Several problems after cardiac surgery

After waking up, patients who have had a heart operation will feel very thirsty and want to drink water. This is a normal phenomenon. The hu


After waking up, patients who have had a heart operation will feel very thirsty and want to drink water. This is a normal phenomenon. The human body after a major trauma, the body's endocrine system has changed, will make people feel very thirsty. In the movie, the person has been injured, always wants the water to drink, also is this truth. But the patient in the hospital, there are health care workers, intravenous infusion, the patient will not be short of water. So this kind of thirst is fake. Then if you drink more water, water into the intestine after being absorbed into the blood vessels, become part of the blood, blood volume will increase, the burden will increase the heart. In the early stage of the operation, the patient was accompanied by hypoproteinemia, and the excess water ran into the interstitial space, leading to pulmonary interstitial edema. The patient's symptoms were not lying. A lie on the cough, cough out is similar to the mouth of a transparent bubble. Individual patients with acute heart failure. So, after the operation to drink plenty of water, will cause a lot of problems. Water is very important for postoperative recovery. Patients need water to relieve thirst, bring food, and take out the body's waste. Without a certain amount of water, the patient will not recover well. So, how much water a day to drink? How to drink? We say "one day", refers to 24 hours, not generally considered "from morning till night". All the water into the patient's body, including infusion, drinking water, porridge, soup, noodles, fruit, yogurt, etc., should be regarded as the amount of". For the average adult, if there is not a lot of sweat, a lot of urination, diarrhea and so on, every 24 hours the total amount should be controlled at about 2000 ml. The method of drinking water is like drinking wine, with a small cup of medicine, a small amount of a day to open. Cut can not take the cup or take Straw suction. The family should record the amount of food and water each time. If you drink too much water, you have to diuretic, discharge excess water, may also lose albumin, improve plasma colloid osmotic pressure. This will affect the patient's sleep, may lead to hypokalemia, but also increase the cost of.

About rice

As the saying goes, the person is iron, rice is a steel, do not eat a meal hungry. After cardiac surgery, the patient lost blood, hurt the meat, must have enough nutrition to recover. After surgery, some patients have no appetite, do not want to eat. Family members should encourage patients to eat, do some patients like, delicious, nutritious food. These foods should be the main animal protein, including all kinds of meat (poultry, pigs and sheep meat can be) egg (especially egg white), yogurt or milk (but water), avoid eating too many starchy foods, not necessarily a turtle, dove, black chicken "tonic". Each meal to eat six or seven full, you can eat five meals a day, eat more meals. If you eat a lot more, heavy burden on the digestive system, will increase the burden on the heart, but also may affect the breathing. If the diet is not good, poor nutrition, forced intravenous infusion of high nutrient liquid and albumin, medical expenses will increase a lot.

On the problem of cough

After cardiac surgery, there will be some phlegm in the lungs, trachea and bronchi. If you can not be ruled out in time, will affect the lung gas exchange, resulting in patients with hypoxia or carbon dioxide retention. So, it is very important to timely and thoroughly. The sputum has three measures, one is effective cough, two is physicaltherapy (turn and back), three is inhalation. The patient had undergone surgery, the wound is painful, cough and treatment will increase the pain. The solution is the use of elastic ribs with. This fixed with a lot of brands, such as LP, many pharmacies and sporting goods stores are available. Buy a suitable size, in the chest, as close as possible to the armpit, not in the abdomen. You should tie it up a little bit and let the tape eat. The operation was cut by the sternum is longitudinal stainless steel wire fixation. Osteoporosis, severe cough and other factors may cause the wire to cut the sternum. This can be avoided by using a rib fixation band. In addition, the patient after the active ambulation, can significantly improve the situation of the lungs, to avoid respiratory complications. Wound pain is inevitable, if necessary, can take pain medication.

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