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Chronic prostatitis (CP) is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. The etiology of CP is complicated. The common causes include bact


Chronic prostatitis (CP) is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. The etiology of CP is complicated. The common causes include bacterial infection, immunity, mycoplasma or Chlamydia infection. Chronic bacterial prostatitis accounted for only 5% - 8%, and the other was non bacterial prostatitis (90%).

The prostate is the largest male accessory gland, the antibiotic is not easy to enter the capsule of the prostate, prostatitis patients often associate the disease and sexual function and fertility, venereal disease, prostate hyperplasia or hypertrophy may worry about cancer, often caused by excessive tension, anxiety, and psychological factors affect the prognosis.

In order to let the experts know more about your condition, it is recommended that you come to the clinic and telephone consultation to prepare the following materials:

1 basic information: name, age, region, telephone;

2 need to prepare inspection data:

The physical examination

The emphasis is on the genitourinary system. Examination of the lower abdomen, lumbosacral, perineal, penis, urethral orifice, testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord abnormalities, help to diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

The prostate fluid routine examination

The white blood cell < in normal prostatic fluid; 10 /HP when the white blood cell > the 10 /HP, the number of lecithin body decreased, there is a diagnostic significance.

The routine urine analysis and urinary sediment examination

Check routine urine analysis and urinary sediment examination is the auxiliary method to eliminate urinary tract infection, diagnosis of prostatitis.

The urine flow rate,

Can be a general understanding of the status of patients with urination, prostatitis and urinary dysfunction related to the identification of diseases.

The B

Kidney, bladder, prostate and bladder residual urine, etc..

After you apply for telephone consultation, ready to check the above information, waiting for the site customer service staff to contact you, I will be in your application on the same day you call, for you to solve the disease.

1 nursing notes

Avoid sedentary, eat spicy spicy food, quit smoking, encourage patients with regular sexual life, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with prostatitis.

2 medication, referral note

L my outpatient time in the personal website is reflected in the temporary stop information can be displayed in the patient's time to stop in the outpatient information in the understanding, so as not to delay the time to run the wrong way

L remote or inconvenient to hospital referral of patients, can carry on a consultation with me through the application of telephone counseling service, I can by telephone consultation to give you specific instructions;

L referral patients can also apply for an appointment referral, to my clinic appointment plus. The outpatient registration of more patients, referral appointments plus patients need to wait until the normal treatment of patients after reading to see this, you need to know in advance;

3 Department of prostatitis treatment features

The treatment of L CP in order to improve the patient's symptoms as its purpose, need comprehensive treatment, the method are as follows: the antibiotics; oral medicine; the Chinese medicine suppository anal plug; the traditional Chinese medicine enema; the prostate local therapy; the alpha blockers, acupuncture, cupping and so on.

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