The intervention and treatment of childhood and adolescent addiction - how to successfully quit addiction

The network is a double-edged sword, bring convenience and entertainment to people at the same time, also let a part of poor self-control, t


The network is a double-edged sword, bring convenience and entertainment to people at the same time, also let a part of poor self-control, trapped, suffer. Obsessed with the network and lead to neglect their studies, meet the eye everywhere cause without a break, even illegal crime case. To a certain extent on the network crazy, seriously affect the life of the individual, learning and interpersonal relationships, is called "Internet addiction", or the "Internet addiction syndrome".

Children and adolescents have weak self-control ability, new curiosity and contact and strong, they are more prone to addiction after contact network. Specific performance for a long time to use the network, regardless of learning and life, and even too late to eat and overnight internet. So, truancy, lying stealing behavior problems. In the network, they have isolated short and real world, into the world of illusion, in the fighting game in the sense of freedom, control, or stimulation of emotional experience, very excited. Once out of the network and is anxious and preoccupied anxious, showed the withdrawal reaction; the need to invest in learning and daily life to lose interest and motivation. If the parents and teachers of children's Internet addiction intervention is improper, often vicious spiral, the problem for years and can't be solved effectively, and even lead to premature children, parents or children will give up, poguanziposhuai, lose confidence in the future, the emergence of dawdle.

The cause of the students' Internet addiction is a comprehensive, both individual differences, different personality of the child is different, ability and self-control ability to distinguish things is not the same, and the influence of the environment, as the saying goes "howl, mix", also with the family education of parents and the school of education. A number of factors in the child's body, it has a resonance effect.

So, in the face of the child how to have different Internet addiction, the feasible scheme to carry out the individualized help.

First of all, can not negate the addiction children, this is the most important thing. We have helped addiction children become outstanding network workers, they network sensitivity and the ability to grasp the far more than ordinary people. If a pole of their network expertise play out, other aspects of their lack of capacity, lack of confidence, in fact it is very easy for the is also prone to a stirring among the dry bones, from one extreme to another's erratic. This is why one of the successful factors quit addiction.

Secondly, cultivate children's good psychological quality and perfect personality, which is the foundation of Internet addiction withdrawal. However, at present, whether it is our family education or school education, while advocating quality education, some teachers and parents are still too concerned about the child's cultural lesson score and ranking, so that learning becomes dull as ditch water while ignoring the children's interests, hobbies, neglect the training of life skills and interpersonal skills, ignoring the creation of good character. The child dreams have become "admitted to a good university, find a good job", "no longer suffer". This is how terrible misleading. A child's dream is to be a person who is useful to the family, society and country".

Finally, help children to develop other aspects of competence and confidence, which is the key for Internet addicts. There was an addiction at the beginning of high school girl, her speech is clear, we guide her to the refined and courteous, broadcast over development, she found beyond the age of the child's self-confidence soon, her heart would like to do a good radio announcer. Apparently she knew that indulging herself in the Internet was not going to fulfill her wish. There are no two identical leaves in the world, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. Chollima often, horses do not often. Parents and educators can teach students in accordance with their aptitude, can find the child virtue, is a very important part of the success of Internet addicts.

Internet addiction is not terrible, the network is not terrible. A child is not contact with the network addiction, but he will become another and we do not want to see the closed. Allow children to make mistakes and give them a chance to correct them. Once again successfully overcome the addiction addiction children is a good child, their future will be more wonderful!

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