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Most people are caused by the accumulation of local crude fat, but some people are caused by muscle, but also some people are fat accumulati


Most people are caused by the accumulation of local crude fat, but some people are caused by muscle, but also some people are fat accumulation, muscular, both have. To identify themselves belong to the kind of situation, just force to touch the calf, to touch the calf fat thickness and muscle morphology to identify their own thick leg is what type.

Quick sharp thin leg

To solve the fat accumulation caused by rough calf, a reasonable and effective method, is safe to apply local liposuction, most of the way is a 0.5 cm small incision in the medial popliteal or ankle swelling, a narcotic, the use of mechanical pressure to attract reciprocating suction. According to the amount of fat in the lower leg to control the operation time, generally two calves need about 1.5 hours. The operation of fat cells in vitro and in vivo than exercise, aspiration, diet, weight-loss drugs and other methods, it can significantly reduce the number of fat cells, so will not rebound after operation.

"Fat legs" variable "small thin leg liposuction"

Appropriate exercise generally does not make the legs thicker, because the appropriate exercise can reduce subcutaneous fat, so that the calf becomes thinner; excessive, improper exercise is likely to make the calf muscles over developed, and become strong. The crude fat accumulation caused by calf, local fat liposuction is useful, but the coarse leg on muscle type is not necessarily effective. Muscle type of thick calf to get rid of not fat but muscle. At present, the fat is not fat, muscular type, the existing method is to fight Botox and cut out some of the calf muscles two.

Leg selection method

Botulinum toxin can make part of muscle atrophy, calf thinning, but the efficacy of maintaining a relatively short time. Generally in about half a year, often need to inject treatment 2-3 times, it is best not to use the method of cutting muscle, because it is not mature, is a method of trauma, will leave a scar, but also a greater impact on the function. If the muscles of the calf to become slim, it is best to try Botox injection.

After liposuction should adhere to wear elastic pants

Liposuction surgery without absolute contraindication, women should avoid the menstrual period. All ages of male and female can do liposuction, now with 20 to 40 years for many.

First days after routine dressing change, wearing elastic pants. 3 to 5 days of oral antibiotics, swelling drug for 10 days. Proper exercise, after 10 days of stitches, the best to wear elastic pants 3 months, so you can keep good leg shape.

Small incision left at the ankle or popliteal fossa surgery, postoperative left scar, but the scars will gradually disappear. Half a month to walk may not be comfortable, two or three months can be fully restored. Better leg shape will show.

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