Three misunderstandings about hepatitis B withdrawal

In recent years, the concept of chronic hepatitis B needs anti-virus has been gradually accepted by doctors and patients. There are also som


In recent years, the concept of chronic hepatitis B needs anti-virus has been gradually accepted by doctors and patients. There are also some doubts.

How to choose antiviral drugs? How long does it take? How effective? What are the adverse reactions? After the withdrawal will be repeated? On the issue has been very concerned about hepatitis B patients and want to know. The author summed up the situation of patients with irregular anti-virus, found that patients in the understanding of the existence of three errors.

First, the need for lifelong antiviral drugs. Many patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis B and hypertension, diabetes, the need for lifelong medication. This misconception is very influential. So many patients take antiviral treatment as "no return", shilly-shally antiviral treatment. For this delayed treatment.

Antiviral therapy does not require lifelong medication. In 2010, "China Hepatitis Prevention and control guidelines" put forward the time node of antiviral therapy. Best: HBVDNA negative, HBsAg negative, up to 2.5 years. Ideal: e antigen positive patients after treatment, to achieve a 'double standard', HBVDNA negative, HBeAg negative, HbeAb positive, treatment time reached 2.5 years. Effective: HBVDNA negative, the big three treatment time to 2.5 years, "small Sanyang" treatment time to 3 years.

Two is that the sooner the better. Many patients are determined to fight a "protracted war" against hepatitis B virus". But for how long this battle should adhere to the lack of scientific understanding. Some patients in the antiviral therapy after several months, the virus index improved significantly, hope to just leave early withdrawal. A few months and the patient medication, the virus index did not reach the expected negative goals, that there is no effect and immediately stop treatment.

Anti HBV therapy must be patient and confident. "At present, antiviral drugs are more expensive, and may also be associated with the extension of time to drug resistance and some adverse reactions. So, in all respects, of course, to stop the drug as soon as possible, of course, but the premise is that you must complete a course of treatment, to achieve the desired treatment goals." The treatment of hepatitis B virus is really a "protracted war"". Advise the hepatitis B patients, do not believe those false advertising. Blindly believe that the so-called fast negative publicity of hepatitis B virus.

Three is that antiviral treatment can achieve the desired goal. Some patients complain, why someone is particularly good, and he has been treated for one or two years, the virus is still positive, the doctor asked to continue treatment, do not stop the drug. In fact, different patients, different conditions, the effect of treatment will be different, stopping time can not be across the board. The clinical data showed that 9 times more than two times, transaminase HBVDNA level less than 10 of the patients are more likely to achieve the stopping criteria, if these patients treated with telbivudine, e antigen seroconversion opportunities up to 47% 2 years, and then realize the withdrawal.

For patients who do not meet the above conditions, experienced specialists can adjust the treatment plan in time to improve the treatment effect. "With the nucleoside drugs for example, medication for 6 months, if the per milliliter of blood HBVDNA cannot be reduced to 10000 copies of the following, we need to strengthen the follow-up, if necessary, adjust the treatment plan.

"Hepatitis B virus is not a smooth, but as long as we choose the right medicine, scientific program, and insisted on it, you can go on a road of hope, and ultimately stop drug. Patient friends must have confidence.

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