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All articles of this personal website, welcome to reprint. Seek mental health promoting the operation and cooperation, contact Lee spectrum


All articles of this personal website, welcome to reprint. Seek mental health promoting the operation and cooperation, contact Lee spectrum lihuipu@gmail.com) I also decompression

Author: Li Hui spectrum psychiatrist

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Have you ever had one of the following?

Insomnia, sore throat, sore gums, oral ulcers, headaches, dizziness, colds, dermatitis, diarrhea, abdominal distension, indigestion, chest tightness, shortness of breath, frequent exhaust, cold hands and feet......

Many people have even often appear to the above some uncomfortable, can not find the root cause, used a lot of drugs can not cure, and always appear in stressful times. Might as well try to deal with the pressure of self-regulation. Here are some ways to combine my personal experience.

Five minutes walk or climb stairs. This is a decompression shortcut". This method is particularly suitable for use when working in a tense or fatigue state, can play an immediate effect. My experience is that after five minutes of walking or climbing the stairs, I feel relaxed and energetic. I usually at the time of day the most boring, no energy every day at around four o'clock in the afternoon, sometimes feel chest tightness, nausea. Before this time is to rely on coffee to refresh (maybe you will smoke), later found after drinking coffee will be more anxious, even though the spirit, after a few hours will double the fatigue. When this feeling when I went to climb the stairs, go back to the office in five minutes all readily. Will you go and experience it yourself?

Although the shortcut is immediate, simple and practical, but also includes some of the more subtle and profound changes in attitude and behavior.

An attitude and behavior that helps to relieve stress and maintain mental health is to take care of the people and things around you, and what you are doing.

People tend to get angry or rough about people and things around them when they are stressed. This tendency can lead to a vicious cycle. For example, a person in trouble at work, the mood is very bad, at home in the evening after the meal is not picky, not only did not get the comfort of their loved ones, but also a quarrel, worse, bad luck.

It's also important to take care of good things. Rough treatment of goods can destroy the feelings of human love. But the emotion of love is the antidote to psychological pressure. The psychological treatment of Master Mr. Morita very cherish things, he said to the best use, give new life to things. For the use of Months and years pass by. items, they will produce more and more deep feelings of attachment.

The same applies to plants. I love my own plants, flowers and grass, take care of a lot of plants. A person will have a special relationship with plants that grow, irrigate and fertilize themselves. People often say that the flowers and grass will edify so much.

Anxious and calm under two different circumstances a person writing illegible or neat degree is different, the converse is also true, delicate work will make people heart full and quiet.

If you take care of the people around you, or objects, or animals, or plants, or things, and try to take care of them, you will live in the circle of loved ones and things and things. I believe this is the meaning of life. A rich life comes from a person who has been freed from the situation of self - centeredness and is grateful for the day to day life. Are there any people or things that you are grateful for today?

Read here you may be surprised to see around, headache, sore throat, mouth ulcers should be "lit" and care articles linked, unexpected, life is so delicate. I also in the emotion in this pen, thanks to accompany me for many years, this laptop has worked for me all day.



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