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1, gallbladder bile from where? What is the role? How is gall stone formed?A: the gallbladder is a bag shaped organ that is attached to the


1, gallbladder bile from where? What is the role? How is gall stone formed?

A: the gallbladder is a bag shaped organ that is attached to the lower part of the liver. Bile is produced by the liver cells, which are fed through the liver and extrahepatic bile ducts. There are many components in the bile, such as cholesterol, phospholipids and bile pigment, bile acid, a dissolved state in general, like sugar or salt dissolved in water, once the metabolic system is abnormal, the balance is destroyed, one part will form crystallization, then grow into clumps, stay or blockage in the biliary system and the effect of bile flow, slowly forming stones.

2, gall stone what harm? What harm does gallbladder stone have?

Answer: gallstones can cause biliary colic, upper abdominal pain abdominal distention, dyspepsia, the greater danger is caused by jaundice, biliary pancreatitis, fester, and even lead to death. Gall stone stimulates gallbladder wall for a long time, still can cause canceration. If the obstruction in ampullary or cystic duct, the gallbladder will produce a very high pressure, the blood supply of the gallbladder wall to reduce or stop the blood supply, the bacteria can easily enter and produce a large number of toxins, causing necrosis and perforation of the gallbladder wall, some can be broken; into the intestinal lumen, some small stones or biliary sludge can be gallbladder to the common bile duct, caused by obstruction of common bile duct, cause jaundice; some stones in the long-term common bile duct stenosis at the end of the stimulus, the door like a special structure damage caused by suppurative cholangitis, the illness is more serious. So with gallstones should be treated as early as possible, do not have luck.

3, why can cause gallstones yellow eyes, chills and fever?

Bile is produced by the liver, through the bile duct into the intestines, the bile duct like a tree, the intrahepatic bile duct is like a branch, common bile duct, such as trunk, bile from the branches into the left and right branches, and finally into the intestinal tract. If the obstruction in the main, the liver produces bile on the row can not go out, back to the blood, bile bilirubin will be calm in the eyes and skin, manifested as sclera and skin yellow stain, which is jaundice. Bile duct stones in bile flow caused by intestinal bacteria is not smooth, it is easy to enter and multiply, the body will produce toxins, chills, fever and other reaction.

4, gallstones must be treated?

Answer: strictly speaking, as long as there is a stone to be treated, because the normal bile duct system should not have stones exist, it was said that there is no need to treat gallstones without symptoms, this argument is wrong. Because gallstones will cause harm to the human body, some hazards in the early, there is no obvious symptoms, and some have to have to treat it, medical practice has proved that any disease treatment as soon as possible.

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