The application of bone splitting technique and the insertion of implant in maxillary anterior teeth restoration in aesthetics

In the case of planting 2015BITC Grand Prix, and "China income clinical oral implantology essence (2015)"Patient: yuan XX, 19 years old, you


In the case of planting 2015BITC Grand Prix, and "China income clinical oral implantology essence (2015)"

Patient: yuan XX, 19 years old, young woman, in December 2013 with "maxillary anterior teeth missing for 1 years" in our hospital.

Current medical history: 21 teeth were pulled out due to trauma. The time of missing teeth was about 1 years. Patients without surgery general contraindications, no smoking and drinking.

Intraoral examination showed that the patient had 21 teeth missing, the alveolar ridge height was still good, the lip was obviously depressed, and the alveolar ridge width was not enough.

CBCT: alveolar ridge height: 15.99mm alveolar ridge width: 4.95mm

The operation adopted piezosurgery osteotomy for implantation of Straumann bone level, narrow neck implant diameter 3.3mm NC,

The length of 12mm, Bio-oss in bone collagen membrane absorption cover.

Plan June after the two phase of surgery, surgery to be scheduled for the first time in February after the temporary crown repair, the entire plastic gingival appearance of the two

Wear temporary crown after April to complete the final repair.

There are enough vertical bone in the maxillary alveolar ridge width and deficiency, application of bone splitting combined with GBR technology can effectively increase the alveolar bone width, the effect is ideal, the alveolar fullness recovery effect is good, the same period in the cultivation of physical fitness and surrounding bone osseointegration. A temporary crown on gingival tissue plastic, gingival morphology, gingival papilla full form natural color health, satisfactory final clinical repair effect.

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