After the operation, how to do rehabilitation exercises?

After the operation, we must pay attention to functional exercise. Complex multi finger deformity, but also adhere to the palm of the hand a


After the operation, we must pay attention to functional exercise. Complex multi finger deformity, but also adhere to the palm of the hand and massage, to assist the correction of deformity. But which specific children need functional exercise, wearing palm support? What do you need to pay attention to when you exercise and put on your palm?

After surgery to do functional exercise, because the operation of the tendon

In addition to soft tissue refers to the multi finger simply cut on the line, the other types of multi finger, the surgery is also to do the transposition of the tendon, abduction function reconstruction. In order to keep the fingers have better functions, after two weeks after suture removal to do functional exercise of the thumb. The thumb is the main function of the extension, flexion, abduction and adduction (Figure), postoperative exercise is mainly because of the thumb flexion, abduction and adduction with joint function and never mind, mainly rely on muscle strength, generally do not need to practice. The flexion and extension of the function is achieved by the tendon and joint, the operation of the tendon transposition, after surgery to do flexion and extension exercises, enhance the function of the fingers, so as to avoid the phenomenon of joint stiffness.

Adhere to the palm and massage, it is possible to avoid the two operation

Some complex multi finger children after operation refers to the root of the joint and the interphalangeal joint if there is residual deformity, can wear palm and massage to correct. By wearing the palm rest, let the thumb had been extended, can correct the deviation at the root of the finger joint. So is the deflection of interphalangeal joint, by wearing custom palm, finger deflection limit growth direction, for a long time, the fingers will be longer straight. Palm support general requirements as far as possible 24 hours to wear, can be taken down during the appropriate cleaning, but also to the location of the abnormal massage. There is no special requirement for this kind of massage, which is mainly based on the part of rubbing. Just like to correct a long crooked tree, use a stick to push it in the right direction. The same is true of the residual deformity, artificial to affect the growth of children's bones, most children can avoid two orthopedic surgery. General to a palm and massage for half a year can, looking at the finger improved appearance can remove the palm rest.

The child is wearing a palm is a long process, parents should carefully observe. Palm has many small holes, the permeability is good, so it directly worn on the hand, there is no need to add other things inside, such as gloves. However, after all, is a rigid functional plastic, and long-term contact with the skin friction, it is easy to cause skin pressure and wear, the need for careful care of parents. If it is found that the palm rest break to which place it with cotton pad; and, as the baby's growth, hands also gradually grew up, so it is possible to palm for repair or replacement, so as not to have been wearing inappropriate palm rest, did not play the role of children in vain by orthopedic, crime.

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