Nasal base packing

An overview of nasal cavity packingThe nasal base can be roughly defined as the basal part of the lower part of the nose and upper lip. The


An overview of nasal cavity packing

The nasal base can be roughly defined as the basal part of the lower part of the nose and upper lip. The base is divided into nasal columella base, is subdivided into alar base; some columella base, alar and nostril base. Located in the Delta region at the junction of the alar base nasolabial top and nose.

Columella columella base is the area below. Nasal cavity packing, the purpose of the nose pad through the base so that the face of the central fullness. Now do more refers to the pad is alar, around the piriform aperture of this position. South Korea called the base pad operation

Rich operation". Two. The indications of nasal base packing, in the middle of the face, 1.a, maxillary hypoplasia.

1.b, the maxillary alveolar development excessive, caused by the rear side alar sag below. 2, the columella upper lip was acute angle. 3, cleft lip and palate often associated with maxillary hypoplasia. Graft around pyriform sinus

. Contraindications three, nasal base filling operation because not all midface depression can be achieved through nose base effect.

There are many kinds of situations in the middle depression,

Not only is the alar base depression. So the contraindications roughly divided into two types as follows: 1, for non bony problems such as nasolabial facial relaxation caused by deepening alar surgery as a contraindication. Not only can not relieve the symptoms of nasal surgery, but also to make the bags under the eyes of the lacrimal groove deepened. 2, the problem of bone, the whole face of the skeletal development are not sufficient, the additional protrusion accompanied by the protrusion of the upper and lower teeth. Four, the preoperative design considerations of nasal base packing 1, nasal base surgery is an auxiliary means of facial contouring surgery, we must grasp the indications. 2, maxillary growth caused by excessive lateral alar sag below

Remember, the scope of control of base mat, or the formation of a typical "fish". 3, after the operation of the nasal base, the nostrils of patients in general will be open, it appears that the nostrils become larger, so the nasal base is not a separate operation, and nasal surgery is recommended at the same time. 4, on the both sides of the filling height, not beyond the prosthesis on the edge of the alar groove. Five, the nasal base sag correction method 1, filling injection (hyaluronic acid, autologous fat and hydroxyapatite) 2, prosthesis (silica gel, bulk, autologous cartilage), six nasal base filled the surgical approach to the anterior nasal spine as the center, swallow shaped prosthesis prosthesis filling extends to both sides. This is America the commonly used approach. There are two kinds of operation: 1, in the side of the nose (nasal columella margin within) do through the incision, separation on the surface of alveolar bone, then the swallow shaped columella base on prosthesis low and low side. 2, in the mouth incision, separation of swallow shaped prosthesis implantation.

Schematic diagram of nasal packing

Seven, the alar base filling operation method for separating the nasal base, the triangle prosthesis (Moon prosthesis implantation, the alar base) pad. This method is commonly used in South korea. The purpose of the study is to buffer the steps caused by the maxillary alveolar bone. Buffer the right angle step into a certain slope. There are two kinds of operations: 1, in two opened a small incision, jaw surface edge of the piriform aperture on the separation cavity, implants. 2, in the nose and face at the junction of the incision, the general and narrow nose, separation of implant prosthesis.

Alar filling operation diagram

Eight, columella base filling operation method: Plastic columella base usually filled with the tip of the nose while improving the nasolabial angle, raise the tip of the nose. 1, the nasal columella incision along the medial angle of alar cartilage down in the maxillary nasal crest above the implant prosthesis, separation cavity, raise the columella base, at the same time to raise the nasal tip effect. 2, commonly used chopped or crushed cartilage, placed in the space between the medial pedal and nasal ridge. Their purpose is not sufficient in the uplift column on the lips or correction of nasal deformity of the rear contour light column.

Columella base filling operation diagram

Nine, the nasal cavity after the operation of the filling of the key points of note 1, postoperative incision cleaning, mouthwash. 2, postoperative 3-6 months do not exaggerate expression. Ten, postoperative complications of nasal cavity filling, infection, 1. 2, the expression is not natural.

3, prosthesis displacement.

Eleven, nasal cavity filling contrast case

Comparison of nasal packing cases 1

Comparison of nasal packing cases 2

Comparison of nasal packing cases 3

Twelve, summary:

Although this kind of operation can bring rich face, but must be properly selected indications, and to grasp the degree; otherwise it will backfire, causing fish mouth deformity, the middle face is too solid and firm.

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