Hepatitis B virus carriers are formed?

The generalized "hepatitis virus" refers to chronic hepatitis B infection, hepatitis B virus in the "big Sanyang" or "small three", but did


The generalized "hepatitis virus" refers to chronic hepatitis B infection, hepatitis B virus in the "big Sanyang" or "small three", but did not have any symptoms or discomfort, narrow "hepatitis B virus carriers" refers to the hepatitis B virus but in immune tolerance, liver cell damage slightly liver function is normal.

Hepatitis B virus carriers are how to form it?

Chronic hepatitis B in China infected mostly due to maternal infection or childhood infection, the immune system is being established at this time and has not been perfect, in fact the human immune system is constantly in contact with the virus through childhood, pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, identify and obtain the "memory" of the establishment and perfection of the hepatitis B virus, but just not recognized by the immune system of children then, mistaking the virus as a "self", which allowed changquzhiru stationed in the liver to thrive, fortunately, hepatitis B virus itself is not toxic damage to the liver cells are very slight, basically peace with men. At this point, the immune system does not recognize it, known as the "immune tolerance state" or "immune tolerance".

Some people in the "lifelong immune tolerance" for life "big 3 this world" carrier, and about half of those infected with chronic hepatitis B immune mechanisms continue to improve, to identify and gradually clear the virus, "the immune tolerance is broken gradually, from childhood" big 3 this world, DNA with the "positive" immune tolerance is broken gradually, namely into the immune clearance phase, to the end of human immunity virus was completely controlled, stable in adulthood, "small Sanyang, DNA negative" state, and lifelong maintenance. Only a small number of people completely cleared the hepatitis B virus, which was characterized by "surface antigen negative and DNA negative".

Note that the immune clearance phase, short or long, the degree can be light weight, most people do not have any discomfort without any symptoms, completed the "big Sanyang in imperceptibly, DNA positive" to "small Sanyang, DNA negative", this process may be a few years may be dozens of year. But few people, an immune reaction is too strong, and virus fighting is very intense, obvious symptoms or obvious abnormal liver function, while ("immune clearance phase"), it is the best time to intervene and play the role of antiviral drugs, quantity, to suppress the virus reduced immune response degree. Control the extent of liver damage.

From the above process is not difficult to see, causing liver damage is just our own immunity "too strong", and antiviral purpose is to protect the liver cells, so in the most intense fighting intervention will play its biggest effect.

Therefore, we will understand why antiviral treatment should choose "immune clearance phase" this time, "why advertising" immunity "is the wrong concept, and" lifelong antiviral "is also a lack of basis!

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