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You know the magic of estrogen 2015-10-08 Tong Junxue diabetesDiabetes worldSpeaking of estrogen, we are not unfamiliar, but also has a very


You know the magic of estrogen 2015-10-08 Tong Junxue diabetes

Diabetes world

Speaking of estrogen, we are not unfamiliar, but also has a very important relationship with women, such as promoting the development of female reproductive organs, maintaining the characteristics of women, etc.. In addition to these functions, estrogen plays a very important role in maintaining human health.

The magic of estrogen

Many women feel desperate physical condition after becoming much worse, health problems will ensue, in fact, one of the key causes of female body change is the decrease of estrogen, estrogen level of female climacteric decreased significantly, will bring a series of health problems.

Estrogen is like an umbrella, so that women do not get sick, less sick. Women in menopause because estrogen levels decreased significantly, there will be a series of symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, palpitation, abnormal mental status and backaches; estrogen deficiency will make the cortical function and autonomic nerve disorder, caused by pituitary secretion of melatonin disorders, insomnia, headache, caused by the excitability, fatigue. With the influence of female genital epithelial cells after effects of estrogen, women age, with lower estrogen levels, urethral atrophy, and pelvic floor muscle relaxation, it is prone to frequent micturition, urgency and other problems.

If women have long been palpitation, insomnia, poor mental state, Yaosuanbeiteng other problems, plus the menopausal female hormone secretion disorder, may also cause other problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, depression etc..

Estrogen levels decline to bring so much trouble to menopausal women, estrogen in the maintenance of human health in the end how to play the role?

Prevention of coronary heart disease, many people can not imagine how estrogen and coronary heart disease will have a relationship? Some studies have shown that the incidence of coronary heart disease due to gender differences, men and women, and the risk of coronary heart disease in men than women 3.5 times, women appeared for the first time coronary heart disease than men late time time. The reason for these gender differences is that endogenous estrogen has anti atherosclerosis effect. Therefore, the role of estrogen in the prevention of coronary heart disease, but when women to menopause, estrogen levels gradually reduced, the risk of coronary heart disease will also increase.

One of the men and women to prevent osteoporosis common physiological phenomenon is bone mass decrease with the increase of age, but women compared with men, the peak bone is low and menopause, postmenopausal bone loss significantly, prone to osteoporosis and fractures caused by. Estrogen plays an extremely important role in maintaining the balance of bone resorption and formation, estrogen can promote bone calcium absorption, if estrogen levels decline, weakening of the osteogenic stimulus to increase calcium loss, can cause osteoporosis. Therefore, estrogen can prevent osteoporosis.

It can also reduce the lipid metabolism of female blood lipids are also affected by estrogen, large-scale epidemiological survey found that estrogen deficiency is an important pathogenic factor in the development of cardiovascular disease in women. Studies have found that due to the protective effect of estrogen, adult women with low density lipoprotein cholesterol in men is lower than men, but will rapidly increase after menopause.

Have the function of skin protection to the menopausal women, not only the body began to decline, even the skin becomes loose, dull, not shiny, this is because estrogen for the prevention of skin aging women play a very important role. Effect of estrogen on the skin are mainly in the following aspects, the estrogen level after menopause, a drop will accelerate the thinning of the skin and reduce collagen; two, estrogen has on the skin moisturizing effect, postmenopausal women are more prone to dry skin; three, estrogen can reduce skin wrinkles, some studies have shown that the application of postmenopausal women estrogen can reduce wrinkles; four, estrogen can regulate skin pigmentation, make women keep skin bright and clean, reduce the stain.

Men also have estrogen

Many people think that estrogen is a hormone, feminine body also has in fact, male hormones in the body, the male body estrogen has two sources, 1/3 male estrogen from testis, 2/3 in testis by conversion of androgen to outside. Estrogen also plays an important role in the health of men. Although estrogen has a lot of protective effects on women's health, it can cause disease in men if they have high levels of estrogen.

Hyperplasia of mammary glands in male patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands is relatively rare, in recent years, the incidence is significantly higher than before. Is a type of one side or both sides of the female breast development, sometimes tenderness or pain, hyperplasia and cystic dilatation of the duct, and fiber, fat tissue hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by blood circulation disorder of sex hormone levels, there are two basic types of all male breast hyperplasia is a disorder of sex hormone, estrogen increased, the other one is estrogen / testosterone ratio increased.

Men have feminine characteristics if the estrogen level in men is too high, the body breaking ratio of estrogen and androgen, will appear male feminine characteristics, such as sparse hair, loss of libido etc.. One reason for this phenomenon is that obesity, because androgen into estrogen by aromatase, and fat accumulation will make aromatase content increased, which led to the increase of the content of estrogen, obesity evidence in your previous cognition, and had to be put on this one!

Although there are some benefits of estrogen on the human body, and estrogen replacement therapy is also can be used for the treatment of some diseases, but to remind you when treatment must follow the doctor's advice, under the guidance of a doctor to do regular medication, scientific treatment.



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