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Digital healthAccording to the WHO (WHO) estimates that without intervention, 84 million people will die of cancer from 2005 to 2015. The tu


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According to the WHO (WHO) estimates that without intervention, 84 million people will die of cancer from 2005 to 2015. The tumor is characterized by an increase in the number of cells over the needs of host growth, repair and proliferation. Malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and accidents constitute the three leading causes of death in the world today. According to WHO statistics, the global annual number of new cancer cases up to more than 9 million people, the death of about 5 million people, and showed an increasing trend year by year. Therefore, to overcome the cause of cancer, to find a solution to become the primary task of mankind.

For whom the bell tolls

Beijing as an international city, due to environmental changes in the city in the process, people's life and work pressure, with the change of lifestyle and diet to enhance the level of economy brings, caused the change spectrum of city residents' health status and disease. The incidence of cancer is increasing, which is of great significance in the development of big cities in china.

The tumor hospital of Peking University from 1999 to in the ten years, the tumor incidence in Beijing were monitored. The results show that the malignant tumor has been the first cause of death in Beijing for 4 consecutive years since 2007. In 2009, for example, a total of 36765 cases of new cases of malignant tumors in Beijing household population, the incidence of 297.04/10 million. Among them, 18902 cases of male new cases, the incidence rate of 303.08/10 million, female new cases in 17863 cases, the incidence rate of 290.91/10 million. The ratio of male to female was 106: 100.

Over the past ten years, lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer has been located in Beijing City, the incidence of malignant tumors in the top three. From the perspective of gender, in recent years, Beijing City, the top three malignant tumors in men with lung cancer, colorectal cancer and liver cancer, the first female cancer in the top three for breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

The incidence of male lung cancer has been at the top of the list, the first breakthrough in the incidence of 70/10 million mark in 2008, ahead of other organs of malignant tumors. The incidence of liver cancer in male patients is relatively mild, but the incidence of colorectal cancer is still increasing. The incidence of colorectal cancer is more than that of liver cancer in 2007, which is the second most common malignant tumor in Beijing.

Over the years, breast cancer has been the first high incidence of malignant tumors in Beijing women, and the rapid rise in the incidence of disease has aroused widespread concern in the community. In addition, female lung cancer, colorectal cancer in the past ten years, there is a significant upward trend.

What are the most important factors associated with cancer

There are many reasons for the occurrence of tumors, such as emotional stress in life, bad eating habits, etc.. The research data shows that the occurrence and nutritional factors about 1/3 in malignant tumor of male and 60% of female tumors are closely related, and confirmed that a large number of fruits and vegetables of the population, the incidence of cancer is low intake of about 50% people, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can prevent many types of cancer, significantly reduce the risk of cancer and on the gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer and laryngeal cancer and other evidence of the most fully, for breast cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer are sufficient evidence.

In 1991, the British epidemiologist R DOLL reduced tumor is suggested that diet can make stomach and colon cancer mortality rate of 90%, lower 20% oral cancer, esophageal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gallbladder cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer mortality, and the total cancer mortality decreased by 10%. A large intake of fruits and vegetables, the incidence of cancer is about 50% lower.

How to achieve early detection and early prevention

As a kind of disease, tumor has its own process of occurrence and development. Early detection is not impossible.

WHO experts on malignant tumor "ten" early signs: (1) any part of the body, such as breast, skin, tongue or other parts with palpable induration or swelling; (2) wart or mole is the color deepened, rapid increase, itching, hair loss, ulcers or bleeding (change; 3) persistent indigestion; (4) the coarse material swallowing a choking feeling, chest discomfort, pain or esophageal foreign body sensation; (5) tinnitus, hearing loss, headache, stuffy nose, throat with blood, neck mass; (6) persistent hoarseness, cough or sputum with blood; (7) the unexplained blood in the stool, hematuria, ear canal bleeding; (8) abnormal menstruation, bleeding, menstrual period or irregular vaginal bleeding; chronic ulcer; (9) (10) unexplained weight loss or fever.

In general, after a long period of unexplained discomfort, it should be timely to the hospital for examination. It must be noted that the above symptoms are not necessarily malignant, but should be treated as soon as possible.

Who is the focus of the cancer population

Data from Shenzhen show that the average age of onset of liver cancer 52.4 years old, gastric cancer, colon cancer, age of 58.2 years old, esophageal cancer is at the age of 59.3 years old...... Cancer more often after the age of 50.

People over 50 years old in an eventful year. There are old in the home there is a small, but also the backbone of the family, the pressure of social entertainment, physical and mental fatigue. After 50 years of age, both men and women, the body will appear a menopausal state, this time the body hormone levels began to decline, endocrine system changes, the body's immune function gradually reduced. In other words, the immune system can be controlled by the cancer gene or mutation of the cells, with the aging of the body, the immune cells to its clearance decreased, and thus induce its cancer.

Some cancers may have been dormant for many years ago, such as the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer, from the cervical erosion to the final carcinogenesis may have to go through more than 10 years, usually in the age of more than 40 - after the onset of the disease. Therefore, cancer at least 20 years earlier, it said that over 35 years of age should be 1 times the anti-cancer screening to the hospital every year, especially people who have family history of cancer, experts suggest that the year 1 - 2 preventive check ups is appropriate.

According to WHO, 40% of cancers can be prevented; about 40% of cancers are curable; and about 20% of cancers can survive long term cancer. At the government level, is under the power of popular science propaganda, and guide people to pay attention to the occurrence of disease through policy. Beijing municipal government in recent years has actively organized "women two cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer screening project", away from the malignant tumor has become the "health of Beijing - national health promotion action plan for ten years" goal. For individuals, experts called for the protection of the environment should be done, away from tobacco, healthy diet, moderate exercise, maintain a healthy and happy mood.

Biological vaccine will become a trend

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in the world, with an estimated 200 thousand deaths each year, accounting for about 80% of all deaths worldwide. China's Ministry of health data show that China's annual increase of more than 130 thousand cases of cervical cancer, the death toll of about 30 thousand people.

It has been confirmed that almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV (HPV), of which more than 70% are caused by HPV16 and HPV18 type two viruses. Chinese Cancer Research Academy of Medical Sciences had 7 National Research Center 19 hospital, 1244 cervical cancer and cervical lesion patients showed squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix of women in our country in 84% is caused by HPV16 and type 18.

There are 10 to 20 years of history of the world's efforts to fight cancer through a vaccine. At present, the world's only through the research and development and access to the United States FDA approved, the inhibition of cancer vaccine, is for the prevention of HPV16 and 18 of cervical cancer vaccine, it can reduce the incidence of cervical cancer by 70%. Because the HPV vaccine can only prevent HPV infection, can not be treated, so only the risk of infection before the arrival of vaccination in order to get the best protection. The vaccine needs to be completed within 6 months after the injection of the 3, to play a role in preventing the occurrence of disease tracking data show that from 2006 to date, the vaccine provided no signs of immune protection. Today, the vaccine has been approved in the European Union, Asia, Australia, China, Hongkong and Taiwan and other countries and regions, there is news that the Chinese government is also working for the HPV vaccine landing in the local efforts. Around the world, the development of vaccines to prevent cancer has been gradually extended to more tumors, such as prostate cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer and other tumors. According to authoritative statistics, with prostate cancer, for example, the tumor vaccine treatment of prostate cancer patients than the general survival of up to more than 1 years.

The future, with the world of biological treatment, especially the development of vaccine against cancer gradually, by mining the individual "latent capacity", even by changing the gene to treat cancer dream will become the best means of treatment and prevent the occurrence of tumor.

Believe that this day is no longer far away!

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