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Cast nuclear sword, sword, the disease will. Yichang Central People's Hospital of nuclear medicine is currently the same hospital in the pro


Cast nuclear sword, sword, the disease will. Yichang Central People's Hospital of nuclear medicine is currently the same hospital in the province of the only nuclear medicine provincial key clinical specialist, a professional precedent, the development of the discipline.

The Central People's Hospital of nuclear medicine, founded in 1978, the earliest nuclear medicine business in the municipal medical units in Hubei province. After 30 years of development, nuclear medicine has now become the municipal hospitals in Hubei province in the medical treatment in most projects, the largest department: ECT room, examination room, room and function in vitro analysis of radionuclide therapy for more than one hundred business and everything; specialist outpatient clinics, radionuclide therapy and radionuclide therapy, nuclear medicine ward, thyroid Goods are available in all varieties.; SPECT/CT automatic instrument, radionuclide nuclide packing function tester and other equipment of international top. Fixed assets of nearly ten million yuan.

[interview: 5 million yuan of special funds in 2006 to the national Ministry of health for the hospital is equipped with GE's most advanced ECT, can be used as tumor bone imaging, diagnosis of coronary heart disease with myocardial perfusion imaging and measurement of right and left kidney is divided into renal function and renal imaging, thyroid gland, gills, gastrointestinal bleeding imaging and so on, let the Chongqing western Hubei patients enjoy nuclear medicine service quality, convenient and perfect at home can]

Department of nuclear medicine, Yichang Central People's Hospital has reasonable talent, currently include a master and doctor, 15 doctors, nurses and technical staff. Discipline leader Professor Cui Bangping served as the provincial and municipal professional society is a number of positions, textbooks and magazine editors, undertake provincial and municipal scientific research 4, more than 20 papers published in the "Journal of nuclear medicine" etc..

With director Cui Bangping as the center, Department of nuclear medicine research team formed a stable research direction of basic and clinical thyroid disease, undertake a number of research projects, including 1 key scientific research project of the Ministry of education, the Education Department of Hubei Province, the natural scientific research project 1, Yichang city science and technology project 2, level 2 research projects. In recent years, more than 30 papers were published in the Chinese Journal of nuclear medicine.

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