to Liuhe rhubarb soup. Banliang Siwu Decoction plus rhubarb, peach kernel twenty peeled tip, stir fried with bran. - ditto

[by] this jade candle powder and taorenchengqi to.

7 typhoid fever, cough, more than, Liuhe ginseng soup. Siwu Decoction with ginseng and Schisandra chinensis were two. - ditto

[] according to "Ji Sheng" are five diocesan usually half the money, no access to, and sea in Yuan Du Sijing recently, should be more credible.

8 pregnancy after typhoid sweat, empty ruffian swelling, also should be the virtual Yangming, Liuhe Magnolia decoction. Siwu Tonga magnolia, bran fried Fructus aurantii Immaturus were two. - ditto

[by] once after the deficiency, why to Portsmouth attack Poncirus guide drug, disease, and physical conditions are not very close, may be because of pregnancy, Sushin No.

9 in the event of typhoid fever after pregnancy, not sleep, it is desirable to Liuhe soup. Siwu Tonga gardenia and Radix Scutellariae were two. - ditto

According to [] in addition to Xindan Qinzhi thermal power, Chufan and sleeping.

10 pregnancy typhoid fever, body heat and thirst, steam and annoyance, pulse length and big, should Liuhe gypsum plaster and Anemarrhena soup, add half two. - ditto (another supreme commander "if thirsty, and Anemarrhena, gypsum, simple language)

[method] is the white tiger soup. Zhong Jing with a pound and know 62, for the ratio of eight and three, this division is used, gypsum quality weight, so light.

11 typhoid fever in pregnancy, dysuria, the sun is the disease, Yi Fu Liuhe soup. Siwu Tonga Poria, Alisma orientalis were two. - ditto

[] according to this section five of two flavor lingsan. Good permeability, warm blooded and can affect fetal Guizhi, drug selection, sea, very profound, so their homes and take this.

12 typhoid fever in pregnancy, the sun of this disease, such as blood red urine, amber Liuhe soup. Siwu Tonga amber, Fuling half two. - ditto

[by] amber hematuria to drugs, but not more than a recent amount of money, to return to, Xiong, pain, have Fuling odds, will receive the benefits of free urine.

13 pregnancy after typhoid fever, sweat, blood leaking more than air loss, buttocks Jiaoai soup in Liuhe. Siwu Tonga Ejiao, AI were two. - ditto

[by] this secondary to Jingxiong jiaoaitang to licorice also. "Golden" Wen said: pregnancy blood, if pregnant belly pain, cellular resistance. So, to prevent leakage of red gum, Guishao Xiong AI consistency, warm through the pain. If the AI charcoal, is especially to stop bleeding.

14 pregnancy of typhoid fever, spasm of limbs, body cold sweat micro, belly pain, pulse and late Shaoyin disease, should be Liuhe aconite decoction. Siwu Tonga aconite, cinnamon peeling umbilical half two guns. - ditto

According to [] to avoid pregnancy at Guangxi, following the Tang and Song Dynasties gynecological book, to the status with the half? Non legal. And to save aconite Siwu, although the deficiency and Yang power, due to Yin Shao leather soft and cut, or plus or minus the amount of ginseng, and the use of guangxi.

15 pregnancy typhoid syndrome of blood stasis, not the drug abortion, Siwu Decoction of yi. Siwu Tonga rehmannia root, rhubarb and wine soaked. - ditto

[] according to this and taorenchengqi, Guizhi Fuling pill two disease, this is no peach seed, cassia twig, mirabilite, paeonol damage tire medicine, only students with blood, rhubarb charcoal into the blood, eliminating stasis and harmful to fetus, meaning even desirable.

Liuhe sea soup fifteen stop this pregnancy. Another miscellaneous cure fourteen, with five bands (of which there is only one plus peony, and this is a "yardstick" Huangqi, also because of income), the property of their class, in the catalog, all six herbs, Liuhe Gu Yue decoction. "Medicine" is Tang Fangyi Siwu base Yuanrong, and attached to this:

Yiying Siwu Tang Wei, nourishing qi and blood; water is not adjustable, abdominal pain and Xu, see "the Bureau". Shudihuang blood, such as umbilical pain, this is not in addition to, through the kidney medicine. Chuanxiong treat wind, relieving liver wood, such as the deficiency of headache, but not in non Xiong, through the liver of the medicine; paeoniflorin and blood physical liver, stomach deficiency such as pain, this is not in addition to, through the spleen of the medicine. Angelica and blood, such as blood tingling, this can not be removed, such as knife thorn, but also through kidney medicine. Right to the end of the thick, water fried.

16 if the pregnancy fetal irritability, blood more than, what disease potential, with Siwu Decoction of four ingredients were two, with four fine file, water lamp, a piece of cooked AI such as chicken, gelatin 57, fry the two half, the dregs, divided into four suits, a day to do. Rule of syndrome

[by] both cloud disease potential, it should be fried rehmannia, angelica and Chuanxiong for carbon, Essien, to not advisable. After the film size, can five money shall prevail; and Aixingwen, even fry carbon, was the introduction of Blood Meridian is used also when use less properly.

17 fetal before postpartum deficiency, blood is not adjustable, donkey hide gelatin, Siwu Decoction added mugwort decoction, six soup. - ditto

18 pregnancy intestinal worm, Siwu Tonga woody, fennel. - ditto

[two] according to the ventilation temperature fragrant incense, to add vinegar if specific hernia; fried bupleurum, especially the introduction of jueyin.

19 pregnancy fetal irritability, blood than those, scallion, Huangqi Siwu decoction. -- Book of integrated medical department

[by] fetal bleeding and long Qi deficiency as the main reason for not taking Huangqi; air lift tire, Qi Shuai blood, as to medicine, if it is onion Quhan pain. This again when early pregnancy test to avoid chuanxiong, fetal method, is to use the Chuanxiong three money, take this movement; Xiongliang Siwu Decoction also a half the money.

20 birth, cure amphitropous nichan, Fructus aurantii, Siwu Tonga hollyhock seed. - Criterion

[by] Zhiqiao wide tires under the gas, the main drug for easy production of fetal reduction; sunflower can tire slip, such as staying too long, dry amniotic fluid, then go with liquid Youzeng Siwu decoction.

21 pain, less blood, fetal pain, jiaweisiwutang, namely, perilla flavoring of siwu. Female, pure words

[by] was how he seems to have the light, so light and flexible, Cyperus stretch Qi, Su Daniel obstruction of Ligusticum chuanxiong and Angelica sinensis pain and cold dispelling, blood less relies on Siwu is enough.

22 pregnancy fetal blood coherent, abdominal pain, vomiting, emergency services - tocolysis agents, effects of Siwu Decoction, gelatin, ramie, names such as St yin. - Longjiang 's Department of Gynecology

[by] two ramie gum, flavor, main medicine tocolysis, its effect in the anti leakage red, not gas.

23 pregnant dyspepsia, chest and diaphragm is fast, with all kinds of Cyperus pill, Costas, Amomum soup. - ditto

According to []: Longjiang Xiangfu pills, Mao's female family rule after gynecologic birth for the disease, 82 fried dip Tongbian Cyperus, Radix Linderae 42, licorice one or two, onion white 82 pound juice, vinegar and half a bowl for the pill with fifteen drugs, this one also. The scope of the non - Liuhe, for the selection of gynecological effects of drugs, so do not abandon.

In all kinds of Xiangsha Xiaoshi Shun gas, Xiangfu pills with the use of force is to straighten out, for fear of pregnancy home to consider, if combined with the use of Siwu is required to be complementary.

24 pregnancy intestinal colic, Siwu Decoction and Radix Aucklandiae, silver. This effect was:

The 25 woman in pregnancy rate, but the anti help Yin Yang, Yang micro woman Ping Ju Sheng, harmless; and pregnancy, were amenorrhea Harbour Crossing to child support, if Yang Sheng, stroke of the meridians folly is not solid, fetal. The so-called "Yin Yang" Q "stroke that collapse". Yang yang to help the side of a lot of Yin, but only a group of drugs before the evil group; if Yin and Yang miscellaneous, do not give birth to his disease. But the powder (Fructus aurantii Fructus aurantii, licorice two flavor) so suppressing yang, so it's beneficial to Yin Siwu decoction. - Puji Benshi Fang (and several bitter orange powder, the medicine of different pathogenesis; "gas should set" for Fructus aurantii, Radix Scutellariae and Rhizoma Atractylodis; "Danxi Xinfa" for Fructus aurantii, perilla stem, "Jian" is produced; Fructus aurantii, Pericarpium arecae.

26 All gravida woman disease, only to see Siwu Decoction, and treatment such as sleep syndrome, stomach pain annoyed, anorexia, ask the number of the month, plus white atractylodes rhizome, Radix Scutellariae, Fructus Amomi decoction.

Where to go to pregnancy conditioning, Siwu rehmannia, white atractylodes rhizome, Radix Scutellariae and the late, very often take effect.

Gum tocolysis, white atractylodes rhizome, Radix Scutellariae is also medicine st.. Radix Scutellariae tocolysis also shengyao. I think the cold and the laity, did not dare to use, that warm medicine can raise the anti tire; but should make prenatal heat, Blood Meridian and folly, so it can raise tire. Dan Xi Xin Fa

27 the birth of Siwu Decoction Treating amphitropous nichan, Fructus aurantii, Kuizai Siwu tonga. Gynecological jade ruler

[by] Zhiqiao beam tire width gas, combined with licorice, lean fetal drink, also known as the Tang Dynasty trifoliate orange powder, Dan Xi also credit. For sliding tire production and m.verticillata Ziyou to medicine. Since the "daughter", both malvae and talcum powder, and Herba Dianthi, etc. the company shall be in front of the car.

28 sliding tire decoction, Lucy appropriate service number for easy agent. - ditto

[] according to Qushao Siwu Decoction plus eucommia, Fructus aurantii, yam, more than that in order to fill the odd pulse plus gutta, Zhuangyao strength, for producing a medicine to pregnancy. Yam in the fetal birth, did not know its beauty, that is better than the peony, why easy.

29 small fry cure mazischesis, Lucy clothes are prone. To add Chuanxiong Siwu Decoction, Chinese yam, wolfberry, licorice root. - ditto

[by] both to produce tire slip, and down to the afterbirth, Chuanxiong prescription, six taste for medicine which can not be dull.

30 for tocolysis qinzhu to drugs, blood deficiency, blood siwutang. - medical case gold Kam

[by] under the cloud: thin people fire fire Qin Sheng times to clear fire, fat person phlegm, Sheng when times of surgery to reduce phlegm. This can be as Dan Xi said.

31 before the embryo is hematuria, bladder blood heat, blood, more than appropriate Siwu Decoction added to cool the cogongrass rhizome. - ditto

[by] the six drugs are blood stasis can, for pregnancy bogey, should be used.

32 fetal lung frequency induced by pathogenic wind, tears; because of fetal blood to support the body fluid can not run charge, and lung dryness, when supplementing the mother, parasitic Siwu decoction. Siwu Ghassan parasitism, notopterygium. Fetal birth control

[by] the clouds fill their mother, but in parasitic water, almost by kidney and liver, the liver opens into the eyes also. So the above notopterygium Qufeng, also cited Siwu the blood filled in.

33 hematuria of fetal leakage and heat more, gardenia, gray, siwu. Fetal birth control

[] according to different period with hematuria and have no leakage, and pregnancy, or unconsciously, that can not be separated, so the king Kentang in two and in any of the questions. Zhi Jiaoshan hemostasis, meaning your heart; hair lead Blood Meridian is carbon. However, Crinis Carbonisatus can also avoid drugs for removing blood stasis, pregnancy.

34 stool, if large intestine blood dryness, and peach Siwu Radix scutellariae. - ditto

[by] peach can dryness, it is of blood products. No medicine cited by which must be attributed to the large intestine, almost peach Renfei embellish medicine college. This article also "effective prescription" has made by the woman.

35 Ming, pregnancy intra-abdominal children cry, Poria, Atractylodes Siwu decoction. Female, tenor

[] according to Chen Yuan's solution for the children cry, no different from other home, said "but supraumbilical lump, children with the mouth, because pregnant women climb the lift arm, out of the mouth, so quiet. Service in the front, still scattered money in the ground, so that it picked up the waist, one or two minutes, a pimple into the mouth of the child, the Ming that is". This is the old saying. "Woman" for ChanBao said: "lead" to bend in pregnant women such as picking up things like. Don't talk about money. However, children in the womb or cry, or cloud internal treatment, "bell; ChanBao" two: a room in a soil trap, Coptis concentrated fried drink. "Woman" for "treating pregnancy with intra-abdominal bell, in the middle to late into the cave, musk, wine notes Sanqian rudd-u. Coptis or fried thick juice, mother often Xiazhi." According to "Ji Yin Medica" contained, it is Chen Liangfu, Xue is Xiao Ming, said: "with a piece of soil available next to trap, pregnant women with the check; or for the end of the musk little wine notes, two money, rudd-u." To Coptis concentrated juice, but the "Addendum", for "ChanBao". And the waist picked up things, but not taking this another method also. This was Chen Yuan's Siwu Lingzhu is added, the fourth method. In short, no justice can be solved. Even as heat, such as channeling fragrant musk, such as blood and phlegm turbid trap soil, such as Siwu Lingzhu, all treatment, the disease or the non Zi Ming, when the children cry. If that is the bell, try to think of the Tang and Song Dynasties, the temple is a luxurious non daily call to religious life, rich, will what sound? To study the super pure Xing, cover edge in April 83 Qidong Dafeng County of Jiangsu province is a commune Ziming (children cry) disease, others can be heard in the pregnant women. In the parent cloud hungry children cry more. After thirty-eight weeks of pregnancy, cesarean section. But unknown Law cited four effective or not. See my "pregnancy" in the book of knowledge. Now remember this, certificate of Ancient Poems "learned honesty is not easy to wash pen to fill que." The necessary gates.

36 sub Yin, pregnancy more than September, suddenly silent, effects of Siwu Decoction, Poria, Radix Polygalae, one or two may. - ditto

[by] is a disease found in "plain questions" section, said: "people have heavy September Yin, cell collaterals is vast; cellular network, in the kidney, the kidney Shaoyin vein through the tongue, so it can not be said, without treatment, when October." The meaning of September, fetal weight, compression winding of the pulse, the kidney essence can not be on the wing of the tongue, it is delivered from context. Treat or help nutrition, up gas, to reduce its oppression, help to lesser Yin veins of tongue of the camp. It is also, except Guifu Dihuang Yinzi Liu He Jian, Shu almost? Drinking through tongue as Poria, Radix Polygalae, calamus, Chen Yuan's today to add Siwu Ling, it was far.

37 fetal before Tunsuan, this is the fire, with Anemarrhena phellodendron, Siwu decoction. Handan manuscripts

[by] the cypress under the coke medicine, treatment of bile gastropyretic rose as inverse, gardenia, Scutellaria, Coptis, the clear light of victory or bamboo shavings.

38 close to urinate, Siwu Tonga akebiaquinata, red Poria treatment. - ditto

[by] cause more trouble, and to shift in the small intestine, treated by Daochi method, more than that to cover less fat or nausea, Qi lost to lift, to the bladder pressure, and the Xuanhua for more. Therefore, or open lung, or sneezing, or put down a foot, or by hand or tire, BUZHONGYIQITANG, so it is also raised. If the "golden" so-called "dysfunction of the bladder, but not to the cell of urine, the urine is more appropriate, and Shenqi pill". Also see a lot. There is a sense of lung pathogenic wind, wind phlegm and lung congestion, caused by loss of power can be adjusted, opening pores upper and lower two, recorded a "test" ancient and modern flavor aster two money to swallow a party, but also quite fair idea.

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