Grandpa grandson also suffer ill health

Science: Grandpa grandson also suffer ill healthIf you have diabetes, cancer or heart disease, you may blame your father, or even your grand


Science: Grandpa grandson also suffer ill health

If you have diabetes, cancer or heart disease, you may blame your father, or even your grandfather, and their environment. In recent years, scientists have found that the father's life experiences, including food, drugs, exposure to toxic substances and even internal pressure will affect the child's development and health, and even grandchildren's health.

Although research in this field has been going on for about 10 years, scientists still know little about how environmental memory can be passed on from generation to generation. McGill researchers and their partners believe that they have found a key part of the molecular puzzle, they found that histones may play a key role in this process.

The latest study, published in the International Journal of Science, may significantly change our understanding of the genetic process.

This is a new direction

In the past few decades, most epigenetic field studies have focused on specific molecular DNA and DNA surface (such as methyl groups) the relationship between this kind of relationship is a two-way switch, which can up regulate the expression of specific genes can also downregulate specific gene expression.

Different groups of proteins in DNA, they are combined with DNA in the cell, as is around DNA axis, because proteins are also part of the sperm, so the researchers for histone in the fertilization process whether the genetic information transmitted from father to child feel very curious.

Therefore, in order to verify the theory, the researchers constructed a mouse model, they slightly alter the sperm formation process of histone biochemical information carried on, then studied the influence on offspring.

Not only did DNA participate in the inheritance

The researchers found that histone changes can have an extreme impact on the development and survival of offspring in mice, such as more likely to produce congenital defects, bone dysplasia. Even more surprising is that these effects may still exist after two generations.

The researchers said: " when we see more than one generation of mice showed decreased survival and abnormal development of the phenomenon, we realized that some other things, such as DNA protein, will be involved in the genetic process. The findings are surprising, suggesting that genetic information is not only inherited by DNA, but also that fathers play a vital role in the health of their children and grandchildren. "

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