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Lantern Festival is coming, how can we eat dumplings to ensure delicious and healthy?Breakfast should not eat moreNutrition experts pointed


Lantern Festival is coming, how can we eat dumplings to ensure delicious and healthy?

Breakfast should not eat more

Nutrition experts pointed out that the Lantern Festival is a high calorie, high sugar foods, but also contains oil, but the lack of nutrients, in addition to calories and sugar and not much else nutrition. This kind of food is not suitable for breakfast to eat, in addition to lack of nutrition, but also because of early gastrointestinal function is the weakest, and the outer part of the Lantern Festival is glutinous rice, high viscosity, not easy to digest.

Every meal is 122

In addition to the breakfast is not suitable for eating dumplings, when there is a lot of attention to eat dumplings. The doctor suggested that it is best not to eat when the Lantern Festival, the morning after breakfast at ninety or when the afternoon meal can be eaten, but each time to eat a 122 is enough. In the lantern eat and not eat other sugary foods; but also to reduce the intake of other food, usually eat three to minus half the staple of the lantern. If the supper and sleep time closer together, it is best not to eat dumplings. Some gastrointestinal weak people pantothenic acid, heartburn and other gastroesophageal reflux in the lantern will eat. Therefore, eat dumplings can not eat too full, do not lie immediately after eating, the best activity for more than two hours to sleep.

Drink some soup to digest

In fact, the Lantern Festival is not "Nothing is right.", some trace elements and nutrients dissolved in boiled dumpling soup. So eat dumplings best soup, it can also promote digestion and absorption. But the soup must pay attention to don't add sugar in the soup. If you eat salty dumpling, can supplement the nutrition in the soup small shrimp and vegetables, but it is best not to put grease or seasoning.

In addition, the soup should pay attention to not too hot, nor Dakoutaikou to eat, otherwise it may burn oral and esophageal mucosa.

Do not eat fried

In addition to the Lantern Festival, some people like to eat the fried dumplings. Although the fried lantern is more crispy, but fried will make their own oil content is not lower than the proportion of the higher proportion of the lantern, and the increase in energy, has become more unhealthy food. Especially in patients with gallbladder, pancreatic disease, eating fried Lantern Festival is likely to make this kind of disease recurrence.

Beware of pigment

For the color lantern now appearing on the market, in order to learn to identify health experts advise whether there has a pigment: judging from the color, the pigment color is heavy; color may not be uniform, granular. If the lantern is fading, it is best not to eat it.

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