Propriety and yang yin.

Some one kind of medicinal Xinglin predecessors, to which can reach the acme of perfection, to many, such as: Zhang Xichun's unauthorized us


Some one kind of medicinal Xinglin predecessors, to which can reach the acme of perfection, to many, such as: Zhang Xichun's unauthorized use of gypsum, Zhang Jingyue use Zheng Qinan using aconite, radix rehmanniae, Qiao Yuchuan using rhubarb and so on.

With the people in the resistance of heaven. Used properly, the medicine can survive; improper use, the medicine can hurt. As aconite or dried ginger as beast will only recognize Yang, fear such as gypsum, Rehmannia arsenolite, will only identify Yin syndrome.

The use of warm yang or Yin, need to first depends on the pathogenesis, and then the drug and dose.

"There is evidence that the drug is" the law and rules of Chinese medicine. Yin nourishing the Yin, Yang and Wen Qiyang, supplement the loss of more than a flat to play their proper role.

Yin or Yang should have the corresponding "indications of drug use"! However, many people do not rely on the card medication, but in reasoning medication

For example, murder, found someone a major suspect, but to punish must also have the corresponding evidence, not only by reasoning and as a result, otherwise, easy miscarriages of justice.

In theory, the deficiency of insomnia, and in real life, insomnia patients did the number of yin deficiency type in the majority, but can not see the insomnia is nourishing yin method, because there are more than and 10 types of insomnia. Patients belong to the specific type of card, there must be a group of symptoms as a basis for judgment.

Mild hand foot Yang cool on Wrist Ankle, with Morinda, psoralen can; Yang severe cold limbs had elbow and knee, with a well prepared aconite root! Of course, there are a series of deficiency symptoms: cold limbs, lip pale white face, eating warm, moist pond stool, urine clear long, addicted to lying lazily, lassitude, pale tongue, weak pulse and so on. With Warming Yang, although not in the place, but at least two or three symptoms appear as indications of medication traces. After taking medicine, can alleviate symptoms, due to incorrect syndrome drug nine in ten.

Of course, even if the yin or Yang should be, is the stage, should not always use it, not overdo sth., but how to grasp the sense of propriety?

After taking drugs for nourishing Yin, if:

1, thirsty throat symptoms have been eliminated, the tongue has been born, not to stop drinking water, when yin.

After 2, the appetite returned to normal, and began to decline, when stop yin.

3, from dry to wet stool, became loose and viscous, when stop yin.

4, after sleep recovery, and become drowsiness, body weight, leg weakness, when stop yin.

After warming Yang drugs, if:

1, thirsty to drink cold water, dry throat, and increase the amount of drinking water, when stop warming yang.

2, increase appetite, easy hungry, like thin diet, when stop warming yang.

3, dry stool difficult, or when the lips dry skin, when stop warming yang.

4, the spirit of excitement, difficult to sleep, dreams to wake up, hot flashes, afraid of the heat cool, when stop warming yang.

5, irritability, mouth pain, when to stop warming yang.

Over the years, always wanted to be the drug indication refinement, in order to achieve the corresponding prescription, medication ("prescription" to There is abundant evidence. efforts, but the perfection of theory) must be based on practice experience, no heat, strong behavior, without haste makes waste. The above is only personal experience, but also to enrich and improve. "

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