Obsessive compulsive disorder - put yourself in your hands

Obsessive compulsive disorder - put yourself in your handsAuthor: Li Hui spectrum psychiatristKey words: obsessive compulsive disorder here


Obsessive compulsive disorder - put yourself in your hands

Author: Li Hui spectrum psychiatrist

Key words: obsessive compulsive disorder here and now insight Morita treatment of psychological therapy

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When she was frowning and telling me about her symptoms, I saw the picture of a statue:

"Sometimes I want to move, but I can't move. For example, I was wearing clothes, suddenly can not move, stop there, the more I want to quickly move in, the more can not move, a move to stay for half an hour there for an hour, I am only thinking about 'move', then there is no way to move up more and more......"

When I saw this picture in my mind, my real feeling was:

"The picture is absurd, ridiculous."

Because this feeling is very real and natural, I think it helps her, so I told her, I said:

"I can feel that you want to move and can not move, this experience is very painful, if you can put their own scene at hand, you have a look, how do you feel?"

She answered (by just about the frown face and body muscle tension, relax and become a smile): "I feel very funny, laugh straight. What is this, ridiculous."

"When I saw the scene, the natural feeling was that it was absurd and ridiculous." I said, "and I see how you feel when you're feeling this way. You frown and smile. If you are at the time of the attack, can not move, you can put yourself in the hands of a look, what would it look like?"


Two days later, she excitedly said to me: "when I can not move, put themselves in the hands of a look, as if from the outside himself, said to myself:" Wang * *, you are on a very funny ", opening his smile, suddenly felt relaxed. Soon, the initiative. I can see the reality of their own, it suddenly moved. Before I was more anxious to move more can not move, the more you can not move the more anxious to move, then the brain is only moving and not moving, the more the more tight around, and now I have this solution can be solved. Jump out to see yourself, laugh at yourself, I relax. I feel like I can understand a little bit of Morita's treatment. I'm really happy, a little bit of confidence. I used to live in Shandong in the hospital, the hospital will know 'let nature take its course, for the sake of', just like shouting slogans like, there is no understanding."

I am also very happy to reflect on the treatment of the fragments, remember the next.

A. As a healer, our own true natural feelings are very useful for treatment. It is valuable to be able to give feedback to the patient in a constructive manner.

Two. "Put yourself to see in the hands of the language that I originally relied on a therapist from the United States David J. Powel wine, Mr. learned, when he gave us chatting handling their anger, says the first is to" put yourself in the hands of a look, I see this time is angry." This is used for other scenarios, allowing patients to see themselves as "capture" lens; like himself as a sculpture in the palm of his hand. See clearly; like from a stranger's eyes, to see their real state, feel the reality of the state. This "here and now" the reality of the self-image, rather than the distortion of self observation, may be helpful for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Three. With regard to Morita treatment, if the patient can understand the language, the real communication, it may be better than shouting slogans to tell the patient, let nature take its course, as more help.

About language, that is I admire teacher Tang Denghua therapy when stereotype". Familiar with the teacher Tang Denghua students know, Tang teacher treatment or lecture, this sentence just say, he knew what words to say, but any two excerpts, take a look at it or know that Tang Denghua is a disciple of Tang Denghua said, seems to have become a routine module. That is the "Tang" interpretation, I think it is very worth the value of teaching, experience of psychological treatment for beginners repeatedly pondering.

(in April 2006)



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