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Yangtze River Daily reported on July 20, 2011Interviewed experts / Sixth Hospital of Wuhan, Zhao Jianguo, director of thyroid and breast sur


Yangtze River Daily reported on July 20, 2011

Interviewed experts / Sixth Hospital of Wuhan, Zhao Jianguo, director of thyroid and breast surgery

Write / reporter Gong Hong correspondent Yuan Li

In May this year, the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan thyroid breast surgery, ushered in the seven special patients. First, a more than and 50 year old woman to do thyroid surgery, the hospital soon after his sister, his sister has done the same treatment. At the same time, a more than and 40 year old man came here to do thyroid surgery, his wife to take care of him during the period were found in the same disease. The man recovered, and take care of his wife did the same treatment. More interesting is that, not long after, another couple also like them before the male and female thyroid surgery.

Try to see if you have thyroid disease

Zhao Jianguo, director of the Department of thyroid and breast surgery, the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan, said that the illness of the three sisters and the couple of the two men seemed to be a coincidence. The mean thyroid disease incidence, on one hand, thyroid diseases have a genetic predisposition (such as the three sisters with individual thyroid tumors), on the other hand also shows it by eating delicious seafood and acquired diet effects (such as two couples are eating seafood).

It is understood that at present, the incidence of thyroid disease is very high, about 20%, including nodular goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid adenoma and thyroid carcinoma. The incidence ratio of male to female is about 1:5, due to the influence of many factors, such as menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and so on, the stability of female endocrine system is poor, so the incidence is higher.

Surgical resection is the main treatment for thyroid cancer, thyroid carcinoma and nodular goiter. But the traditional surgical method for patients often left neck 4 ~ 6 cm scar, let Amy grudge for surgery. Can the seven previously mentioned patients and other patients in the endoscopic assisted thyroid and breast surgery the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan city under the resection of the thyroid gland, but was happy to scar hidden examination.

The mirror to do thyroid surgery scar subtle

The majority of thyroid nodules are benign lesions, only 5% of malignant tumors, while the rate of thyroid cancer is up to 10%. The Department Director Zhao Jianguo advise patients: the thyroid nodule in a cm above and is highly suspected of the possibility of malignant transformation, this surgery.

Even if it is not part of the patients with malignant tumor, timely surgery, or lump longer, not only affect their own image, but also increase the difficulty of the operation and after the operation risk. For example, a woman six years ago that the neck mass, she heard that do thyroid surgery can cause hoarseness and even lead to complications such as voice, so has been reluctant to do surgery, nor do the regular treatment, can listen to some quack "magic recipe", make the masses in a few years longer. When she came to help Zhao Jianguo director, the largest diameter of the package reached 11 cm, so that her neck looks wider than the face.

Director Zhao said that the patient's worry is redundant. Surgical complications were related to the degree of proficiency in the operation. He suggested that patients had better go to thyroid surgery, when a surgeon with the same amount of surgery within a year to reach 100 units, the incidence of complications is very small.

In order to video-assisted thyroid surgery as an example, first down the neck skin lines do about 2 ~ 3 cm apart hidden incision, longitudinal muscle layer (previously transection of muscle fiber, the postoperative pain, swelling, inflammation and adhesion, and then select the blood vessels less frequent) the organization level set into operation by instruments. Open and create a magnifying mirror clear view, the side cutting edge gland peripheral vascular coagulation using ultrasonic scalpel, the thyroid gland and its tumor resection, thereby avoiding intraoperative bleeding, postoperative hoarseness, infection and other complications, after 3 to 5 days the patient can be cured.

The prevention of thyroid diseases do not cling to seafood

In terms of prevention, genetic and dietary effects of the two groups of people to pay special attention to. If a woman's grandmother, mother, sister, who suffered from hyperthyroidism, it is necessary to guard against. Eating seafood, eating salty and spicy food, add salt and iodine intake in virtually, will increase the risk of thyroid disease, we must pay attention to and prevention.

Experts suggest that if you love to eat seafood, eat less salt, more bogey also eat those pickled food and spiced food. If these foods are not the mouth, the incidence of thyroid diseases is much higher than the average person.

There was a patient with a long neck and a thyroid problem. But he is particularly fond of seafood, I did not expect the neck of the package will be related to seafood. He traveled from Hainan and other coastal areas three months back to Han, found that the package suddenly increased a lot. To check the thyroid and breast surgery of the six hospital of Wuhan City, is a thyroid tumor. Fortunately, is benign, made here after tumor resection of thyroid, recover soon.

In addition, many drugs also contain a certain amount of iodine, which is a lot of patients did not expect. So when you use the perennial heart disease medicine, throat cydiodin and other drugs, be sure to ask whether they contain iodine. If the ease of a disease at the same time, adding a new disease, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

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