Inguinal hernia happened?

The fetal stage, male testis located in the posterior abdominal wall area, from fifth to 28 weeks in fetal gubernaculum and hormone, testis


The fetal stage, male testis located in the posterior abdominal wall area, from fifth to 28 weeks in fetal gubernaculum and hormone, testis with peritoneal transitional together fell to the scrotum. The lower part of the peritoneum is like a flared, flared tube called a "peritoneal"". The projections in the later period of the fetus or within one month after birth to death in the testis of closed, transitional decline, abdominal muscle weakness zone is formed between the lower abdominal wall near the medial thigh and vulva, medicine called "the inguinal canal, tube mouth called outer ring". The inguinal canal through the organization called "cord", spermatic vascular and lymphatic vessels, nerve tissue and vas deferens.

Due to genetic and other reasons, such as the peritoneum sheath shape failed to close, intestine and other abdominal organs, can open along the processus gradually outward hernia, inguinal hernia and the formation of, this is the most common cause of the pathogenesis of congenital indirect inguinal hernia, the reason is the most common pediatric inguinal hernia. These cases typically develop symptoms shortly after birth or shortly after birth.

A small number of cases due to chronic cough, constipation, straining, trauma and other factors, the intra-abdominal pressure often in a high state, intestine and other organs from the abdominal wall near the vulva muscles weak hernia, can be in the outer appearance of complex lesion formation of acquired or secondary inguinal hernia. Such cases are rare.

Whether it is a congenital or acquired causes, these changes appear on the side, right or left hernia hernia, namely unilateral hernia; changes in the form of bilateral bilateral hernia. Content of hernia inguinal hernia mainly in small intestine.

Although there was no testicular descent in the fetal stage, the development of the sheath was similar to that of the male. If abnormalities, not closed, but also by intestinal arteriosus processus hernia. Similarly, caused by inguinal hernia secondary causes, also suitable for girls. However, the lack of such a structure of the boy's spermatic cord, abdominal wall weak area is relatively good, so the incidence of hernia is significantly lower than boys, accounting for only 1/10 of all cases.

From the congenital reason, at present there is no effective measures to prevent the incidence of inguinal hernia. According to foreign statistics, the incidence of boys is 1:50, the girl is about 1:500.

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